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Username: Genevieve Cato
PersonId: 8133
Created: Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 02:27 AM CDT
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Web Page: https://twitter.com/blasfemmetx
Email: genevieve@burntorangereport.com

Genevieve Cato is a feminist and a native Texan. When not writing for the Burnt Orange Report, she can be found working to elect pro-choice women to office, tweeting as @blasfemmetx, and drinking copious amounts of pretentious local craft beer.

In Abortion Messaging Bootcamps, Conservatives Learn Not to Talk About Rape

by: Genevieve Cato

Sun Jul 27, 2014 at 04:30 PM CDT

Republicans have a problem when it comes to female voters. Not only did they lose the presidential election in 2012 in large part because of a voting gender gap, but an April ABC/Washington Post poll found that Democrats have a 30 point advantage when it comes to issues that particularly pertain to women.

Now, the New York Times reports, they are holding bootcamps to help coach women on abortion messaging for the midterm election. One key piece of advice? "Rape is a four-letter word. Purge it from your lexicon."

More on the right's abortion messaging bootcamp - and what it could mean for midterm elections - below the jump.

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Religious Exemptions and Public Policy: Freedom to Discriminate

by: Genevieve Cato

Sat Jul 26, 2014 at 02:00 PM CDT

Religious exemptions have gotten a lot of attention recently, thanks to the constructed controversy around the contraceptive coverage requirements in the Affordable Care Act. Not only has the Obama administration made multiple concessions to religious organizations to remove their responsibility for providing certain forms of contraceptives, but the Supreme Court's recent decision about Hobby Lobby extended that religious exemption to privately-held companies whose owners hold certain religious beliefs.

These aren't the only examples where religious belief has trumped legal responsibilities, and they won't be the last.

More on the rise of religious exemptions below the jump.

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Taking the Race for Comptroller on the Road: Mike Collier is Coming to a City Near You

by: Genevieve Cato

Fri Jul 25, 2014 at 03:30 PM CDT

Mike Collier is running to be your next Comptroller, and he is coming to your city to talk about why he is the best choice in November.

Collier, also known as The Watchdog, is facing off against State Senator Glenn Hegar, who you may remember as the Senate author of House Bill 2. Hegar isn't just awful on women's health. He has a shady history when it comes to taxes, which takes center stage in Collier's new spot: The Tax Man.  

More on the importance of Mike Collier's tour and his new spot featuring Hegar in full below the jump.


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When Well-Meaning Activism Goes Horribly Wrong: Stop Patriarchy and the Texans Who Oppose Them

by: Genevieve Cato

Fri Jul 25, 2014 at 09:00 AM CDT

If you follow Texas reproductive justice activists online, chances are you've heard of Stop Patriarchy and their Abortion Freedom Ride.

Stop Patriarchy appears to have similar goals to those of the grassroots reproductive justice movement in Texas: to bring attention to the devastating cuts to abortion access resulting from the omnibus abortion bill that passed last summer.

So, why are vocal advocates for reproductive justice in Texas and across the country speaking out against them, and asking them to just stay home?

More on the criticisms of Stop Patriarchy below the jump.  

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On Border Crisis, Rick Perry Decisively Leads Texas - and Troops - in the Wrong Direction

by: Genevieve Cato

Wed Jul 23, 2014 at 09:00 AM CDT

On Monday, Governor Perry announced his plan to address the humanitarian crisis at the border: send 1,000 National Guard troops as a "force multiplier" for the overwhelmed DPS.

Perry assured those listening that undocumented children and their families made up only a small percentage of those currently coming across the border, and that the vast majority were criminals taking advantage of our overwhelmed border security agents.

Despite the fact that local sheriffs and law enforcement officers from the border region do not support this move, Perry assured the state that he was acting in their best interest. He also spent little to no time discussing the plight of the tens of thousands of refugees who have crossed into Texas fleeing violence in their home countries. Perhaps sensing that sending armed troops to the border to face off against children could be seen as unpopular, each of the men who spoke at the press conference were quick to touch on their concern for these children before moving on to explain how sending National Guard troops to the border had nothing to do with them, and everything to do with crime.

Head below the jump to find out why folks are calling Perry's decision wrong.

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"We Can't Win What We Won't Fight For:" For Texas Progressives, It Is Time to Believe

by: Genevieve Cato

Tue Jul 22, 2014 at 00:00 PM CDT

This year, I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to Netroots Nation, thanks in no small part to many of you. I went all the way to Detroit to meet activists from around the country, and found myself reminded now more than ever why this election is so important to our state.

Here at Burnt Orange Report, we have a narrowly defined and purposeful focus: Texas politics. It can be easy to get so wrapped up in the hard battles we're fighting here everyday that we start to feel alone, but at Netroots Nation, I was reminded by none other than Elizabeth Warren that we are all a part of something bigger.

More on Elizabeth Warren's keynote address and the importance of progressive belief below the jump.

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"Heading Into Nut Country:" Texas GOP's Extremism Makes National News

by: Genevieve Cato

Wed Jul 16, 2014 at 04:30 PM CDT

This month it seems like everyone is talking about the Texas GOP.

From the origins of Open Carry Texas to the most shocking aspects of the Texas Republican Party Platform, there is suddenly an interest in writing about just how crazy Texas could get.

But this right-wing extremism is nothing new. Texans have been dealing with Tea Party politics since the wave in 2010 that unseated many Democrats (and moderate Republicans) and has continued to define Republican policy in Texas and divide the Texas GOP. So, why the sudden interest in from folks like the New York Times, Esquire, and Rolling Stone?

More about how the Texas GOP is making national news below the jump.

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Greg Abbott Hates Out of State Fundraising - Unless the Check Has His Name On It

by: Genevieve Cato

Fri Jul 11, 2014 at 09:00 AM CDT

Since the beginning of the gubernatorial race, Wendy Davis' out of state connections have been central to Greg Abbott's criticisms of the Democratic candidate. From accusing Wendy Davis of being an Obama "operative" to claiming her ability to draw funds from out of state makes her less qualified for the governor's seat, Abbott hasn't missed an opportunity to discredit Davis as not quite Texan enough.

It is precisely his accusation that her out of state funding tarnishes her image that is coming back to haunt the Abbott campaign. As the Houston Chronicle reports, Abbott is guilty of exactly what he so sharply criticized Davis for doing.

More on Abbott's hypocrisy below the jump.

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Greg Abbott's Dangerous Decision Tells Big Business "I'm On Your Side," Says Rachel Maddow

by: Genevieve Cato

Thu Jul 10, 2014 at 04:30 PM CDT

Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott has come under fire recently for his decision to change decades-old standards of a Texan's right to know if hazardous chemicals are stored in their neighborhoods after receiving a sizeable donation from the Koch family. Newspapers across Texas have criticized the decision, and after Abbott suggested that a person could just "drive around," spot sites that looked hazardous, and ask what kinds of chemicals were stored there, media sources have also attempted to follow his advice - with little success.

This week, Rachel Maddow took on the issue in a 22 minute-long examination of hazardous chemical storage in Texas, campaign donations, and Greg Abbott's decision to put business interests ahead of Texas families.

Check out the full video below the jump.

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Houstonians Prepare for a Fight to Defend HERO

by: Genevieve Cato

Mon Jul 07, 2014 at 03:00 PM CDT

As Houstonians across the city celebrated the passage of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), the ordinance's opponents were quickly rallying support to challenge it through a referendum on the ballot. However, supporters of the non-discrimination ordinance are ready for the challenge. At a press conference last week, Mayor Annise Parker addressed the possibility of a referendum:

The Houston I know does not discriminate, treats everyone equally and allows full participation by everyone in civic and business life. We don't care where you come from, the color of your skin, your age, gender, what physical limitations you may have or whom you choose to love.  I am confident voters will soundly defeat any challenge to the ordinance.

More on the referendum, and the response to the opposition, below the jump.

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