Triumph over Evil

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The saying goes, “For evil to triumph, all is needed is for good men to do nothing.” Of course, I would modify that to include us all, men and women.

Due to Lamar Smith's 22 years of inaction, our community has suffered. Our public school system is lagging behind the rest of the world. Our natural resources are dwindling. Our economy is struggling. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our military continues fighting without a plan for victory or exit. Our health care system continues to flounder under the weight of increasing costs. And our climate continues to change.

The time has come for someone to represent our community who will take action, someone who will fight for your interests rather than the special interests. That is precisely what I will do as your representative.

This election is about far more than simply saying no to Lamar Smith…It's about our future. And so, my question to you is: what vision for tomorrow do you have? Is it a vision of better roads and better schools?; A vision of safety, security, and prosperity for you and your loved ones? Is it a vision in which we put people before politics?… Or is it a vision of inaction and status quo? If you're tired of the failed policies of Lamar Smith, and if you have a vision for a better tomorrow, then join me in taking action to win in 2010!

How can you take action?

1. Donate $100, up to a maximum of $2400 per individual, or whatever your own financial circumstances allow, before the end of our first reporting period on September 30th:…

2. Volunteer to help in a variety of roles by filling out the “Join Our Team” form:

3. 10 in 2010. Find 10 friends and ask them to support my campaign, then follow through and make sure that they go out and vote.

4. Spread the word. Suggest my Facebook Fan Page to all of your friends. Forward this email to all of your contacts. Post all our events and pages to your social network. Come to our Environmentalists for Lainey Melnick House Party hosted by Robin Rather and Melinda Taylor:…

With your help, we can win this race.

Thank you,

Lainey Melnick

Candidate for US Congress

Texas 21st District

512-799-0626 cell

On Facebook,…

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