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Texas Governor Rick Perry Shows Hypocrisy, Accepts Stimulus Dollars

by: Matt Glazer

Wed Feb 18, 2009 at 05:34 PM CST

Rick Perry has been pushing his new online petition No Government Bailouts all week.  Perhaps, the Governor actual meant, "send government bailouts"?

Just like his predecessor, George W. Bush, Perry accepted the government funding with a sort of signing statement.

As Statesman reporter Jason Embry aptly points out, the key paragraph states, "I remain opposed to using these funds to expand existing government programs, burdening the state with ongoing expenditures long after the funding has dried up."

The Governor has managed to be on both sides of this issue.  He has a website opposing the bailout, but he has accepted the money.

As Embry points out:

There has been a ton of talk about whether Perry would seek the money, even though he's never said outright that he would not. With this letter, he seems to be trying to maintain the same position he stated Tuesday - he'll gladly take stimulus dollars for what he considers one-time expenses...

Perry is in a tight spot.  The federal stimulus bill created nearly a quarter million jobs immediately.  In addition the stimulus plan could inject up to $16.9 billion into the state budget. Which seems good when the city of Austin and other areas are cutting budget by as much as $20 million.

The stimulus package is popular with Americans and it is already working.  No wonder Perry is so quick to change his tune.

Full text of the acceptance letter below the fold.

President Barack Obama
The White House

Dear Mr. President:

I'm writing you today in response to stipulations set forth in H.R. 1, the $787 billion stimulus package you signed into law yesterday. As you know, I have been vocal in my opposition to this legislation because I believe there are better ways to reinvigorate our economy and believe H.R. 1 will burden future generations with unprecedented levels of debt.

Throughout the years, Texas taxpayers have sent substantially more dollars to Washington than we receive on issues ranging from transportation to border security and hurricane relief. As I have during the debate on H.R. 1, should Congress pass stimulus legislation using Texas tax dollars, I would work to ensure our citizens receive their fair share.

On behalf of the people of Texas, please allow this letter to certify that we will accept the funds in H.R. 1 and use them to promote economic growth and create jobs in a fiscally responsible manner that is in the best interest of Texas taxpayers. I remain opposed to using these funds to expand existing government programs, burdening the state with ongoing expenditures long after the funding has dried up.

I continue to believe the best way to stimulate the economy is the approach we are taking here in Texas. As a result of low taxes, controlled government spending and a predictable regulatory climate, nearly 80 percent of all jobs created in the United States were created in Texas; the vast majority of these were private sector jobs. Just last week, Texas was ranked the top exporting state in the nation for the seventh year in a row.

It was a pleasure meting you in Philadelphia, and I appreciate your concern for the Texans displaced by Hurricane Ike. While we differ on solutions to the ongoing economic crisis facing our country, I believe we both share a desire to see our great nation endure as a beacon of freedom and economic vitality to the world.

Rick Perry

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Perry $ee$ Dollar$ (0.00 / 0)
The easiest way to get Governor Ca-ching, Ca-ching's attention is to dangle money under his nose. Now Obama has done just that, bringing the gov to rethink his position.  So what's new?  
Naturally, having accepted the money, Perry will still be totally negative on the economic recovery program.

How about . . . (0.00 / 0)
Texas won't take the money and you don't raise our taxes?  I'm all for that.  Might as well take the $$ because we are ALL going to pay for it in increased taxes.  Perry was in a no win situation.  

[ Parent ]
Is there some place to verify the job creation part? (0.00 / 0)
"..nearly 80 percent of all jobs created in the United States were created in Texas"

If 80 percent of all the jobs created in the U.S. are in Texas we should be doing a heck of a lot better than we are.  What does the rest of the country do while 80 percent of the jobs are here in Texas?  

Or is that just more of that Texas sized boasting (read hot air) coming from Perry.

To be fair (0.00 / 0)
It's not really hypocritical to oppose the stimulus on principle but not want Texas to lose out on funds if they are going to be spent anyway regardless of his opposition to it.  If you are already paying for it, you might as well get your fair share of the benefits.

Not that I agree with his opposition to it and I certainly am not a fan, but I don't think it's fair to say that he's being a hypocrite.

"I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually."- James A. Baldwin

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