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Why Hillary is the Strongest Candidate (2.00 / 2)
Dear Democratic Friends,  As a strong Democrat, Chairman of the Texas Democratic Veterans, on the DNC Veterans & Military Families Council, a USAF Academy Graduate, I can clearly tell you that Hillary Clinton is the most Mission Ready individual to be our next Commander-In-Chief.  She will stand head and above shoulders against John McCain. John McCain is a War Hero having survived torture as a POW and is respected for his service to our Country.  We need a leader like Hillary Clinton with strong credentials that are proven in the military, veterans and National Security arena to counter his record.  The American Legion gave Hillary Clinton an award in 2004 as an Unsung Hero for her diligent and unwavering support to the military,veterans and their family members.  I have been proud to give my loyal support to Hillary Clinton for the past 15 months.  She is by far the best qualified candidate.

For course as a strong Democrat, I will whole-heartedly support our ticket and get our Presidential candidate elected.  

I personally am in favor first for a Clinton-Obama ticket and second for a Obama-Clinton ticket as there is excitment in both camps and we need to look at our US history and learn from how Kennedy and Johnson came together for the good of our Party and our great Country.  There is room for everyone in our Democratic Party tent and we must respect all of our Party members, Obama and Clinton supporters.  Having both candidates on the ticket would make it much easier for us to bond together the few months we have left to compete against Mc Cain.  Thanks for being great Democrats and I look forward to beating John McCain.



Why Hillary is the Strongest Candidate
by Lindsay Levin5/28/2008 3:41:21 PMIn a letter and memo sent to superdelegates today, Hillary lays out the case for why she is the strongest candidate to put together a winning coalition and beat John McCain in the Fall.

Hillary has earned more votes than anyone in the history of the Democratic primaries, and she will lead in the popular vote with more than 17 million ballots cast when the primaries conclude on June 3rd.

Not only is Hillary the top vote-getter, poll after poll shows she fares better against Sen. McCain in large swing states than Sen. Obama. She is the only candidate winning in the battlegrounds of Ohio and Florida.

Hillary's candidacy has attracted a broad coalition of new voters. In fact, the highest increases in turnout have come among her core supporters-millions of new women, Latinos and people over 45 voted in the primaries for the first time.

In the coming days, superdelegates will have a clear choice: who is ready to serve as President on day one and who is best able to beat John McCain in November? When you look at her wins in the important swing states and her strength against Sen. McCain in head-to-head matchups, there's no question that Hillary is the strongest candidate.  

mission ready (3.00 / 2)
Larry can you please explain what facts point to the statement espoused by supporters as "... that Hillary Clinton is the most Mission Ready individual to be our next Commander-In-Chief?"  From what I have seen regarding her statements she has exagerated her situation in the Balkans, has never really had a substantial role in any foreign policy issues, or really played in anything I would consider critical for "mission ready."

Regarding votes, every time the votes issue comes up it comes with the inclusion of FL and MI, both of which are contestable races.  MI because Sen. Obama played by the rules and kept his name off the ballot and FL because Sen. Obama played by the rules and did not campaign in FL.  If we exclude MI and FL, contestable races, Obama leads the popular vote by over 450,000 votes.  Include FL where he was on the ballot and he still leads by over 163,000 votes. Over 40% of MI votes cast were Uncommitted which can only be attributable to frustrated Obama supporters who could not have their votes counted.  That would put Obama ahead of Clinton if they were counted.

So let's cut through the rhetorical statements that Sen. Clinton leads the popular vote.  It's a false claim that can't be backed by fact.

Every time a bar is hit by Obama, Sen. Clinton keeps moving the bar of victory a little further.  Come the end of next week Sen. Obama will be the nominee and we need all the rhetoric to stop and Sen. Clinton to concede.

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Don't abuse the rating system (0.00 / 0)
There's no clear reason the above comment should be rated a 1. There are disagreements in this primary but we should all respect each other as Democrats. We will be united soon.

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Back to the Senate (0.00 / 0)
Hillary and her passionate supporters are probably pretty frustrated to of fought so hard and now to of been defeated in the democratic nomination. I'm sure Clinton supporter really want to see Clinton stay in a powerful roll in Washington so may I commercialize on the suggestions that have been thrown around all week...


Hillary for Senate Majority Leader?

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