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Dan Patrick Curiously Missing During Border Security Debate At Senate Finance Hearing

by: Joe Deshotel

Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 04:00 PM CDT

Dan Patrick based his primary campaign around getting tough on border security and immigration. He even had his signs depict a fence with a padlock on it with the words "Secure Our Border" emblazoned across the top, and referred to an "illegal invasion."

But, since his primary victory Dan Patrick has been noticeably less visible, and even though he sits on the Senate Finance Committee he was not engaged during the border debate that took place at the hearing.

It's not the first time Patrick hasn't jumped at the opportunity to debate. See more on that below the jump...

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Burnt Orange Report Endorses David Alameel for US Senate

by: Burnt Orange Report

Sun May 18, 2014 at 05:00 PM CDT

In the Democratic run-off election for the Senate, Burnt Orange Report unanimously endorses Dr. David Alameel, as he is clearly the best candidate in the race.

Burnt Orange Report's original endorsee in the Democratic Senate primary, El Paso attorney Maxey Scherr, finished in third place in March, leaving two candidates to compete in the run-off. Between the two, there is very little contest as to who would make the better Democratic nominee for Senate--that candidate is David Alameel.

Alameel, a wealthy Dallas-area dentist, finished first in the March election with 47%, just barely below the 50% needed to avoid a run-off. He has received the endorsement of important Texas Democrats like Wendy Davis. Moreover, Alameel's vast personal wealth means that he will have the resources to run a professional campaign and help get out the vote for Democrats in this crucial election year.

The other candidate in the race is fake Democrat Kesha Rogers. Kesha Rogers is not a serious candidate, and should not receive support from Texas Democrats. She is a part of the fringe LaRouche movement, and has previously compared President Obama to Hitler and called for his impeachment and execution. The Texas Democratic Party has actively campaigned against Rogers.

It is imperative that Texas Democrats do NOT vote for Kesha Rogers.

In order to build party infrastructure, the first step for Texas Democrats is to have serious, credible candidates. David Alameel is the best candidate for US Senate, and it is vital that Democrats turn out on May 27 to make sure he is the Democratic nominee.

BOR unanimously endorses David Alameel in the run-off for US Senate, and urges voters to support his campaign.

Early Voting: May 19 - May 23, 2014 | Election Day: Tuesday, May 27
Photo Voter ID is required to vote. Click here for a list of acceptable forms of ID.

Endorsements are made based on a weighted consensus of the staff, which guides the type and tone of endorsement. Members of the Burnt Orange Report staff with any conflict of interest in a given race abstain from voting on that race.

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"Drop Out Dew" Campaign Started By Matt Mackowiak With A Connection To Dan Patrick

by: Joe Deshotel

Tue Mar 11, 2014 at 00:05 PM CDT

Republican Consultant and founder of Potomac Strategy Group, LLC, Matt Mackowiak has launched an online campaign called "Drop Out Dew" whose mission is to "Unite Texas Republicans behind Dan Patrick as our next Lt. Gov." According to campaign finance reports Mackowiak is not getting paid by Dan Patrick's campaign, but according to the Texas Tribune elected official directory his wife is a Legislative Aide for Senator Patrick.

When candidates call for their opponents to drop out it's usually elicits an audible yawn from journalists and voters, so it is interesting that no real attempt was made to mask the identity of the creator or the obvious connection. The registrar data for "Drop Out Dew" from Godaddy says the domain was purchased on March 10th, 2014 by "Matthew Mackowiak." The website directs traffic back to the Facebook Page that was created March 9th and the contact email listed is: matt@potomacstrategygroup.com.  

See GoDaddy documentation and links below the jump...

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Steve Stockman Claims He's A "Victim" After His Mugshot Appears In Campaign Ads

by: Joe Deshotel

Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 05:30 PM CST

UPDATE 7:15 p.m.: This post has been updated to include Stockman's latest faux pas and Cornyn's new site Stockmanfiles.com

The Steve Stockman campaign has launched an all out blitz to vindicate his "clean record" and claimed that Michigan officials believe he is a "victim of illegal activity." On Monday, they released a statement condemning the anti-Stockman effort "Shady Stockman" by a super PAC called Texans for Conservative Majority as "a smear campaign [that] made false claims using illegally-published records."

The campaign goes on to cite both Michigan and Texas law insinuating that media outlets and others who publish his mugshot, fingerprints and booking information are doing so illegally and may "face repercussions."

Stockman referring to Texans for Conservative Majority as "a pro-John Cornyn superPAC funded by an illegal alien activist" says that they have used "illicitly-published records to falsely claim Stockman had been convicted of a crime."

See below the jump why the original charge is literally below the belt...

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New Poll Shows John Cornyn Heading Into Runoff With Steve Stockman for U.S. Senate

by: Joe Deshotel

Thu Feb 20, 2014 at 02:00 PM CST

A new poll suggests what many have known all along -- John Cornyn is at best lukewarm with Republican primary voters. A runoff is beginning to look more likely as the last 5 known polls taken on the race for the U.S. Senate nomination have Cornyn with less than 50% support. That's always bad news for an incumbent. The good news for Cornyn is 2nd place has typically been taken by "Unsure," a name that won't actually be appearing on the ballot.

Cornyn's biggest asset besides his enormous war chest, is his lack of a high-profile and credible candidate, he just happens to have one of each (talk about splitting the vote!). His high-profile candidate who typically comes in behind "unsure" is Congressman Steve Stockman who received 28% in the latest poll, while Cornyn took just 43%. But, the more credible candidate Dwayne Stovall has been quietly (as far as media attention is concerned) gathering Tea Party endorsements and straw poll victories across the state.

See how Cornyn's opponents reacted to the new poll results below the jump...

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Allan Ritter Retires: A Canary In The Republican Coalmine

by: Joe Deshotel

Wed Oct 09, 2013 at 01:00 PM CDT

State Representative Allan Ritter's departure from the Texas House signals a more partisan divide for the future of the Texas legislature as moderates continue their exodus from the Republican Party.

Ritter was elected as a Democrat from Southeast Texas in 1998 and switched parties during the red tide that washed over all of America in 2010. He was though, one of the Killer D's who fled to Ardmore, Oklahoma in 2003 to avoid passing the aggressively-gerrymandered redistricting plan backed by Tom Delay. His party switch brought about ire from the left who thought he was a sell-out and from the right who inevitably labeled him a RINO, but truthfully Ritter never focused on political ambition or party politics and was respected by his colleagues as someone willing to work across the aisle to get important legislation passed.

As a progressive I champion progressive candidates but doing what is right for a state as diverse and large as Texas still requires compromise and that is why Ritter was always one of the best of the rest. His frustration is not unique these days in the Republican Party, and if you want to compare him to a rhino it should be the Western Black Rhino, which sadly was declared extinct earlier this year.

Find out below the jump how this could hurt Democrats in the short term but open the door for long term success...

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If Wendy Davis Is In, It's Because She Can Win

by: Joe Deshotel

Tue Oct 01, 2013 at 05:30 PM CDT

If Wendy Davis runs for Governor of Texas she will occupy the political middle-ground that Republicans continue to cede. That is a fact that was evident in the hour-long conversation she had at the Texas Tribune Festival this past weekend, as well as a new poll by Public Policy Polling.

She remained committed to her Oct. 3rd date on the question of her future plans, so her interviewer Evan Smith asked what she considered as she made her final decision. She said she wanted to make sure she wasn't doing something "fool-hardy" and recalled her last two hard fought elections in reliably red territory. "I knew when I entered that race that it was hard but it wasn't impossible," she said.

"I knew when I asked people to support me and to help me through their time, energy, and financial resources, I knew I was asking them to partner with me to do something that I believe we could make happen. And I have gone through that same analysis in making the decision that I will be announcing on Thursday."

Bottom line: If Wendy Davis enters the race for Governor, it's because she thinks she can win.

Click below to the jump to find out what progressives can expect and a new poll that could put some wind in Wendy's sails...

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Wendy Davis Will Announce Intentions For Texas Governor October 3rd

by: Joe Deshotel

Wed Sep 18, 2013 at 09:00 AM CDT

It's the moment everyone has been waiting for -- well, almost.

Wendy Davis announced Wednesday morning that she will be announcing some very big news on October 3rd. The worst kept secret in Texas politics right now is that Wendy Davis will run for Governor in 2014. That of course has been all but officially confirmed by the campaign.

It is generally believed by Democrats in the know that Davis had planned to make her announcement around Labor Day until the decline and ultimate passing of her father led to her postponing any public decisions.

Grassroots Democrats across the state (and the nation) have grown anxious, and today's update is no doubt an attempt to keep the momentum strong while Davis builds out her statewide campaign team and strategy. For the many who have waited nearly two decades, these next two weeks can't come fast enough.

Click below the jump to see Wendy's message to Texas Democrats this morning.

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Exclusive With Woman Dragged From Senate Hearing, & More Arrests At Texas Capitol Over Abortion

by: Joe Deshotel

Wed Jul 10, 2013 at 06:30 PM CDT

A series of YouTube videos have been posted showing more activists being carried out of the public forum for civil disobedience. I reported a couple of weeks ago on the 74 year old woman arrested in the Senate Gallery, but since that time several more reproductive rights activists have been forcibly removed and/or arrested.

The first video, which immediately went viral, is of a young woman named Sarah, @VictorianPrude on Twitter, being dragged away from the microphone during the Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing Monday night. She did not use profanity but was cut off by the chair, Senator Jane Nelson, as soon as she began to personally address each committee member on their shortcomings "protecting" women.

Let's start down the line. Senator Campbell, you're an ophthalmologist. So I won't be making you the expert on reproductive health. We can give you all the children with chlamydia and herpes in their eyes, since we don't have Sex Ed in this state...

Check below the jump to read my short interview with Sarah on her testimony to Senate HHS, as well as the "Rise Up" response to and video of their members' being arrested in the House gallery Wednesday...  

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 753 words in story)

Texas Democratic Officials Call For Statewide Hearings On Abortion Bill

by: Joe Deshotel

Wed Jul 03, 2013 at 02:00 PM CDT

Update: The original version of this story was published before the Senate posted the notice of public hearing. The time and location remain correct: Monday July 8th, 10am in room E1.036 (Senate Finance).

Who would have imagined on the eve of Independence Day in 2013 that Texas women would still be fighting for their constitutional right to make their own health decisions. This day should be about freedom, and you can't have freedom without choice.

Last night over 3,500 people came to the Texas Capitol and registered their opinion on HB 2, the 2nd special session version of the back-door abortion ban, but over 1,000 still left without having their voices heard.

That's why leading Democrats in both the House and Senate are calling for public hearings across Texas.

Sources in the Senate tell me that the Senate Health and Human Services Committee is set hear the bill Monday, 8th at 10am in the Senate Finance room, but as of this posting the hearing notice has not been made public. It could be posted today but because of the Senate's 24hr rule if this is correct, Sen. Nelson can wait as late as Sunday, 10am before posting the hearing notice. Senate rule 11.18 says, "The chair shall afford reasonable opportunity to interested parties to appear and testify at the hearing", and it could reasonably argued that because of the impact of this bill that making the notice public over a holiday weekend is not sufficient.

Senator Watson has sent a letter of request to HHS Chair Sen. Nelson to have a more transparent hearing on the floor and some fair process for calling testimony for and against the bill. It is unclear whether Senator Nelson will comply with these requests.

You can Stand With Texas Women by signing this petition through Planned Parenthood to Demand public hearings across Texas.

Find out what happened in the House hearing on HB2 last night and see the requests for statewide hearings by Senate and House members below the jump...

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