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Username: Blue_in_Guadalupe
PersonId: 4630
Created: Tue Nov 25, 2008 at 07:30 PM CST
Blue_in_Guadalupe's RSS Feed
Web Page: http://blue-in-guadalupe.blogspot.com/
Email: jcdufresne@satx.rr.com

I transplanted from New Orleans to Cibolo, TX in 2001 where I work from a virtual office in my home. At the beginning of 2008 I became a precinct chair.

Texas Democrats Push Strong Populist Economic Message

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Sat Jul 05, 2014 at 06:16 PM CDT

The 2014 Texas Democratic Party platform includes a strong populist economic message beginning with the title of the section "Good Jobs Build Strong Communities". It calls for a living wage for all workers without exception unlike current law which allows some like domestic and farm workers to be paid less. The platform also recognizes that low wages are in fact a subsidy to large profitable corporations since too many of their employees qualify for and receive Medicaid and other government benefits.

Tax breaks for corporations that move jobs overseas are called out and this year the platform makes a clear statement opposing Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority especially regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership calling for it to "be made available to the public and that the United States Trade Representative seek meaningful, binding input from civil society, including labor, environmental groups, family farmers, public health and consumer protection organizations."

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by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 04:05 PM CDT

The Texas Democratic Party continued its turn to toward a more progressive stance at Saturday October 12 State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) meeting. The full committee unanimously approved a series of potential referenda items for the March Primary ballot. The proposed referenda are expected to appear on the party site in the near future and in order to be placed on the Primary ballot will have to receive support from 50,000 people by signing online on each referenda item.

Unlike two years ago a referenda on Marriage Equality passed the full SDEC without even a whiff of controversy. Of course having included it on the party platform at the 2012 State Convention, President Obama coming out in support and having Wendy Davis support it in her speech the night before might have had something to do with it.

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When a Republican doesn't work for his own constituents

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 01:40 PM CDT

Surprise, surprise, Republican state representative John Kuempel, HD 44, has no interest in protecting his constituents or serving their needs but he is worried about dogs and cats.

All over Texas and for that matter much of the U.S. big home builders are getting away with building homes that literally tear themselves apart in as little as two years. In Cibolo and Schertz , suburbs on the northeast side of San Antonio, builders like DR Horton and Pulte have been slapping up new houses by the hundreds for over a decade and many of them have broken foundations, broken pipes, roof leaks, mold and more problems you'd expect in 50 year old homes.

Families in my neighborhood spent $110,000 to $200,000 to purchase these homes and you'd think we could expect they'd be reasonably trouble free for at least the first 20 years. Instead we've found that our foundations are failing leading to cracks in the slab that are wide enough and deep enough to drop a coin down to the dirt below. When your slab cracks like that it tends to bend in and out as the moisture content in the soil changes with rain and drought cycles and that makes the walls pull away from the ceiling so you stick your fingers through the gap. It makes doors not stay close or prevents them from closing, it makes windows not close letting rain in. Your roof starts to leak and your walls stay wet so mold begins to spread leading to health problems in your family.

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Texas Democrats make history at the 2012 state convention

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Sun Jun 10, 2012 at 11:37 PM CDT

Saturday in addition to electing Judge Gilberto Hinojosa the first Hispanic party chair by an overwhelming margin the Texas Democratic Party passed the most progressive platform in at least a generation. The new platform includes planks supporting: Marriage Equality  including adoption by same sex couples, Decriminalizing Marijuana, Repeal of the Death Penalty and replacing it with life without parole, Women's Reproductive Rights and sex education that is "evidence based, accurate and effective, comprehensive age-appropriate sex ed programs with an abstinence component, to reduce the rate of abortion;" as well as amending both the Texas and U.S. constitutions to state that corporations are not people and a call for single-payer health insurance aka "Medicare for All".

We accomplished this through developing relationships across senate districts all over Texas to insure that resolutions calling for these planks were passed in a high number of Senate District/County conventions and then insuring that the temporary resolutions committee had the support necessary to keep the language on the platform proposed to the permanent committee elected by the senate district caucuses at the state convention. There many people involved in the effort including Dan Graney of the Stonewall Democrats who researched and found the rule which enabled us to prepare the resolutions in the proper manner to have them sent to the platform committee, Erin Moore of the Stonewall Democrats, Teresa Klein of SD 20, Terri St. Clair of the Young Democrats, Jackie Soliz-Chapa of SD 25, Don Bankston of SD 18 and Carol Wright of SD 17 who spent untold hours working on the temporary platform committee and spent 8 or more grueling hours Thursday while everyone else was arriving, having leisurely lunches and chatting. Special thanks to state representative Garnet Coleman who chaired the committee and saw the commitment of its members to pass a progressive document. Special thanks also go to Ed Martin who was acting chair in representative Coleman's absence and managed to fairly and judiciously shepherd the permanent committee of veterans and rookies alike through the process of producing an outstanding document.

Passion like that shone by Don Bankston, commitment as shown by Erin Moore, compassion as shown by a teacher elected from her senate district and whose name I didn't get as well as dogged determination as shown be Teresa Klein all added up to create the team effort which achieved something that many thought could not be done. There were many others that contributed to the effort in a variety of ways including many other members of Stonewall and the SDEC who saw to it that these special resolutions were passed widely.

For my leadership in the effort I was presented with the Buck Massey "Legacy of Leadership Award" by the Stonewall Democrats. http://www.dallasvoice.com/tex...
I am truly honored and humbled by their recognition and they and many others at the convention made me feel like a rock star all weekend. I want to thank Dan Graney who proposed presenting me with the award and Erin Moore and Eli Olivarez for supporting him.

JC Dufresne, SDEC Committeeman SD 25

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2012 Dem Party Platform Resolutions

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Thu Mar 15, 2012 at 10:23 PM CDT

Progressive members of the State Democratic Executive Committee are working to move the 2012 TDP platform to a more progressive stance on issues of importance to Texans and Americans in general. We have found that the party rules include the following language:

D State Convention
5 Officers and Committees
(d) Temporary Resolutions Committees
(9) Any resolution that considers an idea or policy that should be considered for inclusion in the Party Platform shall be referred by the Temporary Resolutions Committee to the Permanent Platform Committee of the State Convention.

We have therefore written 6 resolutions specifically to require that they be sent to the Permanent Platform Committee at the state convention. We encourage you, dear reader, to take the time to print them and bring them with you to your county or senate district convention and urge their passage. Then if you're elected as a delegate to the state convention we would ask that you or a progressive associate in your Senate District caucus run for the Platform Committee so that these important issues will have supporters on the committee. Please look below for these special resolutions.

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TX 20 and TX 21 candidates show their stuff at Northeast Bexar County Democrats forum

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Mon Feb 06, 2012 at 00:11 AM CST

With the retirement of Charlie Gonzales TX 20 Joaquin Castro looked like a shoe in, but at the Northeast Bexar County Democrats meeting Saturday Ezra Johnson http://www.ezraforcongress.com/ showed why that hasn't been the case since he announced his candidacy. Johnson was certainly the most dynamic and animated candidate from any district represented and the "fire in his belly" delivery won enthusiastic applause. Ezra spoke of having the courage of his convictions and when he was done I believed him. Johnson's top issues included comprehensive immigration reform, strengthening social security and Medicare without shrinking benefits, taking care of our veterans as they justly deserve and getting our economy back on its feet.

Joaquin Castro put on his usual smooth performance and spoke about his success in getting things done even when in the deep minority in the legislature. Other attendees I spoke to found Ezra's delivery as refreshing as I did. While I don't have a horse in that race I'll be watching it carefully and I'm going to find it difficult not to be disappointed if Johnson doesn't pull of what the conventional wisdom would call an upset victory.

As the SDEC Committeeman for SD-25 I try to keep an eye on what's going on in the major races in the area but I was surprised when out of the blue I had the opportunity to meet a terrific woman who has taken it upon herself to challenge the odious Lamar Smith in TX 21. That woman is Candace Duvál http://www.candaceduval.com/ and she too has the fire inside her. She's another truly progressive candidate and she's willing to go toe to toe with anyone to bring fairness and justice to Texans and all Americans. Candace focused on the need to protect our environment through green initiatives and renewable, sustainable energy projects.

Candace is running a grassroots campaign just like Ezra Johnson and she can use both your financial and shoe leather support. If you're a Central Texas progressive I urge you to give them both a look.

Central Texas has some really great Democratic candidates and I can't wait for November.

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TX 35 candidates vy for support of Northeast Bexar County Democrats

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Sat Feb 04, 2012 at 07:14 PM CST

Today's Northeast Bexar County Democrats meeting was a forum for congressional candidates and the TX 35 race was the most hotly contested with 3 candidates. Patrick Shearer made a strong case for his candidacy and the need for a progressive who will not just vote the right way but who will be a real leader.

The club members seemed genuinely enthusiastic about his candidacy and one attendee told me that Patrick is just the kind of congressman the district deserves. That same person, a Hispanic male, was disappointed in Sylvia Romo whose case for her candidacy was largely "this district was drawn as a minority district and I'm a Latina, I represent diversity."

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There's a real progressive running in CD 35

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Sat Jan 21, 2012 at 00:20 PM CST

Patrick Shearer, candidate for US Congress in district 35 spoke to the Dem's Café Wednesday evening, the democratic club in Schertz/Cibolo. The members in attendance were sufficiently impressed with him that we all signed his petition for a place on the primary ballot which would allow him to save the $3000 filing fee and use those funds for campaigning instead. Given that his is a grassroots campaign he'll need every penny he can get. http://shearerforcongress.com/

We asked Mr. Shearer about his positions on various issues and he kindly responded to all of them, this is my interpretation of his answers as I of course can't speak for him.

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Occupy Newspapers

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 10:50 AM CST

One of the ongoing difficulties suffered by the progressives nationally has been getting our message out. The progressive message and the accomplishments of the movement have been overwhelmed by the conservative message machine. While conservatives control a majority of traditional mass media outlets most of them recognize that they can't swing too far to the right for fear of losing subscribers/listeners etc. We have an opportunity and an obligation to change the conversation by making our views and values known to the public. The way that the grassroots can accomplish this for little or no money is through ongoing efforts like a letters to the editor committee.

To give you an idea about what can be accomplished by a small group I offer the following example: in a small area within Texas involving just suburban/rural Comal and Guadalupe counties there is a letters to the editor group consisting of about 8 individuals who have collectively written over 200 letters to the editor in 2010 and 2011. That same group has been published over 160 times. The group members submit their letters to two small city daily papers, two small weeklies and one major metro daily. On occasion they have swept the letters to the editor page and have also had the same letter published in as many as four newspapers in the same week. None of these people have ever written for a living. If they can do it then so can others. We cannot expect to change the conversation in this nation without organizing and encouraging groups like this everywhere.

- continued below the fold -

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Democratic Activist Training and Meet the Candidates, Saturday Dec 3

by: Blue_in_Guadalupe

Fri Dec 02, 2011 at 08:27 AM CST

San Marcos Activity Center
501 E. Hopkins, San Marcos
I-35 to Exit 205, go west about one mile, it's on the right

Special Guests:
Dan Boone, candidate for US Senate 11:20am
Gilberto Hinojosa, candidate for TDP Chair 11:20am
Ciro Rodriguez, candidate for CD-35 1:20pm
Sylvia Romo, possible candidate for CD-35 2:20pm

Lunchtime Guest Speaker - Rachel Farris aka Mean Rachel

10am registration opens

10:15am - opening remarks

10:30am - Getting started with Texas VAN (VAN 101) - presenter JC Dufresne

11:20am - visit from US Senate candidate Daniel Boone, Lt. Col, USAF retired
Visit from Gilberto Hinojosa, candidate for TDP Chair

11:30am - How to be a delegate to the state and national conventions (2012 Delegate Selection Plan) - presenter JC Dufresne

12:30am - lunch and guest speaker blogger Rachel Farris

1:20pm - visit from CD-35 candidate Ciro Rodriguez

1:30pm - Voter Contact - presenter Madeleine Dewar

2:20pm - visit from CD-35 candidate Sylvia Romo

2:30pm - Recruiting and Managing Volunteers - presenter Jackie Soliz-Chapa

3:30pm - pack up and go home by 4pm

Hosted by:
Jackie Soliz-Chapa SD25 Committeewoman
JC Dufresne SD25 Committeeman

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