Michael McCaul Drops the Ball, Part Three: The BAE Systems Appeal

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Today, the fate of the BAE Sytems plant in Sealy, Texas will be announced. It was reported several weeks ago that the plant would close — and at least 3,000 jobs would be lost — because the military defense contract they'd received in the past had been awarded to the Wisconsin company Oshkosh.

Republican Congressman Michael McCaul had been notified about the contract renewal in 2007, but — as far as any evidence suggests — did nothing to prevent BAE Systesms from losing the contract, or to help BAE Systems lobby for a new contract from the Department of Defense. Since learning, several weeks ago, of the DoD's decision to award the contract to the Wisconsin company, Congressman McCaul has solicited the support of Democrats — including Congressman Chet Edwards and Houston Mayor Bill White — to help save the contract through an appeal's process.

Above photo courtesy of Congressman McCaul's office, via the Statesman.

The decision on the appeal will be announced today. Hopefully, the lobbying of Congressman Edwards, Mayor White, and others in the Texas delegation will lead to the DoD's reconsideration of the contract proposal. In the mean time, to learn more about this story, watch the ABC 13 News report from when the story first broke (below), and read about our previous coverage on the story. We'll be sure to post an update once we've learned about the result of the appeal process.

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  1. TexianPolitico on

    Rep. Bart Gordon retires
    Here's some more dropping of the ball. Rep. Van Hollen has to be concerned. I know I am! This is four Democratic reps to retire in as many weeks from Republican leaning districts. Amazing. We're going to lose seats in 2010, but this isn't helping at all!


  2. Today the date is December 14, 2009
    Where were all of the players, i.e. McCaul, Perry, Hutchison and Cornyn in 2007 when BAE learned the contract would go out for bids?   How come Texas had to lose the BAE contract b/f all of the above thought it worth fighting for?

    I sure hope we keep the contract here for the sake of the folks in Sealy, but this should be a wake up call to all firms and academic institutions that rely on federal contracts and grants. Their members of Congress are not always working on their behalf.  Their district's business and academic interests are not even on some of the lawmaker's radar screen as revealed when aides for Hutchison, Cornyn and McCaul said they felt sucker punched and blind sided when Oshkosh won the bid.  

    Most were likely too busy palling around with big moneyed lobbyists to bother about BAE. Now that they've been caught with their pants down around their ankles, McCaul, Cornyn and Hutchison are suddenly concerned.  

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