Kino Flores Set to Retire from House

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Having served his South Texas district since 1997, Democratic Representative Kino Flores appears set to step down from office and not run for re-election.

Flores, indited on multiple counts of perjury and tampering with a governmental record in relation to the failure to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal income and the ownership and sale of multiple properties in Texas, is expected to make the announcement official in the next 24 hours via press release.

As the Rio Grande Guardian is reporting

“It was a difficult decision to make because Kino loves serving his constituents in District 36. He plans to leave gracefully,” the source said. “Expect a news release this afternoon.”

There has been a buzz in Rio Grande Valley political circles all day that Flores will announce his retirement from the House. Flores will not be giving interviews at this stage, the Guardian understands. He spent the morning working on the news release and calling top supporters and other elected officials.

The announcement will set the stage for a battle between attorney Sergio Muñoz, Jr., and counselor Sandra Rodriguez to replace Flores as member for Texas House District 36. Rodriguez, who ran against Flores in 2008, has a campaign kickoff event in Mission on Wednesday. Muñoz, Jr., son of Flores' predecessor as state representative for District 36, Sergio Muñoz, Sr., could announce his candidacy later this afternoon, the Guardian understands.

Like Flores, Muñoz, Jr., and Rodriguez are Democrats. District 36 is heavily Democratic and the winner of the Democratic primary could be elected unopposed in the November 2010 general election.

Some may remember Sandra Rodriguez from last cycle, who came very close to defeating Flores in the 2008 primary. This ad of hers was one of the sharpest (deserved) attack ads of the time.

It would also mark the second of the three Democrats targeted by the Too Close to Craddick PAC to see their time in the Texas House come to a close (with Rep. Kevin Bailey having been defeated in a 2008 primary and Rep. Dawnna Dukes having left Craddick's leadership team before his ultimate fall).

We often critique Texas Republicans for their failings and scandals here at Burnt Orange Report. And while of late there certainly have been far more and quite serious legal issue for Republicans in Texas- Democrats are certainly not immune. I won't miss Kino Flores, and as someone who did work with the Too Close to Craddick PAC, I'd like it's evident that I'm not 100% partisan when it comes to public corruption. And we've been writing about this for years; I'm glad it's coming to a close.  


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