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Burnt Orange Report's Perry Compendium

by: Burnt Orange Report

For years, Burnt Orange Report has been tracking Rick Perry's record of failure for Texas. Now, as a national audience begins to examine our Governor and learn about his so-called "Texas Miracle" -- more like a "Texas Mirage" -- BOR is here to help track his words and deeds, and make sure everyone knows the truth about Rick Perry.

Perry Compendium Features
Campaign coverage, issue pieces, and more.
  • On The Issues: Rick Perry's positions on the issues that matter. :: Read More
  • In Our Archives: A growing list of everything we've written about Rick Perry. :: Read More
  • On Perry's Trail: Regular coverage of campaign stops, quotes, and coverage. :: Read More
  • Everything Else: Lists, links, and archives from across Texas. :: Read More

Must-Read BOR Coverage
Some of our best and most relevant work.
  • Rick Perry's Coverup and Corruption: A Ten-Part Series. Phillip Martin looks at the worst examples of Perry's cronyism and pay-to-play policies. :: Read Here.
  • Can Texas Secede from the Union? No. Karl-Thomas Musselman has the video of Perry hinting at secession, and the proof that we can't. :: Read Here.
  • Rick Perry's Top Ten State Agency Scandals: His Decade of Failure. Phillip Martin highlights some of Perry's most egregious abuses of power. :: Read Here.
  • Rick Perry Makes Texas #1 In Mooching Federal Stimulus Funds. Katherine Haenschen reminds us that Rick Perry was taking stimulus funds to balance the budget while campaigning against the money. :: Read Here.
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Burnt Orange Report's Rick Perry Archives

by: Burnt Orange Report

All work by staff writers and promoted posts on Rick Perry. Does not include "Perry on the Issues" or "On Perry's Trail" posts, which can be found in BOR's Perry Compendium

All archives compiled by Ben Sherman. Thanks, Ben!

09/02/2011"All Google Searches Lead to Rick Perry"Katherine HaenschenAmericans are taking to Google and finding the truth about Rick Perry on Burnt Orange Report.
09/01/2011"Texas State Teacher's Association: Rick Perry is 'All Hair and No Cattle'"Katherine HaenschenRick Perry treats Texas teachers as if they're unimportant.
08/22/2011"Perry's New Image Problem"Ben ShermanRick Perry manages to look too extreme and too unsure of himself.
08/22/2011"Rick Perry's Texas is Open for Sale!...Err, Business!"Katherine HaenschenRick Perry has sold Texas out to lobbyists and special interests.
08/18/2011"Right-Wing Group Using Perry's 'Response' List for Christian Voter Mobilization"Katherine HaenschenThe email list from Perry's "The Response" event is being used to campaign for Republicans.
08/17/2011"Perry Defines Himself"Ben ShermanPerry is what we knew he would be: an extreme, violent Tea Party candidate - not good news for the general election.
08/13/2011"For President? Governor Contradiction Makes His Case"Ed EspinozaRick Perry is a master of the art of lying - starting with his "Texas Miracle."
08/12/2011"We Can't Let Rick Perry Do To America What He's Done To Texas"Burnt Orange ReportIt's time to tell America what we know about Rick Perry.
08/08/2011"Perry to Announce Run for President on Saturday"Ben ShermanHere we go.
08/07/2011"The Biggest Gathering In Houston Yesterday"Katherine HaenschenAs Rick Perry held a showy prayer rally, Texans suffered.
08/05/2011"Statesman Op-Ed: Brown: Texas is bigger than Rick Perry"Andy BrownPerry's association with the bigoted groups behind "The Response" is an embarrassment.
08/04/2011"Republicans Worried About Perry (!)"Ben ShermanRepublicans don't think Perry has what it takes to appeal to most of the American people.
08/03/2011"Perry Picks Up, Loses Steam"Ben ShermanRick Perry's contradictions can only get more and more public.
07/23/2011"Perry's Appeal"Ben ShermanPerry has an attractive myth at his disposal.
07/14/2011"Base Rhetoric: Rick Perry Sure Sounds Like He's Running for President"Katherine HaenschenRick Perry is focusing on his national appeal, not Texas.
07/07/2011"PPP Polls: "Texas Lukewarm on Perry Bid""Katherine HaenschenPerry isn't such a sure thing in Texas.
07/06/2011"Perry's No Slam Dunk"Ben ShermanRick Perry's real record in Texas is catching up to him.
06/27/2011"Perry's All Koch-ed Up"Ben ShermanRick Perry is a puppet of shadowy conservative moneymovers like the Koch brothers.
06/25/2011"Rick Perry's gran problema Latino"Ben ShermanPerry's swagger can't make people ignore his terrible record on immigration.
06/20/2011"Rachel Maddow Destroys Perry on His Failed Economic Record"Phillip MartinRachel Maddow did an amazing job destroyong the biggest bubble Perry loves to tout -- his economic record.
06/15/2011"Perry Thinks He's a Prophet When He's Just a Terrible Governor"Ben ShermanTexans dislike Perry because Perry is a terrible governor. How long before the rest of the country shares our distaste?
06/02/2011"Think Carefully, Governor Good Hair"Ben ShermanGovernor Good Hair better do the most serious thinking of his public life before deciding whether to jump in.
05/19/2011"Perry Says Loser Pay Bill Puts Texas "Over the Top""Phillip MartinPerry's "Loser Pays" lawsuit limits are completely unreasonable.
05/18/2011"Hey America, Ready for Another Texan in the White House?"Back to BasicsAs the Republican presidential field implodes on itself, the rumors are that another Texan wants to hang his hat in the White House.
03/25/2011"GOP Robs Texas of its Future"Libby ShawThe Texas Republican Party is on a mean-spirited, heartless and cruel mission of SLASHeconomics that is unnecessary and uncalled for.
03/11/2011"Governor Rick Perry: "I Think Everybody Takes Me At My Word""Phillip MartinPerry doesn't have the reputation for standing by his word that he thinks he does.
03/09/2011"WFAA: Gov. Perry Waffles on Spending Rainy Day Money"Phillip MartinPerry is waffling on whether he will use the Rainy Day Fund to cushion the hit of budget cuts.
03/08/2011"Dear Grover Norquist - Texas Governor Rick Perry is Raising Taxes for 213,000 Employers"Phillip MartinConservatives might be interested to know that Perry has raised taxes on 213,000 Texas employers.
03/07/2011"Rick Perry Prioritizes Grover Norquist over Meeting with Disabled Texans"Matt GlazerThe title says it all.
02/08/2011"Rick Perry Flip Flops on Rainy Day Fund"Matt GlazerRick Perry can't make up his mind on the Rainy Day Fund because he's just a political shill.
02/07/2011"Rick Perry Stops Governing During State of Emergency"Matt GlazerWhen Texas needed him most, Perry went to California.
01/28/2011"Rick Perry's Ultrasound"Michael HurtaThe budget cuts aren't close to being signed and sealed, but Texas students are already getting it.
01/27/2011"Governor Rick Perry Urges Republican Voters to Abandon Public Schools"Libby ShawAt a recent speech, Perry encouraged Republicans to withdraw their children from the public education system.
01/24/2011"Rick Perry Makes Texas #1 In Mooching Federal Stimulus Funds"Katherine HaenschenRick Perry has made Texas #1 yet again, this time for being the top state to mooch national stimulus funds to plug budget shortfalls.
01/18/2011"A Message for the Governor..."BigfootRick Perry's disgraceful legacy is his own, not anyone else's.
01/12/2011"TDP: Texas Session Trailer"Matt GlazerThe Texas Democratic Party has released a "film trailer" packed with scary characters and high stakes action.
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Rick Perry On The Issues

by: Burnt Orange Report

Texas Governor Rick Perry is running for President. Here at Burnt Orange Report, we're committed to sharing his record of failure with a national audience. Below is a growing list of Rick Perry's record and stance on the issues that matter.

Rick Perry On...
Education K-12Ben ShermanRick Perry doesn't care about public education. His draconian budget cuts have closed schools and laid off teachers. He is failing to prepare the next generation of Texans for a competitive economy. :: Learn More.
Family PlanningChaille JolinkRick Perry opposes access to family planning and all healthcare related entitlement programs. He referred to Medicaid and Medicare as "Ponzi Schemes" and believes Medicare to be unconstitutional and that it should be eliminated. :: Learn More.
The Margins TaxEric RobersonRick Perry's "Margins Tax" is more confusing, more punitive, and more unfair than a corporate income tax. :: Learn More.
MedicaidEmily CadikAs governor of Texas, Rick Perry used 3 million of the most vulnerable Texans as bargaining chips in an effort to make a point about states' rights. Perry repeatedly supported efforts to eliminate or gut Medicaid beyond recognition, despite research showing that his proposal would actually cost more money to insure fewer Texans. :: Learn More.
TransportationAdam SchwittersWith Texas facing dual crises of sharply rising transportation costs and inadequate, and often crumbling, infrastructure in the early 21st century, Rick Perry unveiled a grandiose plan, the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), that managed to infuriate Texans across the political spectrum, and failed under the threat of massive legal action. :: Learn More.
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Our 2010 Democratic Primary Endorsements

by: Burnt Orange Report

We endorse the following candidates in the 2010 Democratic Primary. Full endorsements are linked below.  

Statewide Offices

Governor: Bill White
Lt. Governor: Linda Chavez-Thompson
Land Commissioner: Hector Uribe
Ag Commissioner: Hank Gilbert

SBOE, District 5: Rebecca Bell-Metereau

Travis County Offices

County Commissioner, Pct 4: No Endorsement
County Court at Law #3: John Lipscombe
147th District Court: Cliff Brown
201st District Court: Amy Clark Meachum
299th District Court: Mindy Montford & Karen Sage
331st District Court: David Crain
Justice of the Peace, Pct 1: Yvonne Williams
Justice of the Peace, Pct 2: Karin Crump
Justice of the Peace, Pct 5: Herb Evans

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