Two Non-Partisan, Watchdog Groups Urge DOJ to Investigate Dwayne Bohac

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According to the Lone Star Project, Campaign Legal Center and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), submitted a formal request to the US Department of Justice asking for an investigation into the activities of Republican Texas State House Member, Dwayne Bohac (HD138 – Houston).

Documents obtained by the Lone Star Project reveal that Bohac was part of a corrupt enterprise within the Harris County Voter Registrar's office in which his employee, Ed Johnson, also worked as an associate voter registrar and participated in disqualifying nearly 70,000 voter registration applications and personally reviewing at least 7,000 provisional ballot affidavits. The scheme is the subject of a pending federal lawsuit.

The full formal complaint can be seen here.

Again according to the Lone Star Project:

The request to the DOJ is fairly broad, asking that the investigation not only investigate Bohac's specific activities in Harris County but also his official actions as a Member of the Legislature. Since the Lone Star Project broke the story months ago, Dwayne Bohac has gone into virtual hiding refusing to release any statement or respond to press inquiries.

In response to the filing, Dwayne Bohac's consultant, Jason Smith, told Quorum Report,”This is a phony out-of-state front group with a phony name. It's all political and being orchestrated by the ACORN cover up by the national Democrat party.”

If Smith had simply googled the organizations he would realize these are two legitimate, non-parisan groups and have nothing to do with the partisan political spew being flung.  

As Quorum Report notes, CLC lists donors including The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Rockefeller Family Foundation. On the other hand CREW website has its annual list of the “Fifteen Most Corrupt Members of Congress” which includes eight Democrats and seven Republicans.

This is not, nor should it be, a partisan matter.  Representative Bohac is being questioned by KHOU in Houston and the Lone Star Project has released troubling information about Bohac here, here, here, and here.

Rather than quoting last years Republican talking points, Bohac and his campaign should respond to the allegations and the DOJ should investigate Bohac for his unethical and possibly illegal actions.


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  1. According to the KHOU link
    Ed Johnson is a political consultant who co-owns a firm with Bohac.  Ed Johnson received fees from my U.S. House Rep John Culberson.  In other words, Johnson worked for Culberson and other Republican candidates during the 2008, 2006 and 2004 elections.

    So, the guy in charge of counting the votes worked for John Culberson?  This goes beyond the pale of anything remotely ethical.  If 70,000 ballots were disqualified and 7,000 provisional ballots were tossed out, it is fair to ask if John Culberson is the legitimate U.S. House Rep. for TX-7.

    Ed Johnson and Dwayne Bohac's company  has collected more than $145,000 from Republican State Candidates alone . The Federal Candidate disclosures are harder to search, but CDS received more than $11,000 from Michael McCaul (CD-10) and John Culberson (CD-7). Harris County Candidates use Campaign Data Systems too. Republican Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos  paid CDS more than $7,000 last cycle .  Many of the people who paid CDS have competed in hotly contested races including Ken Legler (HD-144 in 2008), Martha Wong (HD-134 in 2006), and Talmadge Heflin (HD 149 in 2004) who lost his race by just 33 votes.

    The DOJ needs to get here now. And we criticize Afghanistan for running corrupted elections? What about our own back yards?

    According to another link, Bohac's spokesman is blaming this investigation on, guess who?  Acorn of course.

    Now we know why the Bush Administration gutted the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ and filled it with partisan hacks with law degrees from bottom tier religious law schools.  

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