Mexican American Democrats Endorse Farouk Shami

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Following a meeting on Saturday morning, the Mexican American Democrats (MAD) announced the group's endorsement of Texas Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Farouk Shami.

Steve Salazar, State Chair for the Mexican American Democrats of Texas, said that Farouk Shami's “willingness to sit down and listen, to talk to people about issues that affect us as a group-not only the economy and jobs, but also immigration and crime-led us to make this endorsement. He is inclusive of all people from all walks of life and can identify with those of us who were not born in the United States.” Salazar added that the group felt Shami “represents to a lot of us what the American Dream is about: hard work, dedication to the community, and willingness to serve.”

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the Mexican American Democrats,” said Shami. “I fully identify with its mission and vision and hope to work with them often in the near future.”

Given the influence of Hispanic turnout in Democratic primaries, such an endorsement is a boon to Shami, though it is one of few, if not the only major statewide endorsement he has received.  


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  1. The Tejano Democrats endorsed Bill White in January
    Just an fyi – the Tejano Democrats, a larger statewide organization chaired by former Senator Gonzalo Barrientos – and one that is recognized with a seat on the SDEC, overwhelmingly endorsed Bill White last month. Of the two endorsements, I think the Tejano endorsement carries more weight.

    More importantly, the White campaign is organizing directly in the Latino community and White is speaking directly to voters in Spanish language advertising.

  2. Yay for this principled endorsement
    I'm glad they endorsed based on issues not “who's already going to win.”  There was a personal element too. I read somewhere that Shami went to their endorsement meeting, while Bill White apparently just called in.

    If everyone endorsed based on issues, this would be a different race.  The Shami campaign's positions on immigration, LGBT rights, and the death penalty, three key issues for me, are better than Bill White's, and Shami also has detailed plans on a variety of other issues on his website now.

    Couple this with Shami only trailing Bill White by 16 points among Hispanics (39-23) according to the recent PPP poll, where White is only at 49% overall, and this shows the race isn't over yet!  It could well still go to runoff.

    • Not principled at all.
      MAD should be an organization that focuses on electing a candidate who can accomplish the most for the Hispanic community.

      Even ignoring electability it is clear Bill White could accomplish the most progress for the Hispanic community because that is what he has already done as Mayor of Houston.

      Endorsements shouldn't be based on lip service. They should be based on ability to produce the most progress for the group and that is hands down Bill White.

  3. Regional numbers from TCUL poll
    Shami is competitive in south and west Texas


    WHITE      51%  61%  79%  36%  50%  49%  35%

    SHAMI      19%   9%   8%  29%  17%  24%  28%

    LOCKE       1%   1%   2%   3%   1%   1%   1%

    GLENN       *%   1%   2%   *%   1%   1%   2%

    DEAR        1%   1%   1%   3%   5%   3%   3%

    ALVARADO    7%   6%   7%  10%   6%  11%   2%

    AGUADO      4%   5%   7%   3%   4%   2%   4%

    UNDECIDED  16%  16%   6%  16%  19%  27%  13%

    Crosstabs (pdf)

    • Education seems to play a key
      It seems like there is a good correlation between education and falling for Shami's lipservice to liberal groups.

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