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If this map stands (3.67 / 3)
Doggett and Castro should hold big fundraisers for each other right away. Bury the hatchet and focus on the true enemy.

Interesting part is Castro never went negative on Doggett (3.00 / 1)
I would kind of agree but Castro never went negative on Doggett so I'm really curious who's burying what hatchet? I really hope those that put out the gutter pieces on Castro will come around. There are some individuals who I personally have no use for anymore, based on their gutter attacks so early in the cycle.

Anyway, I figured it would work out for the better for both. Austin still doesn't have its single compact district and that's on my list of things to push. We really need a redistricting commission to avoid these court interventions. Both Castro and Doggett can now run solid campaigns and work together in DC.

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Well, what would you expect? (0.00 / 0)
Sorry but those accusatory postings by Doggett supporters went WAY over the line. I mean they all but called him a Republican puppet on some baseless claims. Sorry, but I'd say the first step would be to mend the fence starting with some Doggett supporters.

Is that really how we treat fellow Democrats? Undercut them pretty low level then come out and say "no hard feelings?"

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I agree we should move past the aborted conflict, but I got a bad taste in my mouth (0.00 / 0)
from the Castro campaign.  

You say Castro never went negative, but I made my decision to contribute to the Doggett campaign after Castro's comments about Doggett at the Central Texas Democratic Forum in August.  To me, the Castro surrogates seemed to throw more sharp elbows than the Doggett surrogates.  

I am glad there is a map that allows Castro to seek a seat that doesn't draw him so far north.  I will be happy for Castro and his supporters if he succeeds, but it will be without my assistance because I walk away from the Doggett-Castro conflict with a jaundiced view of Castro and his campaign that will be hard to erase.

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Not sure what those comments were (0.00 / 0)
I never saw those comments recorded in print or online so I can't speak to them and their content. However, I can speak to entries and comments left here in the BOR and in the E-N comment boards by Doggett supporters who publicly trashed Castro as being a Republican puppet after accepting money from San Antonio supporters who also contributed to Republican candidates.

Regarding sharp elbows, all I can say from my own perspective is that I was challenging the validity of the claims, especially after I made note of the hypocrisy of them. If that's a "sharp elbow" so be it. You don't come in here and publicly trash a fellow Democrat for something like that when there's little basis to it and also give other Democrats a free ride just because someone is challenging their "favorite" candidate.

Regardless, with the announcement of Gonzalez's retirement and Castro now seeking CD-20, a district he has grown up in, all of these issues are behind us. Doggett has his seat. Rodriguez can seek CD-35 and Castro can now follow the Gonzalez legacy as a strong progressive congressman.

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CD-35 (3.00 / 1)
Happy to see Rodriguez in this race. Hays County is now rid of Lamar Smith and Southside San Antonio will have a strong advocate. Since Ciro has been in the US House for 12 years, he will not be just "another" freshman Congressman.

I talked with Ciro last weekend at the Jim Mattox Park dedication in a southside subdivision. There is no question in my mind about him being a good congressman for working class Democrats. That said, Travis County Democrats can now focus on how much damage they can inflict in CD-10 next November. Many "sharp elbows" will be needed to help defeat McCaul.

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