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"Lazy" is in the eye of the beholder (3.00 / 1)
For any specific Texas woman or Latino to be 'lazy' in a given election, there would have to be a chance that their individual vote could make a difference in electing an official that would then in turn have a possibility of enacting policies beneficial to the voter. As any political scientist/non-political junkie Texan will point out, voting is irrational.

So perhaps women and us Latinos have been lazy, but given the quality of the Texas left-of-center political infrastructure, it seems that a lot of our base was acting rationally, not lazily.  I don't like it, but we need the correct diagnosis to field the appropriate cure.

The quality of the state and local parties, Texas progressive groups, and the quality of the Democratic candidates all contribute to getting voters out of strictly rational mode ("my vote doesn't make a difference") and into seeking the expressive benefits of collective action ("I am looking forward to going to the booth because I like my team and I want to give them a chance to win").  That's why the possibility of sustained investment to replenish Texas liberal infrastructure is promising: we might have the resources to build enduring voting habits.

Btw, I hear and understand your frustration, but the word 'lazy' is fairly loaded in terms of discussing Latinos. Use it if you wish, but some folks might stop listening once they hear that word tossed out.

www.keepaustinwonky.wordpress.com + www.twitter.com/juliogatx

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Exactly. (Woman here) (3.00 / 1)
I've lived in 3 areas in Texas since 1999 - Austin suburbs, Dallas suburbs, and now Fort Worth. Every time I've been presented with a good Democratic candidate, I've supported and voted for them. It's very sad that there have been times when there was no actual candidate for whom I could vote!

And I agree with your assessment of the word "lazy" - its use in this context is reprehensible.

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Lazy Could Also Apply to White People (0.00 / 0)
Lazy could also be applied to white people.

Sadly the truth is the majority of Hispanics DO NOT vote.

Time off from work could be an obstacle, however, people who choose NOT to vote are, in my opinion, LAZY. It doesn't matter what color or gender they are.

Kneejerk accusations of racism are often counterproductive, especially when directed toward someone who has voted Democrat consistently their whole life, working for the state and local party, belonged to a trade union for the last 25 years, marched in anti-war protests for 3 wars now, participated in the Central American Solidarity movement in the 1980s trying to prevent a US invasion of Nicaragua or El Salvador, protested against Apartheid in the 1970s, worked in AIDS advocacy in the 1980s etc. .

To be called "racist" by someone whose "radical" credentials don't much fgo beyond reading Noam Chomsky or leaving an internet comment is, at the least, funny as Hell and at the worst just self-serving rather than liberating in any sense of the word.

You kids are going to have to pull your heads out of your asses if you are ever going to achieve anything in the sense of a "mass" movement.

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yikes (0.00 / 0)
Yeah smooth move, WHITE MAN.  Way to blame it on irrational women and lazy Mexicans.  Weird that they're not more motivated to work with you...

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It's called "Self Interest" and It's not "Racist" (0.00 / 0)
They should work for their own self-interest which would be to vote Democrat consistently in every election.

You may say there are reasons why a woman or Hispanic would vote Republican, but I can't really see any unless they are either 1. Super wealthy or 2. A Crony Capitalist expecting some kickback from the Texas GOP

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Lazy was a Poor Choice (0.00 / 0)
My use of the word "lazy" was a poor choice though I personally do not judge people to be "lazy" based on their race.

There are alot of knnejerk PC people who, personally, have done nothing to advance the cause of Leftism or Progressivism. Their only contribution is to jump on the Easy Targets based on something as subjective as poor language choice on an internet comment thread.

Impotent against real Institutional Racism and Classism they choose to bully the easy marks while choosing not to risk their personal freedom or professional careers by enganing in real meaningful protest against authority and power.

Most people would call them "cunts", though I suppose that term is regarded as sexist. Perhaps if I call them "assholes" everyone will be happy? As though I personally care about your fucking happiness or feelings.

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