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Username: Benny
PersonId: 2254
Created: Tue Jun 12, 2007 at 05:13 PM CDT
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Bush WH Deserves a Bum Steer Award

by: Benny

Sat Sep 27, 2008 at 07:01 AM CDT

This chart from Ezra Klein tells us much:  
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Where's the Dem Party When Texas Needs It?

by: Benny

Tue Jun 17, 2008 at 08:48 PM CDT

Today I got an e-mail from someone who receives e-mails from DSCC (I am not on their list):

Here are the states the DSCC plans to target for the Senate races. OR, CO, NM, AK, MN, MS, KY, VA, NC, NH, ME.  Any Senate candidates outside of that list are not likely to be supported unless something extraordinary happens.

So much for the "50-State" strategy, but this ain't Dean's call.  It's Chuck Schumer's.  The DSCC is using a similar playbook to John Kerry's in 2004.  So, if we want to use the playbook, let take an example.

Minnesota's senate race. As much as I like Al Franken, he is 12pts behind Coleman.  Yes, there is a chance he might win, and he is in a swing state that voted for Kerry/Edwards (Edwards got one electoral vote in 2004) last time.  But the Republicans are having their convention there, and I don't think the governor is that disliked.   I think Franken is being helped because for so long, he was one of lone voices for progressives when he started Air America.

But what about Rick Noriega?

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Rick Noriega Gets Progressive Patriot Fund $$$$ from Feingold

by: Benny

Tue Mar 25, 2008 at 01:56 PM CDT

(Congratulations to the Noriega Campaign on this well deserved recognition. - promoted by David Mauro)

I'm proud to announce that the Progressive Patriots community has chosen U.S. Senate candidate of Texas Rick Noriega as our first 'Progressive Patriot' of 2008.  Of the thousands of progressives who cast their vote, Rick received the most votes and we'll be sending him a $5,000 contribution today to help his campaign.  While I'm sure it was difficult to choose among so many great candidates, we're thrilled to support Rick's campaign for the Senate seat in Texas.

Rick has spent his entire career serving this country.  Following a 14 month deployment to Afghanistan, Rick returned to his native Houston to coordinate Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.  In addition to his military background, Rick was elected to four terms in the Texas House.  I urge you to check out Rick's website at www.ricknoriega.com to learn more about his record and to find out how you can help Rick succeed in November.

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Friends in Texas and Jim Hightower

by: Benny

Tue Dec 11, 2007 at 07:09 PM CST

I do not live in Texas and haven't since May 2001.   But I still have a few friends left in my beloved Bluebonnet and Paint wildflowers state.   There's one in particular who did the Jerry Jeff Walker thing: moved from NY to Texas and never left.   And that was thirty years ago.  I met him when I was in grad school at North Texas State (now UNT).  He works in the DFW metroplex.

Recently, I e-mailed this buddy with a good Shrub joke.  For those who are interested in the joke, you can read it at my blog, Benny's World.   He replied with pleasantries and asked me how things were going for my POTUS candidate, John Edwards.

Follow me below the fold..

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Progressive Health Care Needed in Texas

by: Benny

Thu Jun 14, 2007 at 06:46 PM CDT

I'm posting my first journal here.  Hope I don't make too many mistakes, but I will tell y'all up front, I'm a lousy typist. 

I made my debut comments at BRO the other day after lurkin' here and there in the past year as this site is promoted on the Daily Kos.  My pattern is the same as I was when I first started blogging.  My very first blog community was John Edwards for President in 2004, then the One America Committee blog.  I knew nothin' about blogging then, and today, I'm still learning, just as Mudcat Saunders is fast learning on the Time blog, but I wouldn't quite roar in the way he did.

Regularly I say y'all at work because I was born Texan and believed that Texas was its own country because of Six Flags (and actually, we know it was independent for 10 years), I'm gonna tell y'all up front that I have something to say about John Edwards' progressive health care ideas that I read about today, but I want to tell you a story first and throw a few other things in as well.  Hope y'all follow along.

But be forewarned. I wish I were at Scholz's having a long neck with y'all, especially when it's so hot. This will not be a post akin to the voices of Molly, Ann, or Liz, although all 3 of those gals, along with Jim Hightower, are my heroes, and damn, I wish I could write or speak as well as they did. In Liz's and Hightower's cases, they still do and I'm not them. 

Benny's Story


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