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George P. Bush

George P. Bush's Opponent Says Quit Educating Undocumented Children in Texas

by: Shelby Alexander

Sun Sep 29, 2013 at 05:00 PM CDT

Edit as of 9:15pm: The candidate emailed to correct this post, noting that he also ran for State Rep. in Kentucky. He also alleged that his policy is not racist; we have amended the post to make clear that it is racist and xenophobic.

What do you do when your primary opponent is the Republican golden child and destined to win the seat you're vying for by a landslide? For Republican Land Commissioner candidate and George P. Bush primary opponent David Watts, his strategy is to make this xenophobic, racially-charged dog whistle focused on Texas' changing demographics in order to grab those potential votes on the far-right from George P. Bush.

At a Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party meeting, Watts discussed one of the duties of the state land commissioner, which is to manage state lands with the money going to public education. This East Texas business consultant proposed in order to cut public education costs that Texas should stop educating children of undocumented immigrants.

Watts acknowledged the US Supreme Court decision Plyler v. Doe which determined that public schools must educate children born in another country to undocumented parents as "unfortunate." "Manage Texas lands for Texas schools for Texas children," Watts said. "That's Texas children," he said at the Tea Party meeting. If you are an undocumented child in Texas, David Watts would rather you be anywhere else that isn't a public school classroom. He seems to think there are enormous cost savings if our state were to segregate and withhold access to education for this population.

Read more below the jump.

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George P. Bush Supports Cruz's Government Shutdown Threat

by: Ben Sherman

Tue Aug 27, 2013 at 00:00 PM CDT

Ted Cruz's effort to defund the Affordable Care Act by threatening a government shutdown has gained a new Texas supporter: George P. Bush, Republican candidate for Land Commissioner. Bush, apparently exercising the intellect of his uncle George W., told the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce this last Wednesday about Cruz's threat:

"It's a monstrosity of a law. In terms of defunding it, that would be one way to reduce and mitigate the impact it's going to have on practicing physicians and hospitals here in Texas...I agree with this effort to defund it, or keep Texas out of the program unless we can modify it to a Texas-specific solution."

If this is any indication, Bush has chosen to stand on the craziest side of the Republican Party. Read more below the jump.

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July Statewide Candidate Fundraising Roundup

by: Joseph Vogas

Mon Jul 29, 2013 at 01:00 PM CDT

On July 15, financial reports for candidates, PACs, and political parties were due to the Texas Ethics Commission. For the state of Texas, any candidate running for a state office has to report biennially, every six months, while those who are running for a federal office must report quarterly, meaning every three months. Further, incumbent state-level candidates can not raise funds while the legislature is in session; meaning fundraising reports for all statewide offices, except US Senate, only reflects funds raised for a few days out of the last six months in addition to funds left over from previous campaigns. While the reports were due on July 15, the fundraising deadline reflected in these reports was on June 30.

This roundup will only include candidates who have announced for statewide office or have publicly sent signs they will announce within the next few weeks.  Many of the candidates listed had not announced publicly they were running for a statewide office before the June 30 deadline.

Click below the jump to see a complete fundraising report that shows the total cash raised and cash on hand for announced statewide candidates.

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Texas Lunch Links: More on Medicaid, TXDOT's Funding Woes, Houston's Texting While Driving Ban

by: Nick Hudson

Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 00:39 PM CDT

We do our best, but we can't cover everything. To fill in the gaps, please enjoy Texas Lunch Links, a lunchtime buffet of links to Texas-related news and views.

MEDICAID EXPANSION: A new study shows that Hispanics would benefit the most from expanding Medicaid in Texas, and the Beaumont Enterprise says that Governor Perry's refusal to expand Medicaid means Baptist Orange Hospital will "stop delivering babies next month because a reduction in the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital fund. That's the money paid to hospitals to help offset the cost of Medicaid and uninsured patients."

TRANSPORTATION It's looking less likely that the Texas Department of Transportation, which constructs and maintains Texas' immense transportation system, will get the stable source of revenue it needs out of the 83rd Regular legislative session.

HOUSTON TEXTING BAN: Mayor Annise Parker announced on Tuesday that the City of Houston will consider a citywide ban on texting while driving if the Legislature fails to enact a ban statewide. Houston would be the largest Texas city to enact a texting while driving ban.

CPRIT SHUTDOWN: The foundation created to support the troubled Cancer Prevention and Research Institute will shut down within 60 days.

EDUCATION: Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams told the state Senate Education Committee on Tuesday that he plans to begin rating schools with letter grades A through F instead rating schools as "Exemplary," "Recognized," "Academically Acceptable," or "Academically Unacceptable" under the current system.

WELFARE DRUG TESTS: The Dallas Morning News has a good, succint summary of Tuesday's committee hearing where bills that would screen welfare recipients for drugs were heard.

GEORGE P. BUSH: In a profile of George P. Bush conservative Mark Davis predicts that George P. Bush's fundraising lists, "will be peppered with people now or formerly connected to Karl Rove and the whole Bush 43 world."

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George W. Bush's Nephew Finally Announces for Land Commissioner

by: Phillip Martin

Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 04:03 PM CDT

Progress Texas released the following on George P.'s announcement for Land Commissioner - he will have to follow his family legacy of No Child Left Behind and Vouchers in his quest to oversee the Permanent School Fund.
(TEXAS) - Today, President George W. Bush's nephew, George P. Bush, announced that, after much deliberation among his family about which statewide office he would deem worthy of his candidacy, he would take his unique Bush-related talents to the office of State Land Commissioner. Among its many duties, the Land Commissioner's office oversees investments made to the Permanent School Fund.

Former Governor Jeb Bush's son has been toying with running for office for months, visiting donors in other states - including Georgia and California - to ask what millionaires from outside of Texas think he should run for in Texas. To date, he has raised millions from his family's network of donors to run for office just because his last name is Bush.

Following in the footsteps of his uncle's No Child Left Behind agenda (President George W. Bush) and his father's school voucher schemes (former Florida Governor Jeb Bush), the grandson of former President George H. W. Bush told the Associated Press that he would run for Land Commissioner.

The following is a statement from Progress Texas Executive Director Matt Glazer:
    "Serving in elected office is a privilege, not a birthright. George Bush must go through the same public screening as any other candidate.

    "Polls show that Texans strongly reject the standardized testing and privatization policies his family has promoted. Unless George Bush can prove he's not just another Bush, his candidacy is likely to be met with strong opposition across the state."
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Friday Wrap: George P., Abbott, Lance, Notre Dame, Perry, the IRC and an Attack Ad in the Making

by: Burnt Orange Report

Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 11:00 AM CST

Welcome to the Friday Wrap, where your Burnt Orange Reporters comment on the major issues of this week.

Leading off, Chaille Jolink submits this graphic made by New Leaders Texas about an odd young man recently seen roaming the Texas General Land Office and speaking in strange grammatical tongues:

Speaking of actual public servants, this serves as a good reminder that our President, Barack Obama, calls on all of us to participate in the National Day of Service this weekend.

Below the jump, read more about Greg Abbott, Lance Armstrong, Notre Dame, Rick Perry, the IRC, and an attack ad in the making.

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George Bush: The Leader of the New Texas GOP?

by: David Feigen

Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 05:00 PM CST

Texas Republicans have an answer to critics who charge they are ignoring demographic changes and are unwilling to evolve. They have an answer to those who claim that Republicans need a fresh start and a significant re-branding if they hope to survive. They have found the answer of who can be a leader of the Texas Republican Party through this difficult time. Their answer, is George Bush.

No, unfortunately I'm not talking about the "misunderestimated" former President in hiding, but his nephew, George Prescott Bush.

The Washington Post reported last week that George P. Bush had made the necessary campaign filings to run for office in Texas. For a few days speculation of what office that might be circulated around Texas political circles. Unfortunately, it appears, we will not see Bush challenge George Bush impersonator Governor Rick Perry, in what would be an enormously entertaining Republican Civil War. At least not yet.

Reports indicate that Bush is eyeing the job of Texas Land Commissioner, who authorizes exploration and exploitation of public lands. Generally, this includes leasing for gas and oil production, mining, grazing, and monitoring the environmental quality of public lands and waters.

The news was broken by Bush's father, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, in a fundraising letter . Governor Bush writes, "The office that George is considering running for is Land Commissioner which overseas the mineral rights, commercial real estate owned and sovereign submerged lands of the State of Texas as well as veterans affairs and historic archives." He goes on to praise George's accomplishments and record and pleads for a donation to his campaign.

The Bush family's reemergence into Texas politics through George P. Bush was inevitable. Bush has been building his brand through his work as the co-founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas, a group that seeks to elect Hispanic candidates, and in his outreach to college students.

Even Texas Republicans are smart enough to understand that they have a big problem with the increasingly active and vocal Latino population, and this George Bush will play a pivotal role in their plan to compete. It would be wise to view this move by Bush as the start of much bigger plans. Fox News Latino (Yes this actually exists) even wrote that George P. Bush has begun his "road to the White House." This is premature of course, but Texas Democrats need to understand the potential significance and ramifications of the return of the Bush machine.

I would hope our nation is smart enough not to elect a third George Bush to the Presidency. As a wise President once said, "Fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again."  

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