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Inspired by Martha who posted the list of contributions made by Farouk Shami during the last reporting period, here is the complete list of contributions on record at the Texas Ethics Commission made by Democratic candidate Farouk Shami to Texas campaigns and committees. 

Contributor Name Employer Filer Name Amount Contribution 
Report #
Shami, Farouk   Friedman, Richard S. $ 200.00 5/29/2005 284404
Shami, Farouk   Friedman, Richard S. $ 5,200.00 5/29/2005 284404
Shami, Farouk   Friedman, Richard S. $ 5,000.00 1/12/2006 315091
Shami, Farouk   Friedman, Richard S. $ 10,000.00 10/25/2006 322956
Shami, Farouk   Friedman, Richard S. $ 4,000.00 10/27/2006 322956
Shami, Farouk Farouk Systems Inc. Wong, Martha J. $ 500.00 10/30/2006 331771
Shami, Farouk Self – Farouk Texans For Ted Cruz, $ 5,000.00 5/21/2009 420634
Shami, Farouk Owner Texas Democratic Party, $ 10,000.00 9/03/2009 426922
Shami, Farouk Owner Texas Democratic Party, $ 10,000.00 9/18/2009 426922
Shami, Farouk Farouk Systems Usa Radnofsky, Barbara Ann $ 10,000.00 9/23/2009 438365
Shami, Farouk Farouk Systems Inc. Ellis, Rodney G. $ 5,000.00 9/29/2009 438389
Shami, Farouk   Gilbert, Henry E. $ 100,000.00 12/07/2009 438681
Shami, Farouk   El Paso County Democratic Party (cec), $ 1,000.00 12/11/2009 438272
Shami, Farouk   Gilbert, Henry E. $ 50,000.00 12/31/2009 438681
Shami, Farouk M. Farouk Systems House Democratic Campaign Committee, $ 5,000.00 9/30/2009 438842
Shami, Farouk M. Self Texas Democratic Women Pac, $ 5,000.00 12/02/2009 437443

Of note-

1) Shami's giving to campaigns surges in number and size once it was clear he was going to a Democratic candidate for Governor.

2) Those contributions became a lot more Democratic during the same time. Obvious exceptions are the previously known $24,400 to then Independent candidate Kinky Friedman for Governor in 2006, $500 to Republican incumbent State Representative Martha Wong of Houston, and $5,000 to Republican primary challenger of Attorney Greg Abbott Ted Cruz made in May of last year.

3) Farouk gave former Gubernatorial candidate Hank Gilbert a total of $150,000 after he dropped of the race to run for Ag Commissioner and endorsed Shami on his way out. The optics of that can't really be described as anything positive at all and looks really bad so I'll leave that for the campaigns to respond to if/when they get asked about it. 

Of course, the money to Gilbert isn't entirely unexpected given that Democratic insiders had heard numbers as high as a million thrown around. In fact, there was a lot of talk of millions going to the various party entities, PACs, county parties, etc. Frankly, if you were going to contribute your way into the good graces of the Democratic Party infrastructure, these sorts of numbers aren't impressive at all.

And just think about that for a minute- if you look at both Farouk's Exploratory Committee report and his Gubernatorial Campaign report you will see that when you combine the two, they numbers add up as follows. 

Shami Personal Loans  Contributions  Expenditures  Cash on Hand 
$5,450,000  $57,071  $5,507,697  $146,258 

And of that, I count about $3.6 million in paid media which was spent across the last three months of the year in some form or fashion.

Just because money has been spent in one race doesn't mean it would have been spent for other purposes, but I'll leave you to think about how much you could accomplish in terms of infrastructure building in the Democratic Party of Texas with that much money. Even the Texas Democratic Trust hasn't been able to move that much money that quickly through the veins of the Party. 

I suppose we will know what the return on investment is in 6 weeks. 



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  1. The worm turns
    Not that long ago, Kinky Friedman was Farouk Shami's favorite candidate, and Hank Gilbert was calling Shami a “billionaire pal of Rick Perry”. Now Gilbert has endorsed Shami for governor, and Shami has contributed $150,000 to Gilbert's primary campaign against …. Kinky Friedman.  

    • Shami seems to
      be stirring things up, for sure. I don't think this is helping the credibility of the TDP. Especially since we now have a very strong candidate for governor in Bill White.

      I would like to ask this self-described, soon-to-be “richest hairdresser in history,” to leave the political stage and concentrate on what he knows best.

      “When I go up to stock market I'll be worth about $3,000,000,000,” said Shami. “That makes me the richest hairdresser in history.”

      • honestly
        He could walk away and be a kingmaker in Democratic politics with his checkbook.  If it's power he wants, he's already got it.  His signature on a check can turn a nobody into a viable candidate.  He just can't do it to himself, and I hope realizes it and doesn't drive himself further off a cliff so that his future potential is squandered.  

        He walks now having made a statement and having every Democrat knocking at his door.  He walks on March 3 (or worse in April after forcing a runoff) and nobody will accept a contribution from him in the future.

        He's got an admirable story and an acute business sense.  It doesn't translate into electoral success but it could make for a very potential power player.  Pick an issue and push it.  He could be a super Leininger for Democrats if he played it right.

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