Bill White Outraised Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison in 30-Day Totals

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Key Point: The fact that Bill White raised more money and spent less money than either Rick Perry or Kay Bailey Hutchison is phenomenal.

Here are the fundraising totals from the 30-day out report:

 Expenditures Cash on Hand
Bill White
 $209,220 $6,420,102
Rick Perry
$734,365 $1,910,632 $10,442,558
 Kay Bailey Hutchison
 $3,397,549  $10,011,341
 Debra Medina
 $145,857 $107,825
Farouk Shami
$2,778  $1,040,949 $1,075,881

A couple other quick notes on these numbers:

With Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison heading towards a runoff, Bill White is in excellent position to run the best, most promising statewide campaign of any Texas Democrat in a long, long time. Both elected officials and grassroots activists are rallying around White's campaign, and with continued fundraising efforts and a strong field team in place, he is in excellent position to take down Perry in the fall.

Whtie's expenditures will increase some, now that he's on TV. As a reminder, Bill White is the son of San Antonio school teachers. When he announced for Governor, the first issue he talked about was education. The first endorsement he got was from the Texas State Teachers Association, and no Republican is talking about education in any debate.

Here's White's TV ad, again:


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  1. Great news!
    It's interesting to see that a new poll also has Medina taking support away from KBH.  I would have thought her support would have come from Perry.

    AAS 2/3/10

    Poll: Medina gains while Hutchison loses ground

    Medina is tops in small donors.

    A poll released Tuesday found that Gov. Rick Perry has maintained his lead in the race for the Republican nomination for governor, while Wharton activist Debra Medina appears to have cut into U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's support.

    In a Rasmussen poll of 538 Texans who say they are likely to vote in the March 2 Republican primary, 44 percent of respondents voiced support for Perry, 29 percent were for Hutchison, 16 percent backed Medina and 11 percent were undecided. The poll, conducted Monday with automated phone calls, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

    Either way Medina's continued gains means that runoff is more likely.

  2. How seriously do we take Rasmussen?
    Texas Tribune is reporting that a Rasmussen poll says White would lose to all three Republican candidates, if the election were held today.  

    Anybody refuting that yet?

    • If it were held Feb. 1
      And if the election were held Feb. 1, I actually believe that Bill White would have lost.  Remember, that was the same day he finally announced a television advertisement.  That poll was done without any Bill White tv or significant spending to show for it.

      Bill White has time and money to make up ground.  Hell, the campaign has not seemed to do a whole lot towards the general election yet, besides laying the ground work.

      Now, there are certainly problems with Rasmussen polling.  But it's the only polling we've got right now.

  3. KBH in a tailspin
    There will not be a run-off in the GOP primary.

    KBH's campaign is in full-meltdown, spiraling-down-the-drain mode.

    She will be overtaken by Medina fairly soon. But I don't think it's because Medina's numbers move up to overtake Kay…but rather that Kay's numbers fall below Medina's.

    And most of that support will go back to Rick Perry, who will be over 50% + 1 on March 2.

    Meanwhile, I think it's much more likely that the 5-underfunded and mostly-unknown Democrat candidates who are not named White or Shami, will suck away enough votes from both of those front runners to force a run-off.

  4. If Bill White has the money
    then he should start running a real campaign.

    Obviously the guy is our best chance to win in November, but I think it's fool's gold to blow off or shuffle his way through the primary when he has a chance to both define himself to Democrats and get folks excited about his candidacy. The clown show on the GOP side is a perfect opportunity to contrast and define White as a sensible alternative. I still talk to Democrats who have little to no idea who White is or whether he's even credible, and are strongly considering crossing over to vote for KBH just to get rid of Perry. If White was campaigning more aggressively and showing the leadership of a standard-bearer, these folks might not feel so despondent about their own party.

    Something to think about.  

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