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One Precinct Captain's Tale: Your Daily Motivation

by: kubla000

Tue Feb 26, 2008 at 11:14 AM CST

I'm part of the Groundgame in Houston, precinct co-captain of a Tier 1 Precinct, 0711, in a key Senatorial District 17 with 5 Delegates in the Primary... a real opportunity for an Obama +1...  West Houston.

I want to share a simple tale of what a difference each Obama supporter can make in their own way every day.  Each day I volunteer I find more and more reasons why Barack Obama is going to become the next President, and most of them come from simple actions me and my friends are taking every day to make sure that happens.

Please, follow me over the jump for a story sure to motivate you this day, one week out from March 4th...

Yesterday in the course of my normal voter building calls, I came across a woman who was disabled but was thinking of voting for McCain or Obama, just in the General Election though. I encouraged her to consider voting by Mail in the Primary for Obama and addressed his Foreign Policy details, her key issue. She said she'd like a ballot but didn't use computers (67 yr old Female) and was disabled unfortunately, so being that she's in my neighborhood, I offered to run by her home and leave the required forms on her porch, to which she was literally shocked that I'd care enough to actually do that sort of thing. Her husband is an executive with an Oil Company as well and would be out of town on March 4th but back home before then to vote by mail as well, so I provided a form for him too.  I explained to her this precicely why she should consider voting for Barack Obama because not only is he seeking every possible vote and voter, he's inspiring ordinary people like me to take a lead in this process.  She asked how old I was, 30 and if I had a job, business manager lol... I guess she though I may have been a hoodlum or something but she eventually agreed.

I took the forms along with envelopes and four Obama Fliers from his website on Homeland Security, Foreign Policy, Issues for people with Disabilities, and a Bio-Introduction, to her front porch and left it in her door.  As it turned out, her home was in an extremely high secure Manor type complex; I think this is where the exec's from the Oil Companies live in W. Houston just down the road from Conoco Phillips and BP and Citco's HQ's, and the two security guards on duty, both younger African Americans, were letting me in when I let them know I was a Barack Volunteer and one said that's who he's voting for. I then asked, do you know you have to vote for him Twice? Both were Immediately excited and wanted me to explain.   Luckily I had a Texas Two Step flier in my car and I gave it to them told them to give it to all their friends and neighbors and be sure every Barack Voter votes Twice if they really want to make him president.

In the course of one phone call, mixed in with dozens of wrong numbers and GOP voters and answering machine messages, I found that one nugget that Precinct Captains should seek every night... I found a persuadable voter who just needed a little nudge and a little outreach and I'd bet she and her husband, and hopefully some neighbors, were touched enough by this small effort to toss 2-4 more votes Barack's way, and in the process, hopefully the two families of the guards learned about the Two Step.

Over these next few days, please, live, breathe, be the campaign. If you're in Texas or Ohio, Every person you come into contact with, ask them if they're voting for Barack and if they say yes, instruct them on the Two Step (in Texas).  Make your calls, step up, host a Watch Party tonight and friends and Barack Volunteers over to make calls from your home lists while the Pundits Opine before the debate.  Everyone in this whole country who wants to see Barack Obama President needs to realize the Polls are Junk and only their work matters at this point!

We are the Campaign. Barack depends upon us.  We simply can't let him down, we can't let ourselves down, we Can Not let our Dreams of a Better Tomorrow Fade, We CANNOT become Complacent! not when we're this close.

Join this Movement!  Change Our World TODAY!

Volunteer in Texas or Ohio
Vote Early in Texas or Ohio
Tell your Family about the Texas Two Step

How have you Helped Barack this week?
I donated Money
I Phone Banked
I Canvassed my Block
I Sent your story to a Friend in Texas/Ohio
I Joined the Campaign
I Early Voted
I did Nothing yet but I will
I won't do anything


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