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Nick Lampson Reports Strong Fundraising, Growing Momentum in TX-14

by: Joe Deshotel

Mon Oct 15, 2012 at 02:57 PM CDT

Today the Lampson for Congress campaign reported strong fundraising numbers and building momentum across the district. The campaign currently has $421,518 cash on hand and has raised over $1 million from at least 2 thousands contributors. "When you have popular ideas you get popular support." Lampson said today on a conference call. His campaign manager referred to it as the "Lampson brand", but the former Congressman said of himself, "Voters know I'm an independent voice. He [Randy Weber] has a 100% partisan rating and I've done my best to pay attention to the needs of my district."

Lampson got a real boost to his bi-partisan credentials last week when he received the "Problem-Solver Seal" from the No Labels PAC. The 501 (c)(4) organization awards the seal to those candidates who agree to join the "Problem-Solvers Bloc" in congress, an emerging group dedicated to "working across the aisle to discuss effective, principled and pragmatic solutions to our country's problems." No Lables Co-Founder William Galston said of Lampson, "[He] is running for Congress to serve the American people, not partisan interests. His commitment to putting country first makes him a welcome addition to the Problem-Solvers Bloc."

Lampson has represented 80% of the new Tx-14 and most constituents are familiar with his a record of bi-partisanship, yet Weber has staked his campaign on tying Nick Lampson to Nancy Pelosi and pledging to repeal "Obamacare". Putting country first is also the subject of team Lampson's TV ad campaign which helps to highlight the major difference in how these two candidates would legislate. The first ad to hit the airways began with, "There's seems to be a lot of whining and crying in Congress today. We can get so much more done when we work together." In the latest ad they highlight Rep. Randy Weber's votes to give tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas alongside Lampson's own efforts in Congress that helped create local jobs.

That contrast was on display in a recent debate where Lampson pointed out some of those votes that Weber touted as "tough decisions".  Weber said,

We cut 27 billion-with-a-b dollars from our budget, we know what it is to live with in our means, I've proven that with my votes. You know you don't get the number one conservative rating in the House being a go along to get a long guy.

To which Lampson replied,

Randy you cut the Children's heath Insurance Program, that left 1.2 million Texas children without insurance. Those were the easy votes because you balanced the budget on the back of our children. You cut $6 billion out of education. If every child in this country is going have the opportunity to go work at NASA and become an astronaut then were not going to get there by cutting back on education, cutting back on healthcare by doing away with the things that have build a strong community and strong families.

This is one of the closest and most important races in the country and one of the few that are competitive in Texas. Lampson is far from the tax and spend liberal that Weber is hoping to portray him as. Lampson proudly noted that he never voted to raise the debt ceiling and worked on the last balanced budget Congress passed in a generation. The biggest problem for Weber is that many voters still remember. But, If you'd like to help by sending them a reminder, you can donate to Nick Lampson for Congress at our Burnt Orange to Blue page.


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Lampson's Attack Against Weber is Outright Misleading (3.00 / 1)
From the article: "In the latest ad they highlight Rep. Randy Weber's votes to give tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas alongside Lampson's own efforts in Congress that helped create local jobs."

Lampson's attack against Weber in this area is outright misleading.  The bill Lampson is referring to was a bill to reduce tax benefits to companies who send a single Texas job overseas.  Approximately 94% of the Texas State Reps (Republicans AND Democrats, including Weber) voted against it.  WHY?  Because the bill was poorly written and failed to define the necessary terms in order to enforce the law.  It needed revision and both Republicasn AND Democrats voted against it.  It was a bipartisan vote because the bill was written poorly.

Lampson's campaign should be ashamed of its misleading tactics.  Is this the sort of person we want in congress - someone who misleads the very people he seeks to represent???

By the way, Weber does have a record of working with both Repbulicans and Democrats.  He authored landmark legislation to help combat human trafficking in Texas.  Both Republicans and Democrats supported this bill.  Lampson, on the other hand, supports keeping Obamacare despite the fact that it was passed with only one single Republican vote.  That's hardly bipartisan.

Weber is everything Lampson claims (2.00 / 2)
How touching to have the TEA Party stand up for one of their own.  Let's look at Weber's record.  He was elected to office in Pearland, TX during the time when Rick Scarborough, pastor of Pearland First Baptist, engineered a takeover of town government.  Scarborough, noted homophobe and GOP activist, is now a TEA Party favorite.

During Weber's time in Pearland he contributed to city-wide corruption orchestrated by a fellow church member, Paul Grohman, rewarding Grohman with a contract despite repeated incidents of his misconduct.

In the legislature, Weber supported Bob Perry's controversial ill that denied new homeowners the right to go to court over
shoddy construction.  He only abandoned his support when the majority of legislators were forced to do so.

Weber has supported the dismantling of women's healthcare (blatantly lying on the floor of the house during debate), pushed for guns on campus, and supported massive cuts to the social network.  His actions indicate he supports business over people, witness his support of the White Stallion Power Plant. He is not now nor has he ever been bipartisan.  That claim is an outright lie.

Weber is a poor choice; he's a man willing to do or say anything to get elected.  He doesn't want to 'Restore America'. Like you, he wants to drag it back to the 1800s.

Weber is NOT Everything Lamson Claims (3.00 / 1)
First of all, SamD (Sam Davis), I know that you are a left wing liberal from Pearland, so how touching it is to have a liberal stand up for one of their own.  By the way, I'm not Tea Party.  You seem to make assumptions without any facts to back it up.

I lived in Pearland when Weber was on council.  Scarborough engineered a takeover of town government?  Please, do explain what you are talking about.  You provided no facts or explanation.  Maybe your just hoping people will beleive what you are saying without any evidence.

Your claim that Weber "contributed to city-wide corruption orchestrated by a fellow church member, Paul Grohman, rewarding Grohman with a contract despite repeated incidents of his misconduct," is an outright lie.  First of all, please provide the facts of the contract you allege was awarded.  Grohman was a city employee, what "contract" are you talking about?  Second, you say that Weber awarded him a contract.  Do you not know that it takes a majority of city council to "award" a contract.  So the very notion that Weber single handedly awarded him some alleged contract without any details as to what that contract was is hardly convincing.  I have known Weber for over 25 years.  He is a man of honesty and integrity.

Mr. Davis, you said, Weber blatantly lied on the floor of the house during the women's healthcare debate.  That is an outright fallacy.  One again, you provide NO facts, just empty rhetoric.  Here are the facts:  The comment you are referring to (I've heard you use this attack against Weber before) is when Weber said, (and I quote) "it [the Guttmacher study] actually shows that the highest abortion rate is among women actively using contraception..."  Let me give you the details Mr. Davis:  The Guttmacher study showed that 46% of women who had abortions were not using contraception in any form.  The other 54% were using contraception.  So yes, the majority of women (54%) were using birth control when they got pregnant and had an abortion, just like Weber said.  There was no lie.

Weber supported massive cuts to the social network???  What are you talking about?  Please provide details.  If we are going to debate, then please provide facts to support your assessments.

You say my claim that Weber has a record of being bipartisan is a lie?  I actually provided evidence from his voting record to support my assessment.  You failed to provide any facts at all (again).  Weber does have a record that shows bipartisanship.

Your statement that Weber will do anything to get elected is nonsense.  I have known Weber for over 25 years.  I've known his personal and his public life and let me tell you, Weber is the LEAST hypocritical person you will ever meet.   His personal life and public life are completely in sync.

Your last statement that says: "Like you, he wants to drag it back to the 1800s," shows that your argument lacks factual basis and therefore you result to rash statements and slander.  I want to drag the country back to the 1800s?  What are you talking about.  You don't even know me.  Please, let's have a debate that focuses on the facts, not rash statements with no basis in fact.

Weber is bipartisan? (0.00 / 0)
Lampson has never claimed to support the health care reform as a whole. He acknowledges that there are aspects of it that have been greatly beneficial, and he acknowledges that there are some elements that need improvement. Just because he doesn't want to repeal the entire thing doesn't mean he supports it 100%. Where Lampson sees the shades of gray, Weber is disturbingly black and white.

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