Conversion of Convenience: The Revealing Truth Behind the Planned Parenthood Director Conversion

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After being involved with Planned Parenthood for eight years, either as a volunteer or as an employee, Abby Johnson suddenly resigned this week and joined the Coalition for Life. So why would someone who had dedicated so much of their life working for reproductive rights suddenly not only change their views on abortion but on the complete scope of reproductive rights? After conducting an investigation and interviewing several sources it has become clear that this was not a spiritual awakening.

The story that Johnson has repeated is that she had a “change of heart” after witnessing an abortion through an ultrasound. According to an interview with ABC News, Johnson held the probe on the patient's abdomen during the procedure, and according to that interview Johnson was unclear as to the reason why she was there during this procedure because it was not a normal part of her duties. According to an interview with World Net Daily, Johnson said that for “whatever reason, the physician had called me back to assist with the procedure.”

However, Johnson did not just happen to witness the procedure, and the procedure did not actually even take place at the Planned Parenthood that Johnson was the director of in Bryan, Texas. Johnson was visiting another clinic in the Houston area; she was there visiting a doctor that Bryan clinic was considering utilizing for abortion procedures. Johnson was specifically interested in the doctor because of the very fact that the doctor used the ultrasound, which makes the abortion safer, more efficient, and many believe more humane for the fetus. Confidential sources also confirmed that Johnson was pleased by the visit to the doctor and impressed with the procedure.

More Below the Fold…As reported by Salon, Johnson was put on a performance improvement plan by Planned Parenthood on October 2nd of this year, and one of the reasons behind this was because of unprofessional usage of her email at work. The regional director of Planned Parenthood was visiting the Bryan clinic on a weekly basis, and Johnson complained to several people about the manner in which she was being treated by the upper management. According to confidential sources the regional director of Planned Parenthood may have been looking for a reason to terminate Johnson, and Johnson was looking for a reason to leave the clinic.

The story that Johnson tells about looking out the window at the protesters and then deciding to join them is not what happened. The “change of heart” could simply be described as a calculated move.

The real truth is that this was about money. According to confidential sources Johnson had complained about money problems, and had even on occasion mentioned the possibility of bankruptcy. According to another confidential source Johnson was promised by the director of the Coalition for Life, Shawn Carney that she would not have to worry about money. It was made clear to Johnson that the Coalition to Life donors would ensure her financial stability. Not only would the Coalition for Life place her on their payroll, but Johnson was promised that she could make as much as $3,000 per speaking engagement.

Johnson was pressured by the Carney to agree to interviews with the local media, and once the story was picked up by conservative blogosphere and then the conservative media invitations to national media appeared. According to the Coalition for Life's web site, Johnson is schedule to appear on the O'Reilly Factor tonight and Huckabee tomorrow.

From several interviews with confidential sources it has become clear that Johnson conversion is one of convenience and that the entire story that she has promoting in the media is a fabrication. This spiritual conversion is nothing more than a disgruntled employee who saw an opportunity to seek revenge against her former employer and benefit financially in the process. It is unlikely that this will affect her future career as a spokeswoman for the anti-choice community, but the media should take this into account and actually ask critical questions. There is more to this story than a “change of heart.”

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  1. Right Wing Hypocrites
    As a proud member of the pro-choice campe, I was applaud the efforts to make abortions “more humane for the fetus.”

    I get so sick of those self-righteous right-wingers claiming that we have no sense of compassion.  Sure, the original intent of the ultrasound was to help the health of the child in the womb, but in our compassion we have determined how to utilize it to end the life of the fetus in a way that minimizes pain.  

    I am SHOCKED that the anti-choice folks, who claim they care about the “child”, aren't thrilled that we're utilizing more humane methods.

    I've heard about a new procedure that utilizes a ray gun that will simply disintegrate the fetus without it feeling any pain at all.  It can be utilized from conception through age 3.  I bet those hypocrites will oppose that as well.  

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