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Rep. Quico Canseco Rear-Ends Car, Leaves Scene, Gets Sued

by: Ben Sherman

Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 04:28 PM CDT

A lawsuit has been filed in Bexar County against Republican Rep. Quico Canseco. On November 11, 2010 a man named James Brian Cole was stopped at a yield sign waiting to proceed when he was suddenly rear-ended by Francisco Canseco. Then-congressman-elect Francisco "Quico" Canseco told Cole that he was busy, gave him his insurance information, and left before San Antonio police arrived at the scene. The police report explains,

Driver of V-1[Cole] had stopped for cross traffic on Wurzbach when V-2 [Canseco] struck his vehicle from behind. Driver of V-2 stopped and told driver of V-1 that he was in a hurry and gave driver of V-1 listed information along with his phone number.

The full police report can be viewed here.

Last Thursday, Cole filed a lawsuit in Bexar County on grounds of negligence and damages in the form of James Cole's "medical expenses in the past for the necessary care and treatment of injuries resulting from the accident" as well as "loss of earning capacity" and "loss of household services". The lawsuit alleges that "James Cole has been damaged in an amount in excess of the minimal jurisdictional limits of this Court, but not to exceed $1,000,000.00." The lawsuit calls for a trial by jury. It can be read in full here.

Clearly something happened. We don't know all the details yet, but the fact alone that Canseco rear-ended a car, refused to wait with the apparently injured driver for the police to arrive, and has done nothing to pay Cole's medical bills says a lot about the man. We already knew the freshman Republican is a very slimy guy, but it appears he may be even slimier.

It's now time for reporters to start asking Canseco questions about this lawsuit. Why wouldn't Canseco stay with Cole and wait for the police? Is his "hurry" more important than anyone else's? Why hasn't he paid Cole's medical bills? Why was he driving so negligently? What is he going to do about this lawsuit?

More details are sure to come soon as this lawsuit moves forward. Not good timing for Canseco, who's already on-the-rails in the face of his own awfulness and strong opposition from State Rep. Pete Gallego for the 23rd Congressional seat.  


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It's called Making Assumptions (0.00 / 0)
Sadly, Ben, you may find that Mr. Cole is the slimeball in this circumstance.

Let ME be the one to make a few assumptions or to "theorize" about the case from the few facts presented.

Accident occurred in 20120. It is Now 2012. Why the wait? Could it BE that Mr. Cole didn't know who Canseco was when the accident occurred - NOW he knows who he is, an idiot but one with apparently with MONEY since he is running for office. Could MONEY be the motivating factor here?

Let me further theorize. Since BOTH vehicles were so LIGHTLY damaged from the accident that they both were apparently driven away from the scene by their respective drivers WHO both seemed to be physically capable of driving not to mention the FACT Mr. Cole was apparently UNCONCERNED enough at the time of the accident to let Canseco drive away without waiting for the police added to which, if Cole was injured, WHY didn't the police call an ambulance or note that in their report? That possibly Mr. Cole "injury" didn't even involve the accident at all?

You might note, at least for the sake of Professionalism which you DON"T seem to have, that the link to the alleged "police report" is actually a link to the court papers which STATE NOTHING EXCEPT MR. COLE'S SIDE OF THE CASE.

There is no Police Report making me think Cole did not even file one himself within the one week period after an accident in which the involved parties may.

This is really WEAK stuff here.

Those are all great questions you pose to Mr Canseco (0.00 / 0)
Wish you had been around to investigate an accident in MA 1969. If this was "awfulness" what was that?

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