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Username: HaysDems
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Created: Tue Jun 05, 2012 at 10:15 PM CDT
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The Democratic Party of Hays County, Texas - Moving Texas Forward!

Help Us Welcome Lamar Smith to Hays County!

by: HaysDems

Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 07:48 PM CST

It seems that Congressman Lamar Smith will finally deign to come to Hays County this Monday at 8:00am. He'll be at the Hays County Courthouse at the behest of your favorite County Judge Commissioner Will Conley. Since redistricting, Representative Lloyd Doggett has visited Hays County more than ten times, but to our knowledge, this is the first time Lamar Smith will have descended upon Hays County to mingle with the commoners.

You may know Lamar Smith as the author of the ever-popular SOPA bill, or perhaps as the global warming denying GOP chair of the House Science Committee. You may also know him as the author of a bill to forcibly deport domestic abuse victims, or perhaps the bill to allow the indefinite detention of immigrants.

 But Congressman Lamar Smith is not one to rest on his laurels. This week, he penned an op-ed in POLITICO, urging Republicans to oppose comprehensive immigration reform - not for just any ole legitimate reason, but because he contends it would give Democrats "millions of votes."

Perhaps Lamar Smith should spend less time trying to personally gerrymander his own district, and spend more time trying to win our votes with policies that are in the best interest of our nation, not his party.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Lamar Smith to Hays County! 

WHO: Congressman Lamar Smith

WHAT: Inaugural Visit to Hays County

WHEN: Monday, February 18, 8:00am

WHERE: The Hays County Courthouse

Come ask him your questions and let him know what you think. Maybe he'll even decide to take time out of his busy schedule to visit his constituents a little more often - wouldn't it be nice to know what your congressman looked like?

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Take Action: Protect Early Voting at Texas State

by: HaysDems

Tue Aug 14, 2012 at 11:29 AM CDT

(It is alarming that the Hays County Court may be limiting Texas State students' ability to vote conveniently during early voting. If you live in Hays County, please contact the Commissioners Court.   - promoted by Burnt Orange Report)

Contact the Hays County Judge and Commissioners today and request that Texas State have a full week of early voting!

In 2008, with record turnout, the county provided four days of early voting at Texas State, now they want to provide only two. Over 3,200 votes were cast at Texas State over those four days in 2008, with some students giving up due to lines. With the county's proposal not including San Marcos Public Library as an early vote site this year, students will have no other option in downtown San Marcos.

With 36,000 students, Texas State represents over 24% of the county and a vital constituency for Democrats.

We need to ensure that Texas State has as much opportunity to vote as other parts of the county.

Contact your County Judge and Commissioners today:

County Judge - Bert Cobb 512-393-2205, bert.cobb@co.hays.tx.us
Commissioner, Precinct 1 - Debbie Ingalsbe 512-393-2243, debbiei@co.hays.tx.us
Commissioner, Precinct 2 - Mark Jones 512-262-2091, mark.jones@co.hays.tx.us
Commissioner, Precinct 3 - Will Conley 512-847-3159, will.conley@co.hays.tx.us
Commissioner, Precinct 4 -  Ray Whisenant 512-858-7268, ray.whisenant@co.hays.tx.us

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The Inmates Have Taken Over The Asylum

by: HaysDems

Wed Aug 01, 2012 at 11:30 AM CDT

Yesterday's Republican primary should be a wake up call to Democrats. Texas Republicans opted for the most extreme candidates across the board. From Ted Cruz to Donna Campbell, Republicans proved that, for them, ideology is more important than leadership. This marks a new low in an alarming trend of the Republican Party's rapid exit from the mainstream.

The same day, nine-term Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Ohio) announced his retirement from congress, echoing Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), citing growing polarization in the Republican Party. Also the same day, Congressman Richard Hanna (R-New York) joined the shrinking chorus of moderate Republicans being pushed out of their party, commenting that he was frustrated with how Republicans are "willing to give such deferential treatment to our extremes," and commenting that it had rendered Republicans "unable to govern." The moderate Republican is a thing of the past. The Republican Party has fully embraced extremism and has demonstrated it will not work in good faith to move the country forward.

This Congress, already deemed the worst and the most polarized in history, will get a whole lot worse with Ted Cruz in the Senate. 

We HAVE to win in November.

The inmates have taken over the asylum. We cannot let extremist ideologues take over Texas.

From his ridiculous conspiracy theories to his plan to gut Social Security, Ted Cruz has proven he isn't fit to lead. Donna Campbell has announced her support for a 35% sales tax, which would destroy the Texas economy and raise taxes on middle class families. She also supports forcing women who become pregnant as a result of rape or incest to give birth. In the 2011 Legislature, Jason Isaac voted to cut public education by $5.4 billion and cosponsored the bill that forces Texas women to undergo medically unnecessary ultrasounds, and even voted against an exemption for victims of rape and incest.

Yesterday was also a victory for special interests, with Open Secrets publishing a special report about the outside money being poured into the Texas GOP senate race. Corporate front group Texas for Lawsuit Reform poured millions into Elizabeth Ames Jones' campaign, helping bruise Senator Jeff Wentworth going into a runoff with Donna Campbell. In the runoff, they switched their support to Campbell.

Texas Republicans also proved, yet again, how welcome Hispanic Texans are in today's Republican Party when they opted for obscure-but-white John Devine for Texas Supreme Court over sitting Justice David Medina, who was appointed by Rick Perry and endorsed by numerous Republican officeholders. Texas Republicans did the same in 2010, when they nominated unknown David Porter over Victor Carrillo, longtime member of the Railroad Commission. Carrillo attributed his loss solely to his Hispanic surname.

We have great candidates in Paul Sadler, John Courage, and John Adams.

With your help WE CAN win in November.

We've tried ideology in Texas; it has failed. It left us $27 billion dollars in the hole in 2011. Budget gimmicks from the last legislature mean that we'll begin the next legislature at least $12 billion in the red. That will mean more cuts to Texas schools, Medicaid, universities, community colleges, criminal justice programs, and others. We need to return to our roots and restore common sense in politics. Texas deserves better.

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President Obama: We Do Big Things

by: HaysDems

Thu Jun 28, 2012 at 11:02 PM CDT

Today's Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act we an important step in moving our country forward, but it also highlighted a significant difference between Democrats and Republicans: how we use our political power. On November 26, 1963, four days after the assasination of John F. Kennedy, advisors told Lyndon Johnson to delay passing a comprehensive civil rights bill for fear of using up his political capital. LBJ famously responded, "what the hell's the presidency for?"

The rest is history...

The media has already begun talking endlessly about whether health care reform was a plus or a minus for the president's re-election chances, you'll hear every Republican politician from Austin to Washington disingenuously inveighing against Health Care Reform in desperate attempts to rally their base and fill campaign coffers. Both will miss the point entirely. What President Obama fulfilled today is the promise of his second state of the union address - that in America, we do big things. The politics of it don't matter. Even if the president's re-election chances are hurt by health care reform, we stand by health care reform - because it was the right thing to do for America.

That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats. For us, the common good trumps politics. For Republicans, politics trumps policy every time. Democrats stand up for what is right, even if it isn't popular, Republicans stand up for whatever is popular, even if it isn't right.

In the end, the politics of this day will be forgotten, but we will remember when President Obama stood up and took on the special interests to reform a broken health care system that denied coverage to millions while pushing costs higher and higher.

Cutting schools and health care to protect special interests does't require much courage, doing big things does.

That is what voters will remember in November.

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Jason Isaac Gets An Award from Newt Gingrich's Old "GOPAC"

by: HaysDems

Thu Jun 07, 2012 at 06:37 AM CDT

(Thanks to the Hays County Democratic Party for bringing this to our attention! - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

Republican State Representative Jason Isaac (HD-45) has been recognized as "one of 17 emerging Republican legislators nationwide" by a divisive group once affiliated with Newt Gingrich called GOPAC, and he would very much appreciate your applause.

The New York Times decribed GOPAC as "the centerpiece of what became known as Newt Inc., an interlocking set of entities that came to include a think tank and a college course taught by Mr. Gingrich that was beamed around the country spreading his political gospel." GOPAC has gained notoriety for it's apparent skirting of campaign finance laws, including Texas' own election laws. The scandals surrounding Gingrich and GOPAC would eventually lead to his downfall and resignation as speaker.

In recognizing Isaac as an emerging "leader", GOPAC completely ignored the fact that on his first vote as State Representative, Isaac waffled and didn't take a stand on selecting the speaker of the Republican dominated House; he simply voted "Present."  That's the kind of "leadership" GOPAC recognizes.

Here's a look at some of the other Republican legislators honored by this group, you may recognize some of their achievments as Isaac's own:

Barry Loudermilk - Georgia

Mike Bileca - Florida
  • Forced ultrasound bill
  • School vouchers
  • Voter ID bill, restricting the right to vote

Carole Murray - Colorado
  • Voter ID bill, restricting the right to vote
  • Cosponsored a bill repealing background checks for gun buyers
  • Voted against limiting interest rates of payday lenders, shown to target the military and low-income

As you can see, Isaac fits in with these other "emerging Republicans" and GOPAC to a Tee, in the 2011 Legislature, Jason Isaac voted to:
  • Force Texas women to undergo unnecessary transvaginal sonograms
  • Pass the discriminatory voter ID bill that will disenfranchise thousands of Texans
  • Cut $5.4 billion from Texas schools, including over $21 million from schools in Hays County

Learn more about Jason Isaac at HaysDems.org, and maybe kick a little money towards John Adams, our candidate for House District 45 and former Dripping Springs school board member.
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