What I Really Want For My Birthday

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Hi. I happen to share a birthday with Jim Hightower, who is a great rabble-rouser and role model (a much, much older role model). I have received lots of birthday wishes from folks here – beautiful pictures, lots of balloons & flowers (poli even used my favorite Hubble shot)  All the birthday wishes here and on Facebook are so great – thank you everyone! I have plans for a really nice day: watching West Wing, going to a book store than a record store to buy my friend Jen's CD (do they still call them “record stores”?), a political luncheon, another book store, put my plants back out since it is finally going to stop freezing, nice long bike ride then some good leftovers and my favorite TV shown. But — what I really want for my birthday is my first donations for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS.

This will be my 11th year doing the Ride (some day I hope to actually ride every mile of it, but that's a matter for discussion in a WHEE diary – and hey, there's one up this morning ) and I would really like to raise a ton of money for this cause that matters so much to me. This ride raises money for services for persons with AIDS in the central Texas area. Food bank, counseling services, legal services, and numerous other ways of assisting our brothers & sisters who are ill.

I see I've already raised my first $50 from the best state representative in Texas, Elliott Naishtat. But will a Kossack be the second donor?

Here's the video from the 2009 Ride:

the amazing David Smith, our Ride Director, says that we get a glimpse of the way the world should be on this ride and it is true. If you are close enough to Austin to do this ride, you really should. It is amazing, and the kickoff party this Thursday will be amazing. But if you're not lucky enough to live in the Austin area, could you please donate? I know times are tight and lots of other people are asking for money, but this is different. These donations will directly help out people who really need it. Food and counseling and assistance with housing and legal matters — these are real things that people really need. So, for my birthday, please donate to the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Thanks!


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    Update: Went to Central Texas Democratic Forum for luncheon, saw Hank Gilbert speak. What a great Democrat and great candidate. Texans – if this man is visiting your area, you really must see him speak. I know that Agriculture Commissioner may not sound like a sexy office, but like Hank says and Jim Hightower used to say – if you eat you're involved in agriculture. The man is truly inspiring, and a great speaker. Seriously, Texas (and other states) Hank is the real deal and we should support this man. And if you need some firing up, here's his video channel: http://vodpod.com/hankgilbert/

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