TX GOP Hate Fed Stimulus, Love its Cash While Filing Lawsuit Against Feds

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It seems that we voters need to hold or obtain  doctorate degrees in psychology or medical degrees in psychiatry to understand the twisted and dysfunctional behavior emanating from our fearless Republican leaders in Washington and Austin.

Both Senators Cornyn and Hutchison have trashed the stimulus bill (The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act,) railing against its waste and its abysmal failure to deliver cash infusions to our state while they extol the bill's virtues at the very same time.  Maybe a little bird told the Senators that the recovery act they've been attacking for all kinds of reasons is actually a success.  

To further complicate the Senators' stand on the stimulus package that both hate but love, John Cornyn has begged the EPA to deliver bucks for clean diesel projects in San Antonio and Houston.

Kay Bailey Hutchison praised the Port of Houston for its clean air strategy. Residents of the area may have a different definition of “clean air.”

Busted hypocrites:The Wall St. Journal obtained letters written by stimulus bashing Republicans who solicited federal recovery money for their states.  When the funding is awarded the Republicans that hate the stimulus bill in Washington take credit for it in their home districts.

The Wall St. Journal included letters submitted by Senators Cornyn and Hutchison.

The Environmental Protection Agency received two letters from Sen. John Cornyn of Texas asking for consideration of grants for clean diesel projects in San Antonio and Houston. Mr. Cornyn is the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

One of the letters was signed jointly with Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, also of Texas. The letter said that the Port of Houston Authority “has informed me of the positive impact this grant will have in the region by serving as a foundation for PHA's Clean Air Strategy Plan, creating jobs, and significantly reducing diesel emissions.” Houston received millions of dollars in diesel funding.

Meanwhile, outside the Washington D.C. beltway bubble, our revered Texas Governor Rick Perry issued a fatwa against the EPA.

Gov. Rick Perry announced today Texas would legally challenge the Environmental Protection Agency's finding that carbon dioxide and other gases linked to global warming endanger the public's health and welfare.

The federal agency issued the finding in December in an attempt to regulate the heat-trapping gases under the Clean Air Act.

Texas is the nation's leading emitter of carbon dioxide, releasing enough each year that the state would rank seventh worldwide if it were a country.

The Senators and Rick Perry's behavior would be downright comical and would make great material for a new series of Homer Simpson cartoons or a Three Stooges redux except that the consequences of their hypocritical stupidity is downright dangerous to our financial security.

With this kind of leadership in power, I think we can safely assume

Texas we have a huge problem. If we don't fix it we are screwed.

Now is the time to throw at least one of the bums out.  By 2014 we may have a modicum of responsible and sane leadership in both Austin and Washington.  

It won't happen unless we Vote, Baby, Vote.  

The polls opened yesterday.  


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