Austin Politicians Heart Bill White

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Excited at all for tomorrow's Bill White Event?  If so, you're apparently joined by almost all the main public office holders in Austin.

This morning, from the folks at City Hall, we got this press release:

Austin's mayor and five of six Austin City Council members announced Saturday that they have endorsed Bill White for Texas Governor.

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez, and City Council members Sheryl Cole, Randi Shade, Laura Morrison, and Chris Riley said they were backing the Houston mayor's newly announced gubernatorial bid.

“I'm proud to give my endorsement to Mayor Bill White, and I'm pleased that five of my colleagues have chosen to do the same today,” said Mayor Leffingwell. “I've seen Bill White in action, and I know that he is the consensus-building, problem-solving leader we need in the Texas governor's office.”

The Mayor is one of the hosts for tomorrow's event, along with about every Austin area state legislator: Senator Kirk Watson and Representatives Elliott Naishtat, Dawnna Dukes, Eddie Rodriguez, Mark Strama, Donna Howard, Valinda Bolton, and Diana Maldonado.  

Representatives Bolton, Howard, and Maldonado had previously endorsed John Sharp for the Senate seat.

Another state representative near Austin, Patrick Rose, was featured at a Bill White fundraiser in September.

So, by the look of things, tomorrow's event might be an entertaining one, because Austin seems to love it some Bill White.

Update: A staffer for Council Member Bill Spelman informs me that Spelman, too, also endorses Bill White for Governor.  And with that, the entirety of the Austin City Council supports Bill White's candidacy.


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  1. Bumper Stickers?
    Before I drive downtown from South Austin, will bumper stickers be availible at the rally? The Bill White for Texas ones will work for me.  

  2. Mayors for the Mayor
    I'm so proud that our Mayor and Council have jumped out in front to endorse Bill White's candidacy for Governor.

    Mayor Leffingwell has been impressed with Mayor White's innovative programs in Houston, especially White's focus on improving the environment and his door-to-door weatherization program. We need a proven leader like Bill White who will look out for regular folks and move Texas into the 21st century.

    We would love to have other mayors and council members around the state join the effort! We have the opportunity to build a true partnership between local municipalities and state government to actually solve the many challenges facing Texas families.

    Finally, we have a realistic shot at the Governor's mansion, but it's going to take an all out effort from all of us. Hope to see you at the rally tomorrow!

    Hope y'all are enjoying the weekend,

    Amy Everhart

    Policy Director, Mayor Lee Leffingwell

    • wow?
      what is so wow about this? i kind of expected all Democrats to jump on the bandwagon once he declared for Governor.

      btw, were any of the city councilmembers supporting his senate run. i know sheryl cole was supporting John Sharp. what about the rest?

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