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election results

Selected 2012 Texas Election Results

by: Burnt Orange Report

Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 05:39 PM CST

Our team will be updating results tonight as they come in from across Texas. Some polling hours have been extended. El Paso is in a different time zone. Lines may delay reporting for hours in some counties. We expect final results will take many hours to be reported but keep checking in as we update results as fast as we get them. Some counties like Travis will be reporting results from their vote centers instead of precincts reporting so precincts that are out can contain votes from other precincts, hence why 'precincts reporting' is inaccurate.

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2011 Austin City Council Election Results

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Wed May 18, 2011 at 06:13 PM CDT

Following are the results of Saturday's City Council Election for the City of Austin Places 1, 3, and 4. Full election results and precinct by precinct results can be found here.

Turnout: 32,869 or 7.4% of 444,139 voters in 209 precincts. Bolded candidates indicate winner, candidate in italics advanced to June 18th runoff.

Place 1

                Early Voting   Election Day     Total Vote

Josiah Ingalls   1,008  7.32%     925  5.50%   1,933  6.32%
Chris Riley      8,819 64.04%  11,323 67.37%  20,142 65.87%
Roger Chan       3,412 24.78%   3,958 23.55%   7,370 24.10%
Norman Jacobson    532  3.86%     602  3.58%   1,134  3.71%

Total Votes:    13,771         16,808         30,579

Place 3

Kathie Tovo      6,230 43.32%   8,616 48.88%  14,846 46.38%
Max Nofziger     2,211 15.38%   2,351 13.34%  4,562  14.25%
Kris Bailey      1,058  7.36%   1,011  5.74%  2,069   6.46%
Randi Shade      4,881 33.94%   5,649 32.05%  10,530 32.90%

Total Votes:    14,380         17,627         32,007

Place 4

Laura Morrison   9,579 70.36%  12,449 74.77%  22,028 72.79%
Eric J. Rangel   2,852 20.95%   2,868 17.23%   5,720 18.90%
Toby Ryan Hill   1,183  8.69%   1,333  8.01%   2,516  8.31%

Total Votes:    13,614         16,650         30,264

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Texas State House Election Results

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 01:09 AM CDT

*2am update by Phillip*

We're likely not going to have another results thread, but since people have asked, here's the current list of Democratic losses in the Texas House.

  1. Rep. David Farabee
  2. Rep. Stephen Frost
  3. Rep. Mark Homer
  4. Rep. Jim McReynolds
  5. Rep. Abel Herrero
  6. Rep. Yvonne Gonzalez-Toureilles
  7. Rep. Diana Maldonado
  8. Rep. Joe Heflin
  9. Rep. Carol Kent
  10. Rep. Kirk England
  11. Rep. Allen Vaught
  12. Rep. Kristi Thibaut
  13. Rep. Solomon Ortiz, Jr.
  14. Rep. Robert Miklos
  15. Rep. David Leibowitz
  16. Rep. Jim Dunnam
  17. Rep. Joe Moody
  18. Rep. Patrick Rose
  19. Rep. Chris Turner
  20. Rep. Ellen Cohen
  21. Rep. Valinda Bolton
  22. Rep. Paula Pierson
We will also likely see a recount in HD-48 as Donna Howard won by 15 votes, but with electronic voting and it being Travis County, provisional ballots are the only thing likely to alter the vote; plus provisional ballots, especially in Travis County, should break in our favor.  I believe that also means that Donna Howard is the only Anglo Democratic woman in the entire house.

If my math is correct that means a 99-51 GOP majority. That last vote is critical to keeping Republicans from a 2/3rds majority- unless someone switches parties.

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2010 Texas Election Night Results

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Tue Nov 02, 2010 at 05:47 PM CDT

Since the entire Burnt Orange Report staff is working on elections today and tonight, we've joined with the Texas Tribune's live reporting engines to automatically update the following races. Bookmark this page for refreshing, though it should auto-update.

5 Tabs of Election Data

Be sure to click on all the tabs at the top for different sets of election results.

Statewide Races by County

The Texas House

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2010 ACC & AISD Runoff Election Results

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Sat Jun 12, 2010 at 07:14 PM CDT


255 of 255 Precincts Reporting

Percent  Candidate         Votes  Margin
54.85%   Vic Villarreal    5,163  +90 +328 +836 +796 +913
45.15%   David S. Reiter   4,250        


153 of 153 Precincts Reporting

Percent  Candidate         Votes  Margin
54.54%   Tamala Barksdale  5,128  -49 +367 +1100 +853      
45.46%   Julie Cowan       4,275  

Close elections both- the ACC candidates tied saw Reiter ahead by 2 votes in Williamson Conuty. In AISD, Barksdale did noticeably better on election day in the first round and if that continues to the runoff she may pull through. Student vote was non-existent. Barksdale cleaned up on the east side but Cowan won big in some of the higher turnout boxes. Turnout was 1.21% in the early vote for AISD and .83% for ACC.

NOTE- As far as I can tell, the ACC results reported by Travis County do include the Williamson numbers, but do not include the Bastrop numbers (which joined ACC in last month's election). It would be pretty wild if this election comes down to being decided by new Bastrop voters who could vote in the runoff by not the first round. They petitioned this spring but will vote to join in November- so no worries.

8:00 PM: In the AISD election, there was 628 more votes cast early in the runoff than in the initial round in May. Conversely, in the ACC election, there was 1,126 fewer votes in the runoff early vote than the initial round.

8:15 PM: Of the people voting in the AISD race, only 34 didn't cast a ballot. Of the people voting in the ACC race, 712 skipped casting a ballot. Since the jurisdictions overlap, it's pretty clear the AISD race drove the turnout.  

9:15 PM: With over 80% reporting I'm calling the AISD race for Tamala Barksdale. With 58% reporting in the ACC race, it's a pretty sure bet that Villarreal is the winner.

9:45 PM: All in for AISD. Barksdale pulls down a solid win with the support of Election Day voters. Final turnout is 2.52%. There was 497 more voters in the runoff than the initial election in May.  

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Texas 2010 Primary Election Results - ALL RACES

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Tue Mar 02, 2010 at 04:48 PM CST

Ed. Note: To scan different races in each category, click the tab buttons at the bottom of each chart. KT and Phillip will be updating numbers all night, so stay tuned!

Starting as soon as the early votes are released, we will be tracking the election results for thirty-six races in the 2010 Democratic and Republican primaries. Each box below will be for a different category of races. They will be (in this order):

  • Statewide Democratic Races: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Ag Commissioner, Land Commissioner
  • Statewide Republican Races: Governor, Railroad Commissioner, Supreme Court Place 3, Supreme Court Place 9
  • Local Austin Races
  • Texas House Races - Democrats
  • Texas House Races - Republicans (Dem Incumbent Races)
  • Texas House Races - Republicans (Speaker Impact Races)
  • Other Races Across the State

The information below will be from the Texas Secretary of State Elections website. The embedded google docs should auto-update every 5 minutes but you can refresh the page if you feel the information is out of date. If you do not see the results below, follow the links to the published web pages of the Google docs, which will be next to each auto-updated chart.

***Please note that you can switch between races with the tabs at the bottom of each spreadsheet.***

DEMOCRATIC Statewide Primary Results: You can track them here if the chart below doesn't work

REPUBLICAN Statewide Primary Results: You can track them here if the chart below doesn't work.

LOCAL Austin Races: You can track them here if the chart below doesn't work.

DEMOCRATIC Texas House Races: You can track them here if the chart below doesn't work.

REPUBLICAN Texas House Races - Dem Challenge Races: You can track them here if the chart below doesn't work.

REPUBLICAN Texas House Races - Speaker Impact Races: You can track them here if the chart below doesn't work.

REPUBLICAN Other Races Across the State: You can track them here if the chart below doesn't work.

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User-friendly Travis County precinct results

by: hunterellinger

Thu Nov 06, 2008 at 06:56 PM CST

The November 4 precinct-level results for Travis County have been posted to http://www.westaustindemocrats...

The Presidential race is at http://www.westaustindemocrats...

The site shows the names of the precincts (not just the numbers) and has graphics that indicate the turnout and Dem/GOP balance in 2004.  General, primary, and local elections back to 2002 are shown on the site.

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Follow Texas Election Results on BOR Tuesday Night

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 02:31 PM CST

Tomorrow night is going to be a big night, not only nationally, but here in Texas. We will see if the national tide is strong enough that Democrats flip some federal races in the Lone Star State. We'll see who is going to control the Texas House next session We'll see if there are any surprising upsets or losses. It's a lot to cover.

This year, both Matt and Phillip are going to be out of pocket for much of the night, so myself and any of our other staff that are available will be brining you information on key races. Because we know a lot of you will be at Victory Parties or away from a computer, we're also going to be updating Texas Elections on twitter. For those that don't know you can set up twitter to direct updates to your mobile phone so you be the first to know when races are being called across Texas.

Sign up here for Twitter TX Election Updates: https://twitter.com/texaselections

Otherwise, we'll see you here on the blog tomorrow night for live results.  

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2008 Primary Runoff Results (liveblog)

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Tue Apr 08, 2008 at 08:24 PM CDT

Updates Final


100% of precincts reporting

Dale Henry             81,107   40.83%
Mark Thompson    117,496   59.16% (WINNER)

100% of precincts reporting

Steve Love            749      27.47%
Eric Roberson     1,977      72.52% (WINNER)

100% of precincts reporting

Mindy Montford           10,243   34.79%
Rosemary Lehmberg   19,197   65.21% (WINNER: Montford concedes)

100% of precincts reporting

Janie Serna         1,009    28.54%
Danny Thomas    2,524    71.46% (WINNER)

100% of precincts reporting

Diana L. Lackey       5,201      46.75 %
John R. Ames          5,924      53.25 % (WINNER)

100% of precincts reporting

Amadeo Ortiz            7,155    66.55% (WINNER)    
Andy Lopez               3,596    33.45%


Richard Wiles      14,784      60.61% (WINNER)
Carlos Leon           9,608      39.39%


100% of precincts reporting

Pete Olson                15,492     68.51% (WINNER)
Shelley Sekula Gibbs   7,118     31.48%

100% of precincts reporting

Bryan Daniel     1,656     53.62% (WINNER)
Dee Hobbs        1,432     46.37%

100% reporting

Ralph Sheffield        4,202     63.50% (WINNER)
Martha Tyroch        2,415      36.49%

100% reporting

Tryon D. Lewis                   5,171    76.02% (WINNER- defeats incumbent)
G.E. "Buddy" West (i)        1,631     23.97%

100% of precincts reporting

Angie Chen Button       3,103     53.17% (WINNER)
Randy Dunning            2,732     46.82%

100% of precincts reporting

Ken Legler           1,590      51.64% (WINNER)
Fred Roberts        1,489      48.35%

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Reserving Comment

by: comeon

Fri Nov 10, 2006 at 07:41 AM CST

In the process of analyzing races in my home area, I have been putting together some maps in order to visualize what happened in Tuesday's elections. I have come to some preliminary conclusions, but I'd prefer at this time to reserve comment and allow people to look at some of these basic maps in order to draw their own conclusions. In this effort I decided to do some maps of the entire state in addition to the maps of my area to share with BOR readers.
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