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Cornyn Responds to VoteVets

by: Matt Glazer

Thu May 22, 2008 at 09:04 AM CDT

Let's start with this.  John Cornyn has never served in any military branch.   He supports sending troops to fight abroad, but he consistently votes against our veterans once they get stateside.  That's why it is no surprise Republican Senator John Cornyn "lashed out" at veterans in response to VoteVets TV ad in Texas urging him to support the new Webb-Hagel GI Bill.

According to Roll Call (password protected), the Cornyn campaign "dismissed the charges of VoteVets.org as unfounded":

"The anti-war crowd is determined to use our men and women in uniform for their political advantage, even if our national security is jeopardized in the process," Cornyn campaign spokesman Kevin McLaughlin said.

What a bunch of jokers.  Jim Webb and Chuck Hagel (who devised the new GI Bill), Rick Noriega (Cornyn's opponent), and VoteVets.org (whose veterans created the ad) have--not surprisingly--all served in a war.  Yet we're the "anti-war crowd" according to the Cornyn campaign.  However, John Cornyn--who was vehemently against serving in a war himself--is, I think, the real "anti-war" guy here, having avoided service during Vietnam.  

Regardless, as far as his accusation goes that we're the ones jeopardizing national security, Cornyn actually takes the cake on this one: He's the one who's kept us in this disastrous war in Iraq.  He's the one who's supported policies that have nearly bled the Army dry.  He's the one pre-occupied with Shia-Sunni strife in Iraq, while terrorism flourishes in Afghanistan.  He's the one who voted against giving our troops proper rest and recovery periods--thus weakening our military.  And he's the one who's prepared to kill military recruiting by keeping the GI Bill weak enough to prevent recruiters from using it as a viable "carrot."  In fact, Cornyn's policies are the reason that 60 percent of the military's officers believe that "the military is weaker than it was five years ago."

So I don't think the Cornyn campaign really wants to go there with this "even if our national security is jeopardized" nonsense.  Cornyn is a veritable champion when it comes to weakening our national security.  The troops--especially those who've served in Afghanistan--know that.  And we'll keep reminding him--and his constituents--of that fact throughout the year.

To take this one step farther, a quick search on how Cornyn's veteran score card, means the Junior Senator from Texas should stop talking out of both sides of his mouth and start to actually stand up for Veterans.

  • 2006  Senator Cornyn supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans 60 percent in 2006.
  • 2006  In 2006 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave Senator Cornyn a grade of D-.
  • 2006  Senator Cornyn sponsored or co-sponsored 6 percent of the legislation favored by the The Retired Enlisted Association in 2006.
  • 2005  Senator Cornyn supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans 33 percent in 2005.
  • 2004  Senator Cornyn supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans 0 percent in 2004.
  • 2004  Senator Cornyn supported the interests of the The Retired Enlisted Association 0 percent in 2004.

We agree we need a Senator to stand up for Veterans, for at least 4 years, John Cornyn has not been that Senator.

To see our original post and the Ad, check it out here.


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Cornyn is an embarassment. (4.00 / 2)
I'd love to see the Noriega campaign invite Cornyn for a series of "listening sessions" at major bases across Texas with troops and their families, so that folks could see how out-of-touch Cornyn is with military issues.

It's worse than spam (0.00 / 0)
It's right wing spin!

I need a shower after checking that site.

[ Parent ]
So... (0.00 / 0)
extending benefits to those who serve will create an inducement for members of our armed forces to LEAVE the military? And that will cripple it?

That must come from the same line of logic that says stop loss was a great idea.

And here I thought that Cornyn's problem with the bill was that it cost too much. Good to know he doesn't feel they deserve better benefits because it'll make them want to return to civilian life.

[ Parent ]
LOL (0.00 / 0)
Yet another example of Republicans seeing our soldiers as little pieces in a giant game of risk and not real life human beings who are risking their lives to make a better life for themselves and their families and ensure America remains safe.  Love the military, hate the soldier.  Only the party that loves the sinner, hates the sin could come up with something so ludicrous!  

[ Parent ]
Cornyn proves yet again (0.00 / 0)
what a disgrace he is as a Senator.

Doing My Part For The Left,Left Of The Rainbow

I was watching C-SPAN the other day ... (3.00 / 1)
and saw Cornyn speak about this. He was getting hammered by another Republican senator supporting the bill (I don't remember which one).

Cornyn, don't let the door hit you on the way out. When you have 10 Republicans crossing over to support the bill, you'd think that a big-military repug like you could at least support the troops you're sending into your misbegotten war. Instead, you've shown us your true colors: chickenhawk.

TDP to Support New G.I. Bill in 2008 Platform (3.00 / 1)
I attended a meeting today of the Chair's Advisory Committee on the Platform and one of the things we approved going into the draft of the 2008 platform was strong support for the New G.I. Bill.

Then, tonight I get home and read the exciting news that the Senate approved the bill. That is great news. I benefited from the old G.I. Bill, so I know what a difference it makes in the lives of veterans. This new bill will provide enough benefits that a veteran will not have to hold down a job to be able to pay for tuition and rent. That means people will be able to concentrate on their classes.  

A couple of other planks we put in the TDP platform draft concerning veterans are:

programs to encourage and support veterans and their families to obtain higher education, such as expanding the Hazlewood Act to permit veterans who have not fully utilized their entitlement under this act to pass on any remainder of the unused credit hours to their children;

?state legislation to allow Texas veterans to use their G.I. Bill benefits and Hazlewood  Act benefits concurrently;

?student loan forgiveness in exchange for public service (military service, Peace Corps, Teach for America, AmeriCorps, etc...)

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