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Happy AAPI Heritage Month and Awesome AAPI Voter Poll!

by: Eugenia Beh

Fri May 04, 2012 at 00:22 AM CDT

(Good news from BOR reader Eugenia Beh about a landmark poll of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders. GOTAAPIV! - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month! What better way to kick off the month than by sharing the results of a new AAPI voter poll from the Asian American Justice Center and APIAVote?

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters are still largely untapped by presidential candidates and their parties even though they are expected to vote in record numbers this fall, according to a major new poll conducted by Lake Research Partners. The first-ever poll of AAPI voter attitudes shows that close elections in important states like Florida, Nevada and Virginia could go to the candidates who best engage AAPIs, a demographic with increasing political clout.

The poll marks the first time voting trends among the nation's fastest growing racial group - how they will vote this year and their views on a range of issues - have been examined. The effort surveyed more than 1,100 AAPI voters across the country last month and was released today by the Asian American Justice Center and APIAVote to bring attention to this crucial voting bloc at the start of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

The good news is that AAPIs identified overwhelmingly as Democrats in the poll, with almost 3/4 of respondents favoring President Obama over Mitt Romney. Plus nearly five out of six of those surveyed said that they will vote this November and half of them are more enthusiastic than ever to vote, a trend that has continued from the last few presidential elections. So go team! But then there's the not-so-great news:

[L]ess than a third were contacted by the Democratic Party in the last two years, while 37 percent of Republicans said they heard a great deal from their party over the same period.

Granted, Republicans haven't exactly been helping their cause by having people like Pete Hoekstra and our very own David Dewhurst run racist ads that attack Asians. But why should we just wait around for Republicans to alienate Asian American voters the way they have Latino voters? In swing states such as Florida, Nevada and Virginia, the Asian American vote can be decisive, especially if AAPI voters turn out at the same levels as they did in 2008.

Of course, the President isn't resting on his laurels with the AAPI community. This week, the campaign launched AAPIs for Obama with a conference call on Tuesday, May 1st, with the president's sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng and her husband, Konrad Ng, and Mario Salazar, State Operation Vote Director for OFA-Nevada. The campaign also launched a new line of AAPIs for Obama merchandise, which yours truly has already ordered.

So what are we waiting for, Texas Dems? Did you know that Texas has the third largest Asian American population in the nation (behind only California and New York) and that we happen to have a member of the President's Advisory Commission on Asian American & Pacific Islanders in our midst? Let's GOTAAPIV!

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The Movement Continues: Hermanos de East Austin Has a Reunion for the Familia!

by: bnvalencia

Mon Feb 20, 2012 at 10:19 PM CST

(Lots going on in Austin today -- stop by Rabbit's on East 6th and check out the energy behind Hermanos de East Austin! - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

Have you ever been to a family gathering where you end up meeting family members you didn't know you had? You know, the ones where you meet the second cousins with your same name and birthday?

Hermanos de East Austin wants to introduce YOU to your extended familia on the Eastside. Come have a few cold ones with your new-found familia, listen to some great Tejano music (provided by DJ Mixtzin), and find out how YOU can be a part of the movement to enact change in the Eastside community! Start by registering to vote, changing your address on your voter registration card, or bring a friend who has yet to register! This is a crucial voting year, as we will be voting for our next president, so bring the whole familia!

Some of the 31 voter registrars sworn in on February 11th at the first Hermanos meeting will be helping out.

Where: Rabbit's Lounge
1816 E. 6th Street
East Austin, Texas 78702

When: Saturday, February 25, 2012
4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Ahi nos vemos! See you there!

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Hermanos For the Future

by: bnvalencia

Tue Feb 14, 2012 at 10:57 PM CST

(There's a renewed sense of excitement and energy in East Austin thanks to some local leaders who are building progressive infrastructure from the ground up. Check out Hermanos de East Austin and get involved. Their Facebook page is here and their Twitter account is @HermanosDeEATX. - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

On my first day of teaching, I asked some of my students what they expected from me as a teacher. One student responded, "We just want you to get to know us like family." They wanted me to understand that they were going to make mistakes, that they weren't perfect, but that they had needs. Most importantly, they wanted to know that I would be there for them when they needed me most. Hermanos de East Austin, the brainchild of East Austinite Jose Velasquez, is asking the same of the politicos representing the Eastside community, but is not willing to wait idly by to see who responds.

Though I am not currently a resident of the Eastside, I have joined Hermanos de East Austin in their efforts. My time working there in educational and social services  taught me a lot about what East Austinites are looking for. More importantly, many of those I love reside there. Eastside is familia now, and we take care of each other. The Velasquez family, who have carried a legacy as residents of East Austin for decades, understand what being part of the Eastside familia means and through Hermanos de East Austin aim to spread the sense of responsibility that comes with the familia of the Eastside.

Hermanos de East Austin is composed of a group of people that are tired of being bystanders, a group of people that are not prepared to let their familia down and watch as it withers away in the hands of those who have never even remotely attempted to understand its needs. Hermanos aims to acquire more information about the community's true and most immediate needs, to empower residents to take responsibility for their own communities, and to embrace EVERY member of the familia.

At the Saturday morning Hermanos inaugural meeting this past February 11th, thirty-one group members became deputized to become a voter registrar, most of whom have never been civically active in any way. Jose Velasquez explained, "We're here today because I got tired of looking around for heroes, I got tired of looking around for leaders and tired of looking for someone else to do it. We're here today because I realized that each of us can contribute and are leaders in our own right." Leadership, for Jose and the rest of the Hermanos, begins with giving the Eastside community a voice. The 31 voter registrars will begin reviving the voice of the Eastside by registering the thousands of untapped potential Eastide voters.

Council Member Mike Martinez, present at the meeting, emphasized the importance of enacting change in the community. "There is the Austin we show, and then the Austin we know," he stated. To say that that the Austin we know has neglected the evolving Eastside is an understatement. The Austin we know has allowed there to be an insufficient amount of quality social services where they are most needed, especially those that provide relief for homelessness, hunger and lack of healthcare. The Austin we know has unjustly forsaken the education of Eastside students, most of which are students of color, standing watch as the dropout rate increases and as crucial educational programs remain underfunded or are completely cut. The future of East Austin, and America, hangs in the balance.

So why should this matter to you? Well, if there is anything I've learned as an educator it's that the problems of East Austin are no longer contained east of I-35, but so many are rooted there. As Council Member Martinez stated, "We've got to do something about the Austin we know, or we will lose the Austin we show." It is time for us to stop waiting for a hero. We ARE our own heroes. We ARE our own voice. And who better to know what familia needs than your hermanos and hermanas? Join the familia. Join the movement. The tide is coming.  

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NewsTaco's Latino News Roundup: Murdock, Perry, Poverty, Ed, Immigration & The Border Patrol

by: NewsTaco

Thu Sep 29, 2011 at 11:07 AM CDT

(NewsTaco is a leading Latino news site. BOR is excited to welcome their weekly wrap-up of important stories. - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

Steve Murdock: Educating Latinos Vital To Future Of U.S. - Former Texas Demographer Steve Murdock discusses the implications of the changing Latino population and the future of Texas.

More Latino Children In Poverty Than Any Other Group - According to a recent report - "Childhood Poverty Among Hispanics Sets Record, Leads Nation" - from the Pew Hispanic Center, more Latino children are living in poverty, at 6.1 million. This was more children than any other ethnic group in the U.S.

Op-Ed: Rick Perry's Voter Legislation Disenfranchises Latino Voters - The Texas Democratic Party's Dep. Political Director for Base Outreach Rebecca Acuña writes, from illegal racial gerrymanders to voter suppression legislation, Rick Perry seems all too eager to trample on the voting rights of Texans.

First Online Mexican American Studies Degree Launches In TX - NewsTaco reported this week that the first ever completely online Mexican-American studies degree launched at South Texas College in McAllen, Texas.

Is Immigration About Jobs, Humans Or Business? - We asked a panel of professionals from different walks of life about the varied colors of the immigration issue, from a business, political and humanitarian standpoint.

Juggling Optimism & Pessimism In U.S.-Mexico Relations - A discussion of pessimism and optimism revolving around the U.S.-Mexico relations in Texas, as well as interviews with Laredo Mayor Raúl G. Salinas and El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar.

Latina Volunteerism Often Manifests Off The Beaten Path - A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that Latinos volunteer at lower rates than other ethnic groups but Laura Donnelly Gonzalez, co-founder Latinitas, tells us that Latinas not only "get" volunteerism, but have taken ownership of their volunteerism in ways that will immensely benefit the U.S.

Report: Widespread Abuse By Patrol Agents Along Border - The group No More Deaths released a report detailing widespread abuses by Border Patrol agents of people in their custody. The report, "A Culture of Cruelty," includes information gathered over two-and-a-half years from over 12,000 individuals in more than 4,100 interviews conducted on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, and concludes that there exists "an institutional culture of abuse within Border Patrol."

One Immigrant Son Tries To Be A Border Patrolman, Is Rejected -  A story from Brownsville about a young man, the son of an undocumented mother, who graduated from college and then entered the Border Patrol to provide for the rest of his family. Ultimately, though, he found out the Border Patrol was not for him.

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It would be hilarious it it weren't so tragic

by: David Van Os

Thu Jul 09, 2009 at 04:25 AM CDT

This is in reply to the posted article, "The Future of Democrats in Texas", by Mr. Mike Lux.

Beginning with the Carter-Mondale reelection campaign of 1980, the Washington Beltway Democratic Consultantocracy has now written off Texas in presidential elections for 28 consecutive years.

In bypassing Texas voters in presidential election campaigns, the Consultantocracy guaranteed the atrophying of Democratic social and civic infrastructure in this state.

If it weren't so tragic, it would be hilarious to hear members of the Consultantocracy who are responsible for the Beltway group-think that has spent nearly 3 decades snubbing Texas voters, such as apparently Mr. Lux by his self-characterization, lamenting over "what's wrong with Texas voters?" It is like starving a person and then complaining that the person acts like someone who is starving.  

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All Cost, No Benefit: States Aim to Raise Voting Barriers to Prevent Rare Crime

by: Project Vote

Fri Jan 23, 2009 at 02:29 PM CST

Cross-Posted at Project Vote's Voting Matter's Blog

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

by Erin Ferns

As we predicted last December, legislation designed to prevent so-called voter fraud has dominated election law debates in several states this year. Last week alone, Georgia's controversial voter ID law was upheld by a federal appeals panel, the Texas Senate "sparked deep partisan tensions" by eliminating the majority rule in order to aid the passage of a voter ID law, and nine more states introduced numerous voter ID bills.  

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New voters, Democrats turning out for early vote in Collin County!!

by: Tommy Ates

Sat Oct 25, 2008 at 11:50 AM CDT

Could Collin County, the home of suburban Republicanism turn BLUE this year?

Well, so far the answer is YES!

(Let's just hope all the other Dems and Indies go to the polls on Nov. 4 while Republicans STAY HOME!!

Go Obama, Noriega, and all our Texas Dem heroes!!


From The Collin County Observer:

Saturday, October 25, 2008
New voters, Democrats turning out for early vote in Collin County

By Bill Baumbach

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