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Todd Hunter's Worst Week Ever

by: Matt Glazer

Mon Sep 29, 2008 at 02:04 PM CDT

Let's go through Todd Hunter's no good, very bad week.

Sunday: Last Sunday's Corpus Christi Caller Times reported on Hunter's millions that he has received in payment for lobbying for insurance and energy companies, and his refusal to release his tax records.  The Hunter campaign's latest position is that they won't release tax records because "it might not clear it up."

Monday: Following Gene Seaman's campaign strategy, Todd Hunter is a no-show at a major HD-32 debate at Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi.  Local affiliates report that the debate goes on with Representative Garcia and Libertarian Leonard Nelson participating in front of a large crowd and 3 major television stations.  (You can see the debate for yourself here.)

Tuesday: Desperate to change the subject, local GOP hack leadership produces and attempts to air a false and inflammatory TV ad about Garcia. Both KRIS (NBC) and KZTV (CBS) affiliates refuse to air the ad.

"We take our obligations as trustees of the public airways very seriously.  We had concerns about the accuracy of some of the allegations in the advertisement, and on advice of legal counsel decided not to accept it." Billy Brotherton - General Manager KZTV.

After watching the ad, it's pretty clear why it was rejected.

Wednesday: With the nation in the midst of historic economic turmoil, the Hunter Campaign announces a "Town Hall" meeting ... at a Yacht Club.

Thursday: The mastermind of this strategy? Campaign consultant Steve Ray. Ethics report filings for Jan. 2008 - June 2008 shows that Hunter's campaign manager, Steve Ray, has been paid over $82,000. That is over $13,000 a month. Not sure what that $82,000 has bought the campaign.

Friday: With the Garcia Campaign starting their third week of unanswered saturation TV advertising, Hunter attempts to generate some media coverage ... by splitting a 30 minute segment on an AM radio talk show with the manager from "Mac's Bottomless Pit BBQ."

Saturday: With their TV ad rejected, the local GOP rocket scientists take to the airwaves with a radio ad, accusing Garcia of voting for a measure that would have increased windstorm rates for coastal residents. The Caller-Times publishes an "Ad Fact Check" pointing out that "what the ad doesn't say is that it passed unanimously in the Texas House," and that both candidates support similar measures.

Sunday: The Caller-Times endorses Garcia over Hunter.

Todd Hunter continues to have really bad weeks. The sad part is that most of this has been self-inflicted wounds.  But then again, how does a Windstorm Insurance lobbyist explain to the Coastal Bend that he really wants to help them when he has been lobbying against them for 10 years.


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Todd Hunter is the dirty crusty rim on a dried pool of chunky vomit. (0.00 / 0)
As many know, Todd Hunter used to be a "Democrat" state representative, but he was the prototype for a Craddick-D (*although Craddick wasn't wielding power back then, Hunter was like the Craddick-Ds in that he was disloyal to everything but his own crass ambition).

Hunter started collecting checks as a paid lobbyist just 16 days after leaving the Legislature, and Hunter has since cashed millions in checks from the corporate pirates seeking utility deregulation and ever-increasing insurance mordita -- a mean premiums.  

Hunter isn't just part of the pay-for-pay revolving door lobbist problem; he is the problem personified.

District 32 (0.00 / 0)
The best part is this smarmy, preachy lobbyist will look straight into the camera on his campaign commercial and tell us he is the windstorm rate reformer. When you look at his eyes in this commercial they say " I can't believe the stuff I'm shoveling here".  

I enjoyed (0.00 / 0)
this post, Matt.  Great format while also being informative and entertaining.  See if you can get a BOR reporter to do a chronological account like this for all the campaigns!  

Glad to see a link to this expose of "all that's crappy about Hunter" (0.00 / 0)
on Burka's blog: http://www.texasmonthly.com/bl...

Is there anyone from either party under 50 years old who supports Hunter?

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