TX-Gov: New GOP Primary Poll Shows Medina Momentum; Runoff Likely

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A new poll by Rasmussen in conjunction with Fox Television stations shows Debra Medina now polling in the double digits while Rick Perry continues to lead Kay Bailey Hutchison by a 10 point margin. Numbers in parenthesis indicate the prior Rasmussen poll conducted in November 2009.

Poll of 831 Likely Republican Voters

43% (46) Rick Perry

33% (35) Kay Bailey Hutchison

12% (4)  Debra Medina

11% (14) Undecided

The next scheduled GOP gubernatorial debate is scheduled for next Friday the 29th. The sponsors, Belo, have said 15% will be their threshold for inclusion in the debate, a reachable goal for Medina assuming a least one more poll (internal or otherwise) will be released in the next two weeks.

If Medina is able to hold herself in the double digits, it's highly likely that she'll force the heavyweights to an April runoff. If Farouk Shami and Bill White end up in a runoff due to the seven-way Democratic primary for Governor, it would be the first time both parties had simultaneous runoffs for Governor in decades. (There hasn't even been simultaneous competitive campaigns for Governor in both parties in Texas since 1990).

UPDATE: And with that, Medina is invited to the 2nd debate!

“The Rasmussen poll released today shows Debra Medina is now at 12 percent, which is a substantial jump since the previous poll. Factoring in the margin of error (+/- 3.5 percent) and using reasonable news judgment, it appears Ms. Medina is a viable candidate and qualifies for the Belo Debate to be broadcast on January 29,” Devlin said.


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  1. Good News – I guess – But Scary as Well…
    I guess this is good news if you can't stand Rick Perry…At least a run-off means he'll need to spend more special interest $$ before meeting Bill White. But personally, I find Medina getting 12% in any poll to be pretty horrifying. That's a lotta' wing-nuts!

  2. Rasmussen Also Polled White v. GOP Candidates

    Interestingly, although not receiving enough media, Rasmussen has also polled “White v. each of the GOP candidates” and finds White starts within 10 points of Perry and 15% of Hutchison:

    White 40%

    Perry 50%

    White 37%

    Hutchison 52%

    White 44%

    Medina 38%

    See http://www.rasmussenreports.co

    So white starts within striking distance.

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