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King Kelly Hancock

by: Todd Hill

Fri May 04, 2007 at 00:25 PM CDT

(promoted by Todd Hill on behalf of Chris Utchell, a grassroots leader, and former campaign manager for Byron Sibbett, candidate in 2006 for State District 91)

I was sitting around today and decided to look up the bills that Kelly Hancock, Republican State Representative for State District 91, had authored. I really didn’t expect much. He is a freshman Republican Representative who took a lot of special interest money from insurance and utility companies during his 2006 campaign.

But two House Bills, authored by Mr. Hancock, were so self-serving even I was shocked that he would stoop this low. HB 1540 calls for excused absences, for elementary and secondary students, for trips to the Texas State Capitol or a State Park. The student would need to write a paper about his/her experience. This bill came about due to Mr. Hancock’s swearing-in ceremony. He brought his family, including his daughter, along for the ceremony. I applaud him for that. She should be there to see her father become a State Representative. But, he then wanted the absence excused by the school, which is not allowed by the Texas State Code. So, to solve this problem, Mr. Hancock decides to submit a new bill to fix his problem.

That was nothing compared to HR 863. This resolution calls for the Texas State House to honor the “milestone” of Kelly and Robin Hancock’s 20th wedding anniversary. It then goes on to give a short biography of their lives together. I know that I don’t vote for my elected officials to find ways to honor themselves. If another House member had submitted this honor for the Hancocks, I could understand that. To submit a resolution to honor himself is downright pompous and conceited. Will Mr. Hancock honor the “milestone” of my 20th wedding anniversary in a couple of years? Aren’t there enough “real” issues in Texas to deal with, such as education, property taxes, insurance reform, transportation, etc.?

Mr. Hancock appears to be using the State Legislature as a personal toy, rather than representing his constituents in District 91. I hope that voters in his district remember this in 2008. We need a representative who cares about District 91 more then putting himself on a pedestal.

(Chris Utchell was the volunteer Campaign Manager for Byron Sibbet, the Democratic candidate for State District 91 in 2006. Byron ran a much more competitive race in the Northeast Tarrant County district then any of the “experts” expected, garnering 38% of the vote and beating the Democratic Performance Index (DPI) by five percentage points. Chris Utchell is currently an active member of the Mid-Cities Democrats and the North Central Democrats, both in Northeast Tarrant County.)

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On a related note (0.00 / 0)
He tried to pass a bill for Texas Right to Life that would have seriously jeopardized the ability of school counselors to do their job.  Our allstar freshmen women Valinda Bolton and Ellen Cohen schooled him in the debate and successfully pointed out how foolish both he and his bill were.

True dat (0.00 / 0)
You've heard the old saying,

'Nothing important happens . . .
until it happens to a politician.'

And now you've seen it happen
to Mr. Hancock.

Still, I think I'm with him on this one.
Some days out of school can be
tremendously educational. But
the poor prinicipal worries the
district will lose the daily $3.85
per student, or whatever it gets
from the Great State of Texas,
when a kid is not in class.

If it takes Mr. Hancock's swearing-in
and his big ego to get a little change
and flexibility here, well, so be it.

As for the 20th wedding milestone,

Send her flowers, buy her diamonds,
take her to a candlelight dinner, get
a Viagra Rx and take care of your
manly business. Whatever seems right.
But spend your own time and your
own money and leave the Lege out of it.

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