Gene Locke Launches TV AD in Houston Mayor's Race

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This is a solid ad from Gene Locke, starting with the introduction and carrying on through to the end. Even though it is largely a biographical ad, the visuals are well put and there is a string of narrative that ties him to some highlighted goals, right through to a solid finish. I actually wanted to watch this ad multiple times, not because it confused me, but because it made me feel good. And I'm an Austinite.


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  1. Product of the campaign
    You have one of the better campaign managers in Texas running his campaign – Christian Archer. We saw similar work in the Castro campaign. Not sure how much is behind the ad since I don't know Gene Locke but it is an example of a good campaign.

  2. sa grassroots on

    Actually Heather Beckel
    was Brewster's campaign manager.  My understanding was that Archer never was officially on board with Brewster.

    • wrong
      there were numerous news reports. he doesn't really manage most campaigns, but works more as a general consultant.

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