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Texas Senate Showdown 2012

by: Ben Sherman

Wed Jan 25, 2012 at 09:20 AM CST

This November, Texans must choose someone to replace Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is (finally) retiring.

In the Republican primary, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is running on the myth of a Texas economic miracle. Dewhurst is so dedicated to this strategy, which didn't seem to work with the Perry campaign, that they've put together an ad featuring Gov. Perry's praise for Dewhurst while campaigning in Iowa.

Dewhurst has collected the high-profile endorsements of former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Michael Reagan, and the Texas Oil and Gas Political Action Committee (shocking).

Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz is running against Dewhurst. Of course, he's angling as the "true conservative" in the race.

Cruz has collected the endorsements of Sen. Jim DeMint (R - SC), the Young Conservatives of Texas, social conservative James Dobson, George P. Bush and former Republican Party of Texas chairwoman Cathie Adams.

Right now, Cruz is slamming Dewhurst for missing several debates and candidate forums. The Cruz campaign has set up a website, www.DuckingDewhurst.com, with a memorable video calling Dewhurst a "political animal." There's even a "Ducking Dewhurst" duck costume that keeps showing up at Dewhurst's events.

The latest poll of the race shows Dewhurst sitting at 36% of the vote with 18% support for Cruz. However, Cruz leads among those who know who he is. Expect a bloody Republican primary...if the hilarious Fake Ted Cruz Twitter account doesn't end it before it even begins.

The Democratic primary has been much more quiet thus far, and is really just starting to get revved up.

There are six Democratic candidates so far, including Jason Gibson, President of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association,
Sean Hubbard, strategy director of Manny Molera's 2002 congressional campaign, and Paul Sadler, former state representative.

Let the race (slowly) begin.  


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Sean Hubbard for U.S. Senate 2012 (5.00 / 1)
It's nice of you to mention Sadler slipping into the race at the last minute, but it would've been great for you mention Sean Hubbard who has actually been campaigning around the state for this race for the past year. Coming from out of nowhere, he's polling better than any other candidate, and unlike the other candidates (if history is any indication), he's going to continue on-the-ground campaigning for himself and the Democratic ticket (including President Obama).

By the way, Sadler considers former President George W. Bush one of his good friends, and thinks W is misunderstood. not sure how that's a great place to start building enthusiasm from Democrats or Democratic-leaning Independents...

My two cents.

by the way... (0.00 / 0)
By the way, when I originally posted, the piece above read roughly:

"In December, former state representative Paul Sadler filed to run in this race. Amen."

It read similar to this without any mention of Sean Hubbard or any other candidate who had filed, or (like Hubbard) actually talking to voters. Hence, my post with just a hint of annoyance.

The current version of the blog entry that's been edited in the last 24 hours is more substantive and appreciated.


[ Parent ]
I'm met Sean Hubbard and I LIKE him! (3.00 / 1)
Hubbard has traveled around the state introducing himself to Democrats and I'm met him a couple of times. He comes across as a sincere populist that every yellow dog and progressive should be able to enthusiastically support. I have no doubt that if he gets the financial backing he needs to get his message out he will be an asset on the ticket in the general.

As long as corporations are people and money is speech, then democracy is a farce.

Hubbard is a joke (1.00 / 1)
Sean Hubbard is a joke as a candidate.  He has no credentials.  He's never held office, never run for office, he has no relevant experience.  When asked about why he thinks he can win he talks about his wife's experience as a Cambodian refugee.  Or about his grandparents or parents.  Don't get me wrong.  He's a nice enough fellow. But he should be running for city council or state house.  The biggest problem is that he has no hope of running a real campaign in a state the size of Texas.  US Senate races are challenging because you can't coordinate with anyone under federal campaign finance laws.  There are at least a couple more compelling and financially viable candidates in the race.

Noted. (0.00 / 0)
Well, if he's not viable, then the democratic process will weed him out. It's unfortunate that the democratic process outlined by the U.S. Constitution offends your sensibilities by letting working people run. Your criticisms seem a little personal.

In truth, given our previous conversations, I doubt that any of the people who have filed could run a "real" campaign to your liking. I wonder if it particularly rankles you because he's running around the state getting people excited about voting Democratic without being particularly useful to the DSCC (who rarely spends our money in our state) or fundraising people like yourself who are always looking to raise their cache for the next cycle.

Wake me up when the millionaire candidates you favor run into the same wall as Sanchez did and give up on promoting the Democratic ticket in Texas because it's not fun unless you can run tv ads with a candidate's face big and bold.

[ Parent ]
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