Bill White, Democrats “Disappoint” Republicans in Potential U.S. Senate Race

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Bill White is getting a lot of virtual ink after announcing another $1.5 million raised in Q3.  The latest round of fundraising now gives Houston Mayor Bill White $4.18 million cash on hand.

White's continued fundraising success has some Republican's calling White “a serious challenge for Republicans”.

Rick vs. Kay wrote yesterday about the Republican fundraising dilemma.

Some of these numbers are actually somewhat disappointing. Republicans are going to have to settle behind a candidate, because none of those totals will measure up to Bill White's total. That guy looks stout.


Either way Republicans are vulnerable if Kay resigns. I still think one of them could emerge and defeat Bill White easily if people really get behind the GOP nominee, but right now it makes me nervous.

This same realization has been covered in The Hill's Briefing Room.  The Hill observes that Democrats John Sharp and Bill White have self-fundend and raised an astounding $10 million.  On the other side of the aisle, Republicans are collectively struggling to raise even $1 million.

A lack of a consensus candidate on the Republican side has created an opening for Democrats to win a statewide race. The only question now for the field will be when the election will happen.

Kay Bailey Hutchison told a Republican/conservative radio host Tuesday she plans to retire from the Senate, but the time frame is still in the air.  

According to the the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

“I am going to leave,” Hutchison told Davis on WBAP/820 AM. “I think it's important that I do everything I can when there are such huge issues and I haven't been able to set that deadline which I know is something a lot of people are looking at to determine what other possibilities there might be.”

With the question of “when” left to be answered, at least we know Democrats can be competitive statewide and specifically we can send a Democrat to Washington in a special or general election.


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