Watch the GOP Gubernatorial KERA Debate

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For those of you who missed watching the Republican Debate last night, and I'm sure there are a few of you out there, I wanted to post some resources to go back and watch the debate.

Full debate hosted at the sponsors website (slow and doesn't work in all browsers).

Otherwise, here is the debate broken into six 10 minute segments.

Segment 3 begins with the “What do you do with a reporter named Maria?” segment.

I actually think the following video provides the best highlights and clips from last night, tongue in cheek, while confirming the comments I heard for multiple people that Perry came off bumbling like George W. Bush.


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  1. The debate made me think
    of a bumpersticker slogan:

    We all want to say “Adios, Mofo!”

    Unfortunately, bumbling in a debate is a source of pride for the GOP. Fancy book-learnin' not required.

    • Bumbling
      Looking like a dumb good ole boy. Oh, great. He seemed drunk.  And yes, as has been mentioned, he was clearly channeling W.  When are Texas Republicans going to act like grown ups? I'll answer.  

      As soon as they get beat. (I'm counting on you Bill White.)  No pressure.

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