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San Antonio

Two Debates Between Greg Abbott And Wendy Davis Now Scheduled

by: Omar Araiza

Thu May 29, 2014 at 11:00 AM CDT

State Senator Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott have agreed to debate in Dallas and McAllen as part of their gubernatorial race.

Their first debate, which is scheduled in Dallas on September 30, will be hosted by WFAA-TV's Victory Park Studio and The Texas Tribune.

Aside from these two locations, Wendy Davis has accepted various other invitations for debates in major cities across Texas. Meanwhile, Greg Abbott continues to decline these same proposals and refuses to defend his record in front of voters throughout the state.

More below the jump.  

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The Real Meaning of Julián Castro's HUD Nomination

by: SaraChicaD

Tue May 20, 2014 at 05:05 PM CDT

Over the weekend I received a text from one of my politics-obsessed friends: "NYT: Castro to get HUD." As I was out and about, more interested in the conjunto festival in San Antonio than its political shakeup, it took a while for all of that political dust to settle on my distracted brain.

Once it did, however, the first thought that came to mind was not what Castro's move meant for the 2016 election and whispers of a potential VP nomination from Hillary Clinton. No, my thoughts were much more local: too bad for San Antonio.

More on what this means for San Antonio below the jump.

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Drunk Driving Deaths Justify Mass Transportation San Antonio Texas

by: Arctotraveler

Sat May 10, 2014 at 02:54 PM CDT

Sorry To Say Goodbye To Burnt Orange We Started with Something That Went Global and now we have Nothing But Austin Bureaucrats!And Republican GOP Advertisements

Hacker Threats
cc: Saved for FBI

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Texas Home To 4 Of 10 Most Income Segregated Metros in the U.S.

by: Nick Hudson

Sat Mar 22, 2014 at 02:11 PM CDT

This map shows how U.S. metros stack up on income segregation. Dark blue reflects high levels of income segregation; light blue significant levels; green moderate levels, and yellow low levels.

Four out of the ten of the most economically segregated large metro areas in the country are in Texas, according to a study conducted by Richard Florida and covered in The Atlantic Cities.

San Antonio-New Braunfels was the No. 1 most segregated metro area in the country. The Houston Area was the No. 4 most economically segregated. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro took the No. 8 spot. And the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos metro was No. 10.

Economic segregation is a measure of the tendency of affluent people to live in neighborhoods where almost everyone else is affluent, and poor people to live in neighborhoods where almost everyone else is poor. The measure of income segregation reveals concentrated pockets of advantage and disadvantage. This is significant, according to Florida, because concentrated disadvantage has been shown to limit socioeconomic mobility.

Read More Below The Fold!

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San Antonio is One Step Closer to Getting Google Fiber

by: Katie Singh

Mon Mar 17, 2014 at 11:30 AM CDT

Last week, the city of San Antonio approved a major new contract with Google that sets the stage for the potential arrival of Google Fiber.

As the San Antonio Express-News reported, the contract is a lease agreement "with Google Fiber Texas, LLC. [that] gives the company the ability to efficiently deploy some 40 'fiber huts' - 12-by-26-foot communications shelters that house tech infrastructure for fiber-optic gigabit Internet, which clocks speeds 100 times faster than typical broadband."

Google Fiber is already available in Kansas City, and has begun to establish services in Provo, UT and Austin as well. Google has also announced plans to expand Fiber services to even more cities. Right now, it is considering nine major metropolitan areas for the service, including San Antonio.

San Antonio's approval of the lease for Google's "fiber huts" is an important step closer to having the necessary infrastructure to support Google Fiber. It sets the city apart as ready to handle Google Fiber services, should Google choose San Antonio as its next Fiber city.

Read more about Google Fiber in San Antonio after the jump.

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Senator Leticia Van De Putte Announces For Lt. Governor

by: Joe Deshotel

Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 11:59 AM CST

Sen. Leticia Van de Putte ended months of speculation when she threw her hat into the race for Lt. Governor on Saturday in front of a packed house in the San Antonio College gymnasium. Van de Putte's family has experienced multiple tragedies this year which complicated her decision, but in the end it was the Senator's daughter who introduced her and assured the crowd that the final decision was made at the family table.

"Mama's not happy," Van de Putte exclaimed after she took the stage and thanked her family, "My family knows what that means - when Mamma's not happy, ain't nobody happy." She lambasted the current leadership in Austin for being more concerned about their next political move than addressing the needs of Texas families, saying that, "to them, the real-life priorities of too many mainstream Texas families simply don't exist." With that she addressed the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Lt. Gov. and observed, "It gets whackier every day. They're all trying to out-extremist one another...all four of them chasing after the most extreme five percent of Texans who control Republican primary elections."

The race could be ostensibly seen as a continuation of the battle between Van de Putte and the embattled Lieutenant Governor who has been forced to sprint right after a Primary loss for US Senate to Ted Cruz. To that point, when Dewhurst was recently attacked by his primary opponents for appointing too many Democrats to Senate committee chairmanships he reassured the crowd that, "not one of them is one of the critical committees." That didn't sit well with Van de Putte who chairs the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs and Military Installations (VAMI). LVP quickly and sharply responded, "Governor Dewhurst, I can assure you that the work of the VAMI committee is important- as a veteran, you should know this."

Check below the jump for what LVP's style and substance adds to the Democrats' ticket...

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John Birch Society Rewriting JFK History Edited Texas Accepted by All Schools

by: Arctotraveler

Tue Nov 19, 2013 at 06:08 PM CST

Hackers 's' means more than one so good-bye CC: FBI

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Agenda 21 Paranoia Infiltrates Republican Primary Over "UN Takeover" of Alamo

by: Joe Deshotel

Thu Oct 31, 2013 at 04:32 PM CDT

Texas Land Commissioner and open carry advocate Jerry Patterson was compelled to issue an official response to a conspiracy theorist he shared the stage with at a gun rally at the Alamo in late October. Alex Jones' website infowars.com claimed that the, "blue UN flag may fly above the historic shrine of liberty once it falls under UN control," and the rumor quickly made its way across the right-wing blogosphere.

Despite spectacular and erroneous reports to the contrary, the Alamo is not being turned over to the United Nations - or anyone else for that matter. - Jerry Patterson

It's unfortunate that Patterson, also a candidate for Lt. Governor, has found himself catering and answer to the conspiracy wing of his party, but it's a good example of why you should not exploit fear for politics. Patterson tried to distance himself from Jones by saying, "I'm not one of these people that thinks someone's gonna come knocking on my door and take my guns," but ultimately as Land Commissioner he was responsible for the event, and the perpetuation of the gun-grabbing govern-myth.

The Constitution gives Americans "the right to bear arms," but if you are going to walk around like a part of the militia, it also gives the government the right to ensure it is, "well-regulated."

See below the jump for what Alex Jones had to say about Jerry Patterson and why this is a bad strategy for the GOP to reach Hispanics...

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Efforts To Repeal San Antonio's LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance Fails

by: Omar Araiza

Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 09:00 AM CDT

The drive to repeal San Antonio's recently passed LGBT non-discrimination ordinance has failed.

Those opposed to the NDO had 40 days to collect over 60,000 signatures. These were the number of signatures required in order to place the ordinance on a citywide ballot in 2015. They failed to do so.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro responded immediately after the petition failed:

"I'm glad people can move on from divisive attempts to undo an ordinance that was always commonsense about treating everybody the same," Castro said.

The hotly debated ordinance gained national attention after a secret recording of City Councilwoman Elisa Chan was released with very homophobic and transphobic remarks. This was also one of Castro's largest priorities since his DNC speech last year. Many wanted to see the rising national figure in action.

Read more about the ordinance below the jump.

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San Antonio City Council Votes to Pass LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance, A Victory for Equality

by: Omar Araiza

Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 03:30 PM CDT

The San Antonio City Council voted to pass the non-discrimination proposal authored by City Councilman Diego Bernal and Mayor Julian Castro.

Starting at least 15 years ago, the local LGBT community has sought to add sexual orientation and gender identity to groups protected from discrimination. Two serious attempts in 1998 and 2011 to get non-discrimination laws to cover LGBT rights failed to pass.

After a long and hard fought struggle, the LGBT community and straight allies of San Antonio can finally claim victory.

The final vote was 8-3, putting the ordinance into effect immediately.

"This ordinance fundamentally is about ensuring that whether you are white or black, whether you are Christian or Jew, whether you are straight or gay, San Antonio belongs to you too," said Castro. "This is a city that belongs to everyone. This ordinance is about saying there are no second-class citizens in San Antonio."

Read statements made by the council members, and what brought us here today after the jump.

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