TX-Gov: Kay Bailey Hutchison to Become #1 Spokesperson for Major Phone Companies

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Senator Hutchison, I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into.

The Federal Communications Commission announced today some new rules to ensure we have net neutrality — which basically says that phone companies can't limit freedom of speech. Major companies want to have the authority to block certain websites/content from being delivered across the internet, making the provenly bogus argument that they can't handle the bandwidth.

From Reuters, via Yahoo! news:

U.S. phone companies may be forced to open their wireless networks to rival Internet services like Skype and Google Voice under a proposal brought out by the top telecom regulator to safeguard so-called Internet neutrality.

The proposal, if adopted, would be a victory for consumer advocates and big Internet companies like Google Inc at the expense of telecom operators like AT&T Inc, Verizon Communications and Sprint Nextel Corp.

Yes — major telecom companies are freaking out, and Senator Hutchison is ready to be their #1 spokesperson:

“I am deeply concerned by the direction the FCC appears to be heading,” said Hutchison in a statement. “Even during a severe downturn, America has experienced robust investment and innovation in network performance and online content and applications. For that innovation to continue, we must tread lightly when it comes to new regulations. Where there have been a handful of questionable actions in the past on the part of a few companies, the Commission and the marketplace have responded swiftly.”

Senator Hutchison's team is bragging on Twitter that she is “leading the fight” against net Neutrality:

#KBH leading fight against #Obama #netneurality overregulation of Internet. More job killing regs from WH. http://tinyurl.com/n2g859 #tcot

Net neutrality is about freedom of speech, limited government, and cheaper phone bills. Senator Hutchison wants to oppose that?

Bring it on.

Senator Hutchison thinks she can engage in a complex policy fight simply by repeating talking points from the major phone companies. She's about to get destroyed on that front; national bloggers, and those of us in Texas, will make sure of that. Although, choosing to become the #1 spokesperson for one of the most hated industries in the country may do that all herself.


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  1. Other than memorizing
    and repeating scripts handed to the Senator from the RNC and telecom, is Kay Bailey Hutchison capable of independent and critical thought?  Does she consider the needs and desires of those she is supposed to represent?  Based on her voting patterns and her history of repeating talking points, I think we know the answer.  

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