Texas Round-Up

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  • Austin's iconic Leslie has been hospitalized and is not in good condition. The story was broken by the blogs. I hope that Leslie recovers. I'm not sure how life in Austin will be with both Jennifer Gale and Leslie gone.
  • Miya Shay on the winners and losers from this week's Houston Mayoral debate.
  • Rick Perry has named Republican Jeff Rose, and aid to Attorney General Greg Abbott as the replacement to Democrat Scott Ozmun who passed away earlier this year. The 353rd Court in Travis County has drawn a half dozen Democratic contenders including Amy Clark Meachum, Tim Sulak, Todd Wong, Stephen Nagle, and from what I've heard Elana Diaz. Oh, and crazy Madeleine Connor is running but hasn't picked a party yet (she ran as a Republican against beloved Charlie Baird, and then ran as a Democrat in the primary against Scott Ozmun).  You can read more about the race in this week's Austin Chronicle article.
  • 62 people may pick the next Lt. Governor of Texas. And they are craaaazy.

    But what if there is no special election date set during the filing period, or what if Hutchison does not announce a resignation date until after the filing period?

    In that case, you'll likely see Dewhurst file for re-election as lieutenant governor and Abbott file for re-election as attorney general. A candidate cannot withdraw from the primary election ballot after Dec. 30. So if Perry either appoints Dewhurst or Dewhurst announces he wants to run for Senate between Dec. 30 and the March 4 primary, Dewhurst's name would remain on the ballot.

    If Republicans nominate him for lieutenant governor on March 4, but by that time he is either running for the U.S. Senate or has been appointed senator by Perry, the 62 members of the State Republican Executive Committee would choose the new Republican nominee. If the committee chooses someone who has already been nominated for another office (say they choose Abbott, who has just won the Republican primary for attorney general), then the committee would also choose the nominee for that office.

    So you have 62 Republican activists choosing who could very likely be lieutenant governor of Texas for the next four years. And if they choose Abbott, they could also choose the attorney general for the next four years. And let's also remember that the executive committee – generally a much more conservative bunch than even your usual Republican primary voter – may not be inclined to offer the job to whoever is next in line.

  • Go listen to or download Jason Embry's interview with Harold Cook about what's up with Democrats running for office in 2010. It's mostly the spin on why it is not a bad thing that the Democratic slate for statewide office is mostly a ghost-town. It's the same spin from 2 months ago, and probably the same spin we'll keep hearing until Sen. Hutchison makes a decision as to what office she would prefer to run for. I sure hope that the 2010 slate isn't a sequel to the 2006 ticket. After all, Hank Gilbert is still the most interesting candidate running from both election cycles.

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