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The DNC Bills Ted Cruz and GOP $24 Billion for the Government Shutdown They Orchestrated Last Year

by: Joe Deshotel

Thu Jun 26, 2014 at 00:30 PM CDT

When the DNC found out Ted Cruz was hosting another secret dinner with Tea Party congressmen, similar to one where they strategized over last year's government shutdown, they decided to bill him and the GOP $24 billion for their last misadventure before they get a chance to rack up another.

When your battle cry equates government to waste, you probably shouldn't do things that cost taxpayers more money. And if you champion the market, you probably shouldn't do anything that will disrupt it to the tune of billions.

Read the letter and see the bill the DNC sent to Cruz below the jump...

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Moderate Republican PACs see Success in Run-Off, But Far Right PACs Still Gaining Influence

by: Katie Singh

Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 10:30 AM CDT

On the whole, May 27 was a good day for far-right, Tea Party candidates running for office in Texas. Candidates like viciously anti-immigrant Dan Patrick and criminal and Ted-Cruz BFF Ken Paxton handily defeated their slightly more moderate Republican opponents. The Republican statewide candidates are overall one of the most conservative tickets Texas has ever seen.

When it came to the run-offs for the state legislature, results were slightly more balanced. Both far-right and moderate Republican PACs continued to fight for control of legislative seats. As we did previously, BOR examined the endorsement records of four Republican PACs--the moderate, education-focused Texas Parent PAC, the more conservative Texans for Lawsuit Reform, and two extremely conservative PACS, the Young Conservatives of Texas and Michael Quinn Sullivan's Empower Texans PAC, in order to get a better picture of who is really in control of the Texas Legislature.

We looked at who which Republican PACs came out on top after the May 27 run-off -- and the results may surprise you.

See which PACs did the best on May 27 after the jump.

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Wealthy Donors Funding the Republican Party Don't Get Along with GOP Base

by: Katie Singh

Fri Apr 25, 2014 at 02:00 PM CDT

As primary season gears up around the country, the wealthy corporations who fund much of the Republican party are starting to open their checkbooks to Republican candidates around the country. Yet, the base of voters these candidates need to appeal to is changing, and wealthy donors are struggling to keep up.

The GOP is often categorized as party of the rich, and while that's true at the top, the Republican base is becoming increasingly working class. And they are getting tired of Republican donors' elitist attitudes.

The Republican base has shifted over the past two decades as many working class white people have switched from Democrat to Republican. These voters now make up the Republicans' core constituency, people who are "heavily family based, more small-town and rural...very pro-gun, and very patriotic."

Though the voter base has changed, the party is still primarily funded by major corporations and individuals who make big donations to the candidates of their choice. Texas is no different. The Republican base is increasingly white and blue-collar, but big corporate donors are the ones giving money to Republican candidates. GOP candidates may have rhetoric that appeals to their base, but the substance behind their campaigns are grounded in corporate money and interests.

Read more about the corporate interests backing candidates like Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz after the jump.  

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Moderates vs. Conservatives: Which Republican PACs Came Out On Top in the 2014 Primary?

by: Katie Singh

Fri Mar 28, 2014 at 01:00 PM CDT

After John Cornyn's and Greg Abbott's victories in the Texas Republican primary on March 4, the New York Times proclaimed that here in Texas, the Republican establishment had soundly beat back the Tea Party.

While that may have been true in Cornyn's and Abbott's specific races, the reality of the election was much more complex. Social conservatives prevailed over moderates in many legislative primary races. Several moderate Republican legislative incumbents lost, as extreme social conservatives took the lead in most races for statewide offices.

The Texas Legislature was the main battleground for social conservatives battling moderate Republicans. Several large Republican PACs, both moderate and conservative, had stakes in legislative races. BOR examined the endorsement records of four of them--the moderate, education-focused Texas Parent PAC, the more conservative Texans for Lawsuit Reform, and two extremely conservative PACS, the Young Conservatives of Texas and Michael Quinn Sullivan's Empower Texans PAC.

We looked at which candidates each PAC endorsed and how those candidates fared in the primary.

See which Republican PACs were winners and losers after the jump.

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DNC Project Highlights Republicans are the "Same Old Party" who Refuse to Accept Change

by: Katie Singh

Wed Mar 19, 2014 at 02:00 PM CDT

Yesterday was one-year anniversary of the Republican Party's "autopsy report" that dissected the party's status after Mitt Romney's overwhelming loss to President Obama in 2012. Among the autopsy report's highlights were that the Republican Party was "driving around in circles on an ideological cul-de-sac" and had to pass immigration reform otherwise "our Party's appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only."

Despite these conclusions, one year later, the GOP's attempts to appeal more to young people, immigrants, women, LGBT individuals, and minorities appear to be minimal at best. Nowhere is this more evident than here in Texas, where it seems that each week brings another instance of the Republican Party proving itself out of touch with Texans on many major issues. Whether it's Greg Abbott calling the Rio Grande Valley a "third-world country" or Texas Republican leaders saying that women are bad negotiators who are "too busy" for equal pay, it's clear that today's Republican party is no better at outreach than it was a year ago.

In honor of the one-year anniversary of the GOP autopsy, the DNC has launched a new project highlighting how Republicans are the "Same Old Party" as they were a year ago.  The site shows how Republicans continue to hold antiquated and exclusionary views toward minorities, women, poor people, and many others. And the section focusing on Texas has some of the most egregious offenses of the bunch.

See examples of how Texas Republicans are the "Same Old Party" after the jump.

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Texas Judge Switches to Democratic Party: "The Republican Party Left Me"

by: Joe Deshotel

Mon Oct 21, 2013 at 02:00 PM CDT

The Republican Party continues to push moderate voters away, but now even it's own elected officials are giving up on the fight with the extremist in their ranks. Today Bexar County Court at Law Judge Carlo Key switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party emphasizing that the, "Republican party has been at war with itself," and that ultimately, "I have not left the Republican Party, it left me."

His life experience of being born into poverty and pulling himself up by the bootstraps is a true Texas success story. Republicans love this narrative, but often leave out the details which make it all possible. Judge Key had to start working hard at an early age due to the circumstance of his father's disability, but because of public assistance, and a strong public education he was able to rise above those natural hardships to become a small business owner and Judge.

Among his reasons for the switch he pointed to the government shutdown led by Congressional Republicans that hurt furloughed workers and their families, and the, "vain attempt to repeal [the Affordable Care Act] a law that would provide healthcare to millions of people throughout our country."

This is bad news for Republicans on a number of fronts. They lose a promising young politician and a prominent Hispanic from their ranks in one felled swoop. It also signals to other moderates that the tide is turning and the time is now.
Incase they need more encouragement Judge Key extended an open invitation, "I can only hope that more people of principle will follow."

Click below the jump to see Judge Key's video and who is welcoming him to the Party...

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Chuck Maricle for State Representative, Texas House District 129

by: cmaricle

Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 10:56 AM CDT

Prominent community leader, business owner and entrepreneur, Chuck Maricle, formally announced this past summer that he would be seeking the office of State Representative in District 129. This announcement preceded Rep. John Davis' proclamation that he would not be seeking re-election.

Chuck owns and operates several successful businesses within House District 129 and will bring his entreprenurial and leadership knowledge to Austin. In these trying and sometimes difficult economic times, it is necessary to have someone with common conservative sense to lead the citizens of our area. Chuck is conservative, a supporter of pro-life and self defense issues, in tune with pro-business agendas, anchored with a strong foundation in leadership, team building and outreach to the community and knows how to build consensus and create positive action.

Born in Buffalo, New York in 1960, he attended St. Josephs Collegiate Institute (college prepratory high school) and then received a Bachelor of Science in 1982 from Canisius College. While working for GM Hughes Aircraft Corporation he completed doctoral studies in 1999 with a published dissertation in the Journal of Supercomputing (Dec. 22 1999). He considers his Jesuit education and training a key factor in his well rounded leadership ability. For 26 years he has lived in the Sagemont area of Harris County as a dedicated and participating member of the community.

Chuck has served our nation for 34 years. He joined the Army Reserve in 1979 while in college and was commissioned a US Army officer 1981. He then entered active duty where he graduated from the US Army Engineer Officer School and was also certified as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare specialist. He served as a US Army Combat Engineer Officer until 1988 having held a number of leadership positions.  Today he continues to serve in the uniform of the US  Department of Homeland Security as a US Coast Guard  (Auxiliary) District Captain - central region, directly responsible for 1000 personnel and surface / air operations in Texas and Louisiana. In this role he has been fully trained in advanced Incident Command and Emergency Response in addition to his successful completion of advanced upper leadership certifications.

Professionally, Chuck has literally worked around the world in both engineering and executive level positions in companies such as McDonnell Douglas, General Motors and a number of technology start-ups. He holds several laser technology patents which earned him fellow status with the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery as well as the IEEE Photonics Society. He also serves with the American Society of Military Engineers, the International Association of Emergency Managers and the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.

Within the Texas government community, Chuck has served on the National Government Affairs committee as legislative liasion for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, heavily involved with federal and Texas state agencies on waterway related law. He also serves as a consultant to the Harris County Commissioner, Precicnt 2 for Homeland Security related issues. In 2012 he was selected as a board member of the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee (successor to the Houston-Galveston Navigation Safety Advisory Committee) for the Port of Houston, giving him key connection to our regions largest asset, the maritime industry.

Being pro 2nd amendment and dedicated to the Texas citizens' right to keep and bear arms, he is a National Rifle Association instructor and a Texas Department of Public Safety certified Concealed Handgun Instructor for eight years, specializing in training our local military personnel and families, he will always keep a vigilent eye towards protecting our citizens' firearms rights.

Chuck is a member of the American Legion Post No. 490 and attends St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church. He is also a member the South Belt - Ellington Chamber of Commerce and American MENSA along with being a commercial multi-engine rated airplane pilot and extra class ham radio operator.

He and his wife Xia have a daughter currently serving as a officer in the US Navy and a 10 year old son.

District 129 includes all or part of Houston, Pearland, Friendswood, Pasadena, La Porte, Shoreacres, Seabrook, Taylor Lake Village, El Lago, Nassau Bay and Webster. 

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More Audio of Dan Patrick Attacking Ted Cruz: "He Takes All The Credit"

by: Joe Deshotel

Mon Sep 09, 2013 at 03:48 PM CDT

More audio of Dan Patrick attacking Ted Cruz during the 2012 primary on his radio program has surfaced -- this time over Cruz's "record" at the Attorney General's office, siding with the Obama Administration on China policy, and his representation of a Chinese company accused of stealing U.S. blueprints.

Senator Patrick has come under fire from his Republican Primary opponents in the race for Lt. Gov. for changing his tune on Cruz having recently endorsed the Junior Senator for President. Last week Patrick released a statement to Quorum Report giving full support to Ted Cruz and tried to temper accusations that he is more of a political weathervane than a consistent conservative.

Hear the audio for yourself below the jump.

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Rand Paul wins 2016 Republican Straw Poll, Followed by Ted Cruz...No Rick Perry

by: Joe Deshotel

Tue Aug 13, 2013 at 01:04 PM CDT

On Monday former presidential candidate and Fox News Commentator Mike Huckabee released the results of his online straw poll for the 2016 Republican Primary.

The poll of 43,988 matches well with other more scientific polls as of late. Rand Paul took first place followed by Ted Cruz with Texas Governor Rick Perry finishing in 13th as a "Write-in" candidate just in front of Jon Huntsman.

The state by state results showed Cruz coming first in Texas followed by Huckabee and Rand Paul. Those results back up prior polls that show Texans aren't enthusiastic about a Perry Administration in the White House. Until his famous flub it appeared the rest of the country was willing to give him a look, and most signs suggest he's preparing to ask them to take another.

Cruz and Perry have an interesting relationship when it comes to endorsements,  read below the jump...

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Gov. Perry's Tiff With WSJ Exposes His Major Weakness: National Press

by: Joe Deshotel

Thu Jun 13, 2013 at 09:42 AM CDT

Summers of odd numbered years are typical slow news days in Texas, but right now the Perry spin machine seems to have its hands full; adding controversial issues to an already prolonged legislative session, running commercials in other states to lure their jobs to Texas, threatening to veto the investigative body that could implicate some of his largest donors for receiving poorly-vetted funds from CPRIT, and FEMA's rejection of his aid request for West, Texas, but despite his teflon-like ability to avoid sustained controversy in Texas, he has not been in control of his national image or message. While Perry would much rather the Wall Street Journal hail him as an early contender for the Republican Primary in 2016, they instead chose to directly attack him over the Texas budget for the "biggest spending spree in memory".  

Now that might not be a line of attack for Democrats, but be certain it will come up in the Republican Primary should he choose to declare his candidacy for President. Inadvertently, the WSJ exposed a big flaw in Gov. Perry's version of the "Texas Model". With one line, "Republicans spend their energy gusher, and then some.", the WSJ acknowledges what I have said over and over again -- Led by Gov. Perry, Texas Republicans have used the oil industry as a crutch to avoid fixing our state's structural deficit, or having to responsibly and sustainably pay for programs like education and transportation that are important to Texans and businesses.

Now the Gov. is facing tough, yet inevitable, questions about Medicaid expansion and this time its coming from the heart of the oil industry...  

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