Insurance Companies, With Help of Big Tobacco Research Team, Declare War on U.S. Health Care System

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This is both disgusting, and to be expected.

An insurance company report — completed by the same group that the tobacco industry used in the 1990's — has come out declaring that insurance companies will dramatically increase premiums if Congress passes health care reform. Their war on the U.S. health care system is absolutely unacceptable:

In fact, between 2010 and 2019 the cumulative increases in the cost of a typical family policy under this reform proposal will be approximately $20,700 more than it would be under the current system.

(Just as a point of comparison, insurance rates under the status quo have risen 119 percent in the last decade, and are projected to double again in the next decade, if the status quo remains. Under the status quo, by 2020 the Commonwealth Fund projects an average family policy to increase to $23,842. So when they pretend they're looking out for you, don't buy it.)

 You're going to see a lot about this report on TV, and in the coming days. I expect Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Governor Perry, and the entire Republican lobby front to go crazy with these numbers in the previous days. So do remember:

Key Point: The same group that supported the tobacco industry in the 1990's is the group putting together these numbers.


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  1. If the private insurance companies are so worried
    about going out of business because people will too eagerly embrace the public option, then this doesn't seem like the smartest move.

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