John Sharp Announces Support from Texas Democratic State Senators

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First the news- former state comptroller John Sharp has announced support from 11 of the 12 Texas Democratic state senators in nonexistent U.S. Senate special election. Included in the endorsement where the following officials.

Wendy Davis of Fort Worth

Mario Gallegos, Jr. of Houston

Juan 'Chuy' Hinojosa of McAllen

Eddie Lucio, Jr. of Brownsville

Eliot Shapleigh of El Paso

Carlos Uresti of San Antonio

Leticia Van de Putte of San Antonio

Kirk Watson of Austin

Royce West of Dallas

John Whitmire of Houston

Judith Zaffirini of Laredo

Rodney Ellis of Houston couldn't be reached.

Of course, at this point, is there news here? Even when Bill White was contesting John Sharp for the nonexistent U.S. Senate primary, the back and forth was all a bit silly because I've long held the belief that Hutschison was never going to resign, which so far has kept becoming more and more true. And while the Sharp campaign I'm sure was thrilled (along with many Democratic primary voters) that Bill White was moving to the Governor's race, what exactly has it won?

The point of releasing a slate of the state senators' endorsements is to position yourself against any other latecomers that might want to get into your race. But if in the end, there isn't a race to get into, what does it matter? If there is no resignation and there is no race, then we're assuming that Sharp is running for 3 years until 2012, and that all of these endorsements are going to stick all the way until then, and that no one else is going to get in and change the calculus for the endorsers?

I don't dislike Sharp (I actually like his brand of old school politics) and if helps them to have my personal endorsement, sure, fine, you've got it. But that's the point- what difference does it make if you know it's being given in a nonexistent primary for a nonexistent election? Other than policy releases or attacks on other potential candidates for the nonexistent election, I'm not sure Burnt Orange Report really has a place to write about any more endorsements on the Democratic side of this “race” until there is a reasonable expectation there is a race once more.

Am I wrong? I'd be more than interested in hearing from readers on this one in the comments.


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    • Hearing who agrees…
      The point is that KT is looking at making an editorial decision about not covering this race anymore for a long time, but before he instructed the BOR staff in that manner, he wanted to solicit feedback from readers and the community. He is asking the whole of BOR to weigh in on an editorial decision for the site.

      You know, new media and such…

  1. Interesting …

    Sharp has the support of Texas State Democratic senators, …

    These Senators need a Lt. Governor candidate, ….

    Do I smell the perfect factual scenario for a “Draft Sharp” movement in the making?

    I for one will plant that seed, water it, and lead him to the harvest as he certainly is a first round candidate.  

  2. My vote –
    Blackout on Sharp unless he switches races. No race, no story.

    Do I get a candy cane for participating?  

    • Agree
      We don't need to waste time and money on Sharp in a non-existent race. We are too busy trying to elect people like Bill White, and Hank Gilbert in 2010.

      If and when Sharp's senate election comes up, we need to help him. But only then.

  3. keep covering
    if it is newsworthy.

    this could go down in the next 90 days…or in 2 years.

    until we know that it will NOT happen in the next few months, i think it is a notable political storyline that would really shake up the summer months.

  4. Cover the big stuff
    Treat it like any other “on the horizon somewhere” election, with lower priority than the current hot races. Whenever there's real news, like end-of-year fundraising numbers, or whenever Sharp makes a significant policy statement, cover it! When covering KBH, remind people that Sharp is running to replace her. But don't bother with non-events like obvious endorsements.  

      • That would make sense
        You definitely don't want to go completely silent on the Senate race, since it could pop back up at any time.  Sharp needs to be prepared to act on short notice, and so do we. But if there isn't anything really newsworthy, don't give it a headline.  

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