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Border Wall Alternative Gaining Traction

by: colin

Mon Feb 11, 2008 at 02:34 PM CST

One of the most important developments in the effort by border residents to combat the national effort to secure the border using a wall or fence is gaining traction.

Developed in Texas, the concept of a border levee system is gaining significant traction with Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, approving the levee concept in Hidalgo County.

The border wall (as originally proposed) will have a severe negative impact on border communities in Texas without any promise of actually making the border more secure or reducing the influx of illegal immigrants.

The border levee concept enhances existing barriers along the border while minimizing the impact to counties, cities and private property holders.

The current federal plan would put parts of UT-Brownsville and Texas' Southernmost College (UTB-TSC), including parts of both state property and historic assets, on the Mexican side of the border wall.

Congressman Henry Cuellar and Congressman Ruben Hinojosa have led the effort in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas to offer alternatives to the border wall including the levee system, increases in Customs & Border Patrol, and increased use of technology.

This current compromise only affects about 22 miles of the US-Mexico border, so our fight to keep the other 370+ miles of border wall from being built is far from over.  But this is a major development that proves that alternatives are available and that Chertoff is far more susceptible to reason and practicality than anyone (including myself) would have ever imagined.

In addition to providing a badly needed alternative to the border wall, the levees will also provide critical flood prevention.

The proposal, as it stands now, will have a crippling effect on the culture, economy, environment and private property rights along the border.

The joke in both DC and the border areas is that no one wants the contract to build the border wall...but everyone wants the contract to build the ladders that will be used to climb the wall and the shovels that will be used to dig under the wall.

World history has largely proven that border walls and/or fences are ineffectual as a means of stopping the flow of either persons or contraband. (See Berlin, Gaza, China.)

The border wall concept is a top priority of Senator john cornyn and other right-wingers.

Every member of the US Congress has a responsibility to stop this total waste of tax dollars.

In 1996, even republicans thought Pat Buchanan was crazy for proposing such a wall.  Today it is hardly challenged outside of Democratic congressmen along the border.

In these difficult financial times where we can't find the money to pay for SCHIP or provide PTSD care for returning veterans, this ridiculous waste of money seems even more ridiculous.

Kudos to my client Cong. Cuellar, Cong. Hinojosa and the other Democrats, both local and national, that are fighting this important battle.

We each have an obligation to contact our state legislators and members of congress to voice our opposition to this border wall and encourage the use of both common sense alternatives and just plain common sense.

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It's a start (0.00 / 0)
I hate that wall.  I hope those lawsuits filed by land owners are given class action status.

This wall is a total waste of money.

Are you sure you know what you're talking about? (0.00 / 0)
   DHS Secretary Chertoff was in Edinburg Friday with Sen. Cornyn, Gov. Perry, Rep. Cuellar and county officials to announce that 20 miles of this levee concept would be substituted for border fencing in Hidalgo County.  It's a dual use that's a great deal for taxpayers, since DHS fence money can be used to subsidize county funds for badly-needed levee repairs.

  During his remarks at the Friday event, Rep. Cuellar directly credited Sen. Cornyn for successfully pushing the concept in Washington over the past three months.  He called it a Texas solution to a national problem.  Rep. Cuellar's exact words were that Sen. Cornyn "is doing a great job."  

  colin, are you authorized to speak for Rep. Cuellar on this matter?  He prides himself on getting the job done, not on being partisan as you are here.  All the local news stories note the cooperation between Democrat and Republican officials alike on this project.  The idea originated with Carlos Morin, a nonpolitical Bush appointee, who heads the IBWC.

  By the way, the levee is a wall -- 18 feet in most places.

    I've noticed that colin -- a so-called BOR "trusted user" -- has the habit of rating comments that expose his errors as "0," thus preventing anyone from seeing them.  I hope that doesn't happen again this time.  

here we go (0.00 / 0)
I don't think it is partisan at all to say that Dems are leading the charge to keep the border wall at bay.

If repubs from border states can be talked into rational action to minimize this intrustion and keep the wall away, it is a good thing. So long as both Texas Senators are repubs, we have to work with them. Cuellar's thoughts on cornyn are his own.  My thoughts are mine.  Your thoughts are your own...see how this works?

I'm authorized to speak for Cuellar on many matters, this journal was on an issue I care a great deal about and written as a personal statement about the levee.  Since you clearly follow my movements on BOR so closely, you'll recall that i've brought up this issue several times.

The levee concept largely exploits natural features to provide the desired "security" and flood control that is very badly needed. Yes, levees often are higher than natural features...thus the concept of controlling water. But to compare it to a double-fence that divides communities and robs cities, Texas and private landowners of their property is a huge stretch.

The administrators of this site are certainly not in my fanclub.  I assure you that if I was doing as you say, I wouldn't be a "trusted user".

In short: your comment serves as 10% contributory and 90% pony pucks and personal attacks.  Not exceptionally helpful, but far more helpful than the overwhelming majority of your posts.

This was one of your more artful attempts at hijacking a thread that highlights an important issue.

Please refer to KT's signature.

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