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Railroad Commissioner

BOR Elections Weekly Round Up, September 23 - 29: Supreme Court Gets a New Justice, Rep. Callegari

by: Joseph Vogas

Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 09:00 AM CDT

Another week has passed, so it is once again time to recap the news in elections from the past seven days. Sen. Wendy Davis dominated the news once more in the last week as she continues to prepare for a campaign announcement on Thursday of this week. Some media reports have already concluded that she will announce a run for governor, but Burnt Orange Report will not make such a hopeful call until an announcement is official. But besides this story, there have been plenty of news.

Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Wallace Jefferson had announced he would resign at the end of September. This meant Governor Perry would need to elevate a new Chief Justice, which he did with Nathan Hecht, but he would need to fill Judge Hecht's place on the Supreme Court. Governor Perry has chosen Judge Jeff Brown, who currently serves on Texas' 14th Court of Appeals to be elevated to Texas' highest court. With the appointment, a special election for Supreme Court, Place 6 will be on the November ballot along with the Chief Justice, Place 7 and Place 8. The Chief Justice and Place 7 elections are technically special elections as well, but were scheduled to be up in November 2014 regardless.

Another House Chairman announced he would be leaving the Texas Legislature. Rep. Bill Callegari (R - 132) of Katy announced last Monday he would not seek re-election. Rep. Callegari is an engineer by trade and brought that kind of logic and decision-making to the Texas legislature. He served as Chairman of the Pensions Committee in the last session. District 132 can be found in Harris County's southwest corner. In 2012, President Obama got 39.75% in District 132, slightly better than the 39.59% he received in 2008. No candidates are yet to announce for this seat.

Burnt Orange Report has been able to confirm six other elected officials will be seeking re-election, and ten new candidates have emerged. Click below the jump to find out who!

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Elections Recap: Return of an Old Face and Retirement Updates

by: Joseph Vogas

Thu Sep 12, 2013 at 09:00 AM CDT

With the filing deadline for the 2014 elections creeping closer, the list of candidates grows longer - whether that is to seek re-election or retire.

While some recent moves are very important and received their own articles, such as Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson announcing her intention to run for re-election and State Senator Leticia Van de Putte confirming her interest in running for Lieutenant Governor, there were other events that occurred and should be recognized.

The most significant announcement was Former State Representative Wayne Christian (R) confirmed he would be a candidate for Railroad Commissioner. He was first elected in 1996 but lost the Republican primary in 2012 to the current incumbent, Rep. Chris Paddie. Fmr. Rep Christian previously ran for Texas' First Congressional District in 2004 losing in that Republican Primary to eventual winner, Congressman Louie Gohmert; Fmr. Rep. Christian returned to the Texas House in the next election cycle. Fmr. Rep. Christian is the sixth Republican to announce for Railroad Commissioner this year.

Six more members declared they intend to seek re-election and one announced he is choosing retirement over re-election.

Find out who is retiring from the legislature and who has confirmed their intention to seek re-election, along with what divisive statements from Fmr. Rep. Wayne Christian had below the jump.

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Mystery Houston-Area Democrat Starts Building Statewide Team

by: Joseph Vogas

Thu Aug 01, 2013 at 00:01 PM CDT

Late last night, the following job listing appeared on Texas Blue Pages, a website designed to "connect professionals in the fields of progressive politics and advocacy to career opportunities and resources."

Democrat seeks a fundraising assistant/scheduler/travel aide for statewide exploratory effort. Based in Houston area. Pay based on experience. Must have reliable transportation. Full-time job starts Aug. 15. Email resume and cover letter to christine@christineslist.org. No phone calls.

Christine's List is also a website designed to place professionals in careers of public policy as it relates to politics, communications, non-profits, and more and is not specifically limited by any political ideology. Christine's List is a professional site to go to for finding a job on campaigns, not far away from the existing establishment sources such as the state party, Annie's List, and unions where a staffer could have been quietly recruited and transferred rather than publicly recruited. Further, this persons is hiring a regional fundraiser, which implies they understand how a campaign should be structured, implying that they are likely a professional and will be taking this campaign seriously.

The one other clue we have is that the job is Houston based. Because this is a statewide offer, this may be a head fake or the offer may be for this person to work in a satellite office. However, because it is this early, and there are no other known regional fundraisers being hired, it is likely this is a Houston based candidate who is looking to hire in their main office.

So, who is it? Click below the jump to take a look at some brief profiles of potential Houston based candidates.

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July Statewide Candidate Fundraising Roundup

by: Joseph Vogas

Mon Jul 29, 2013 at 01:00 PM CDT

On July 15, financial reports for candidates, PACs, and political parties were due to the Texas Ethics Commission. For the state of Texas, any candidate running for a state office has to report biennially, every six months, while those who are running for a federal office must report quarterly, meaning every three months. Further, incumbent state-level candidates can not raise funds while the legislature is in session; meaning fundraising reports for all statewide offices, except US Senate, only reflects funds raised for a few days out of the last six months in addition to funds left over from previous campaigns. While the reports were due on July 15, the fundraising deadline reflected in these reports was on June 30.

This roundup will only include candidates who have announced for statewide office or have publicly sent signs they will announce within the next few weeks.  Many of the candidates listed had not announced publicly they were running for a statewide office before the June 30 deadline.

Click below the jump to see a complete fundraising report that shows the total cash raised and cash on hand for announced statewide candidates.

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Newest Primary Runoff Endorsements Show Power Players Picking Sides

by: David Feigen

Thu Jun 28, 2012 at 08:30 AM CDT

With runoff elections just over a month away, endorsements are playing an intriguing role in several races across the state. To what extent these endorsements translate into votes is debatable. The schisms in support however shed light on the divides within the parties and the enormity of the stakes in these runoffs.

CD-14: In Congressional District 14, we are graced with a contest between city councilwoman Felicia Harris and Rick Perry lapdog and small businessman, State Rep. Randy Weber. They have each earned prominent GOP support. Ms. Harris was endorsed by Congressmen Ted Poe, Pete Olsen, Bill Flores, and Quico Canseco. To his own credit, Weber has earned the support of Governor Rick Perry, Arizona's nut-job Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples, and the current occupant of the seat, sort-of Presidential candidate Ron Paul. In Congressman Poe's enthusiastic endorsement of Harris, he emphasized "I normally do not endorse candidates in a Republican Primary," but stated that he believed she is "the most committed conservative and best candidate to take on Nick Lampson in the November Election. Lampson formerly represented the 22nd Congressional district and will face off with either Harris or Weber in the general election. In Perry's endorsement of Weber he declared, "If anyone can fight to repeal Obamacare, stand up to the Obama agenda, defend state's rights, and turn Washington around, it's a rock solid conservative like Randy Weber." Paul was quoted on Weber's site saying, "I am pleased to endorse Randy Weber." So it's Rick Perry, Ron Paul, and Sheriff Joe versus four prominent Texas Republican Congressmen. Clearly Weber gets the edge here. Paul is hugely popular in the district and his endorsement will go a long way in widening the almost nine point victory he achieved the first time.

CD-25: The race between Roger Williams and Wes Riddle is characterized by the back and fourth challenges over who is actually a Republican. Williams has received the support of former opponents Chad Wilbanks, Bill Burch, and Ernie Beltz Jr, while Riddle has been endorsed by Dave Garrison and Brian Matthews. Dianne Costa, who also ran in CD-25 before her sixth place finish, has refused to endorse in the runoff because she does not live in the district. It is odd that someone who ran for a seat doesn't feel qualified to offer an endorsement in the same race. Regardless of the endorsements or lack thereof, the crazy meter is off the charts in this race. Riddle has called for the impeachment of President Obama for "giving away" seven Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea islands near Siberia to Russia that were actually "given away" under George Bush in 1991. Yeah, that crazy. Not to be outdone, Williams has waged war with the Austin American-Statesman over comments Williams made about the President being a "socialist." The endorsements will not prevail as the deciding factor in CD-25. Any future and current endorsements will be overshadowed by the outrageous rhetoric and inflammatory charges that has characterized the race so far.

CD-33: State Rep. Marc Veasey has received another set of valuable endorsements in his runoff against former State Rep. Domingo Garcia for this newly created seat. Veasey announced the endorsements of the Texas State Teachers Association and the National Education Association on his website. Rita Haecker, President of the Texas State Teachers Association said in their endorsement, "Representative Veasey has been an outstanding advocate for public education, educators and students in Austin, and we know he will continue to work for us effectively in Washington." These important endorsements add to Veasey's already impressive list of supporters that includes State Senator Wendy Davis, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, and State Reps. Rafael Anchia and Robert Alonso.

SD-25: Former Railroad commissioner and candidate in SD-25 Elizabeth Ames Jones has bizarrely remained tight lipped about her support in the runoff. After engaging in a vicious Primary battle with incumbent Jeff Wentworth in the first round, it seemed inevitable that she would be quick to endorse rival Donna Campbell in the runoff. After all, Tea Party favorite Dr. Donna would certainly be an improvement over the corrupt big government liberal Jeff Wentworth, right? Jones's silence proves that her attacks (as valid as some were) of Wentworth were only valuable in the form of votes on election day.

Below the jump, check out Burnt Orange Report's Updated Texas primary endorsement tracker, and keep on top of who's picked whom so far.          

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BOR POLL: Republicans Satisfied with Romney, Split on Senate and Railroad Race


Mon May 21, 2012 at 10:35 AM CDT

(Attorney General Greg Abbott has signaled to donors that he will run for governor in 2014, setting up a potential challenge to Rick Perry. We polled that hypothetical match-up back in May 2012.   - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

As part of our year-long statewide polling series, BOR PAC and People Calling People conducted a survey of likely Republican primary voters to determine their sentiments on Mitt Romney's de facto Republican nomination, the Republican primary races for US Senate and Railroad Commissioner, and a hypothetical 2014 Republican primary match-up for Governor. We defined "likely voter" to mean a registered voter who had voted in at least two of the last three Republican Primaries (2006, 2008, 2010). Calls were placed to a random subset of those voters May 15-16, 2012.

Here are the results.

"In the Republican primary for US Senate, the candidates are Glenn Addison, Joe Agris, Kurt Cleaver, Ted Cruz, David Dewhurst, Ben Gambini, Craig James, Tom Leppert, and Lela Pittinger. Who do you plan to vote for in the Republican primary for US Senate?"
David Dewhurst43%
Ted Cruz30%
Tom Leppert14%
Craig James5%
Lela Pittinger4%
Glenn Addison2%
Kurt Cleaver1%
Joe Agris0%
Ben Gambini0%
TOTAL (MOE 4.2%, 557 responses)100%

The poll confirms what political chatterers had surmised for months: Dewhurst and Cruz look poised to head to a late-July run-off for the Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison. That has to give Cruz hope that he can prevail in a low-turnout hyper-partisan electorate, since the solicitor general has enjoyed more Tea Party and activist support than Dewhurst, whose main constituency seems to be Rick Perry's corporate sugar daddies. A Senate run-off pitting Cruz' grassroots hordes vs. Dewhurst's fat cats has to give serious pause to any moderate Republicans who may be headed to a run-off in down-ballot races, and could play a role in the inevitable run-offs in various Republican Congressional primaries (namely CD-14, CD-25, and CD-36). The only real question is if Dewhurst can spend his way to avoid a run-off, but given the margin he needs to make up to clear 50%, it looks unlikely.

Notably, the results also look a lot like the UT/TT poll released today. Dewhurst is in the low 40's and looks likely to go into a run-off with Cruz. That "internal Dewhurst campaign memo" circulated last week and leaked to Politico claiming that Leppert had pushed past Cruz into second place does indeed appear to be smoke and mirrors.

"In the primary for a full term on the Texas Railroad Commission, the candidates are Becky Berger, Beryl Burgess, Warren Chisum, Joe Cotten, Christi Craddick, and Roland Sledge. Who do you plan to vote for in the Republican primary for Texas Railroad Commissioner?"
Christi Craddick25%
Warren Chisum24%
Roland Sledge5%
Becky Berger4%
Joe Cotten3%
Beryl Burgess3%
TOTAL (MOE 4.5%, 479 responses)100%

In the race to fill the seat vacated by Michael Williams, it's clear that no candidate has managed to break through the crowded field, despite their ridiculous TV ads and escalating anti-EPA rhetoric. Over one third of the electorate is undecided, while Chisum and Craddick are the leaders here, the latter doing well likely based on sheer last-name ID alone. Unfortunately for Roland Sledge, despite his shocking TV ad in which Sledge vows not to pee on an electric fence, he's not making a splash with voters. The Republican electorate isn't trickling down from the undecided column into Sledge's camp. Unless his campaign is willing to leak any more-favorable internal polling, it's unlikely that on May 29th anyone will say to Sledge, "urine a run-off."

"In the 2014 Republican primary for Governor, if Attorney General Greg Abbott decided to challenge Governor Rick Perry, who would you support? "
Rick Perry42%
Greg Abbott35%
Someone Else7%
Not Sure16%
TOTAL (MOE 4.6%, 462 responses)100%

It's clear that Abbott is quietly angling to be the next Governor of Texas, what with his sue-the-Feds this and his down-with-women's-rights that. However, Governor Perry is claiming that he plans to run for re-election, either to prevent being the lamest duck next session or because he thinks it will better position him for another failed Presidential bid in 2016. Regardless, the Republican primary voters we polled have Abbott within 10% of Perry in this hypothetical match-up, which bodes well for the hard-charging Attorney General should he tilt at the incumbent Governor.

"How satisfied are you with Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee?"
Very Satisfied35%
Very Dissatisfied8%
TOTAL (MOE 3.7%, 718 responses)100%

We also asked Republican primary voters how they felt about presumptive nominee Mitt Romney. Only two thirds of Republicans are satisfied with the flip-flopping Massachusetts governor, whose healthcare plan was part of the foundation of Obamacare. One third of Republicans surveyed seem unwilling to go along with Romney, and 17% self-report as Dissatisfied or Very Dissatisfied. One wonders about the remaining third of the Republican primary electorate -- are they Ron Paul supporters? Do they want a more conservative candidate? Would a third-party conservative candidate like Rick Santorum or a legitimate Tea Partier like Debra Medina appeal to the 33% of Republican primary voters who are not satisfied with Romney? Most importantly, will they be too dismayed about their Presidential pick that they'll stay home this November?

We'll have more results later today.

Support more polls and more projects like this. Make a donation to the Burnt Orange Polling Fund today!

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Railroad Commish Candidate Vows Not to Pee on Electric Fence

by: Katherine Haenschen

Wed May 02, 2012 at 09:30 AM CDT

Oh dear Lord. When Railroad Commissioner candidate Roland Sledge saw Warren Chisum's B-movie style campaign ad featuring shotguns and hard-hats, I guess Sledge figured he needed to really up the ante to catch voters' attention. Here's his entry in the 5-way Republican primary for Railroad Commish:  

Ren & Stimpy have declined to comment on the video.

Now, to be fair, the Texas Railroad Commission probably has more to do with peeing on fences than the actual railroad. Slagle' experience in the actual oil and gas industry may make him legitimately qualified for the job (arguably a risk in Republican primaries). But in reality, serving on the Railroad Commission is about refusing to regulate our oil and gas industries and threatening the EPA.

The Texas Tribune reports that at a forum in Wichita Falls, candidates were tripping over each other to diss the EPA and President Obama:

"Let me tell you, these people can ruin your life," state Rep. Warren Chisum, R-Pampa, said last week at a forum in Wichita Falls that was organized by the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. "If they ever require an EPA permit before you drill a well, your lease will expire."

Roland Sledge, a Houston lawyer who has specialized in oil and gas for 35 years, spoke repeatedly of the "relentless assault" by the EPA on the oil and gas industry.

Christi Craddick, another candidate, went up another level. "Let's get rid of [President] Obama if we do nothing else," said Craddick, a lawyer specializing in oil, gas and water and who is the daughter of state Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland. "This man hates the state. ... I want to make sure he gets on a solar-powered airplane and flies someplace else," like China.

Lest we forget, the Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with protecting human health and the environment. They're making sure that we have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, healthy land to farm, and as little hazardous waste in your backyard as possible. Evidently, these Republicans want to do away with all of those things. But that's cool, because we can privatize the air, right?

Now that Chisum and Sledge have made their mark on TV, I can only wonder what Christi "Daughter of Tom" Craddick has up her sleeve. Maybe she can turn her "Send Obama to China" comment into a TV spot. I'd encourage all remaining candidates to refer to the single best commissioner ad of all time ever, Dale Peterson's ad for Alabama Ag Commissioner.

Remember, Republicans, if the Democrats are laughing at your ads, that means they're working!  

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VIDEO: "Fought the Liberals in Austin"

by: Katherine Haenschen

Tue Apr 17, 2012 at 08:00 PM CDT

This is BOR's Video of the Day, or VOTD, our nightly video clip segment that hopefully provides you with a laugh or a chance to think at the end of the day.

OMG you guys! This ad for Railroad Commissioner is the campaign equivalent of what would happen if Michael Bay, There Will Be Blood, and that infamous "Big John" ad had a three-way while wearing hard-hats. Take a look:

Totally hilarious! I'm sorry, was this meant to be serious? Chisum looks so goofy in that hard hat. Can he give up his campaign and just make this into a B movie? It makes me giggle.

    GOP Ad Checklist:
    "Obamacare" -- No, but he does promise to stand up to the EPA.
    Slamming the Feds -- See above.
    Women's Health -- No; also, not relevant here.
    Guns, God, Gays -- Total shotgun shell glamour shots.

Bonus points: "fighting the liberals," image of candidate atop a horse. After all, why explain what a railroad commissioner does when you can show yourself hunting and saying grace? Hilarious.

Check out all of our BOR videos of the day on the VOTD tag.  

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Dallas Morning News Endorses Jeff Weems for Railroad Commissioner

by: David Mauro

Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 10:44 PM CDT

Jeff Weems received the backing of the Dallas Morning News in a strongly worded endorsement that makes it clear who the best candidate for the job is.

In a lower ballot race like RRC, where many voters are not familiar with either candidate, newspaper endorsements could take on more signifance. If that is true, Weems could ultimately be a significant advantage to his opponent, Republican David Porter, who upset incumbent Railroad Commissioner Victor Carillo in the primary and since then has seldom been heard from. If other editorial boards have anywhere close to similar impressions of Weems and Porter that the DMN had it is easy to imagine Weems coming close to sweeping the state's newspaper endorsements.

Excerpts from the editorial:

Seldom do we run into a first-time candidate for any office and wonder why that person hasn't already been elected to the job. But that's how impressed this newspaper is with Democrat Jeff Weems, who is seeking election to the Texas Railroad Commission.

The 52-year-old Houston attorney would be ready on Day One to make a significant contribution, which is why we strongly recommend him for the three-member panel.

Weems' familiarity with the oil industry began long ago, as his family has been involved in the business for three generations. In his own career, he started as an oil land-man and worked his way into an oil-and-gas law practice.

His understanding of the industry shows. He can talk chapter and verse about energy issues, which the oddly named Railroad Commission oversees. And he is a sharp contrast to some candidates who shoot for the commission on their way to a higher post.

If you have time, I encourage you to read the entire endorsement and pass it on to anyone who may be undecided (or uneducated) about this race. 

On a Railroad Commission that votes lockstep in the interests of big oil and gas and where both remaining commissioners (after the exit of Carillo) have made their ambitions for higher office well-known during their U.S. Senate candidacies, Weems' expertise and true desire to do the job would be a real breath of fresh air.

Weems is the second statewide Democrat the DMN has endorsed, following Keith Hampton earlier this week.

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State Senators endorse Art Hall for RR Commissioner

by: M. Eddie Rodriguez

Mon Feb 25, 2008 at 02:57 PM CST

(Art Hall is a BOR endorsed candidate.   - promoted by Burnt Orange Report)

BOR endorsed Railroad Commissioner candidate Art Hall has now recieved the endorsements of four Texas State Senators. They are Sen. Rodney Ellis, Sen. Royce West, Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, and Sen. Carlos Uresti.

Much has been said over the value of endorsements but I do know that these four Senators represent a large portion of our state. If they get out and help stump for Art Hall, it could make a big difference. At the very least, I hope more people will pay attention to who sits in this very important position.

I met Art Hall when he headed up the Academic Excellence office at St. Mary's School of Law. I believe him to be a thoughtful and intelligent person that will be getting my vote.

Endorsement by the Senators after the jump

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