Peter Brown Hits Airwaves With “Next Step” TV Ad For Mayor

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Our campaign is the first in Houston up with TV ads, which you can view below. The reviews are in:

“[I]t hits all the high points of Brown's resume while emphasizing that he has a plan for Houston” – Off The Kuff

“Brown released a dynamic, informative 30-second advert that will appear on broadcast and cable television. The commercial is titled “Next Step” and touts Peter Brown's achievements in City Council and plans for a better Houston.” – David Ortez

“Commentary caught H-Town Mayoral candidate Peter Brown's first ad this morning during “The Today Show.” It's a nice ad for an intro. Peter now has the airwaves to himself which is always advantageous.”- Marc Campos

See the ad and read the full press release below the jump!

HOUSTON, TX – Peter Brown launched the start of his paid media campaign today with the release of his first television advertisement, “Next Step.” Building on the strong grassroots campaign Peter Brown has built over the last several months, the ad introduces Peter's unique story, the deep-rooted pride Peter shares with Houstonians, and his plans as mayor. Having developed detailed solutions to crime, flooding and other challenges the city faces, the advertisement directs Houstonians to view his Blueprint for an Even Better Houston in more detail at:

Peter Brown is the first mayoral candidate to begin running citywide advertising. The spot will be airing on broadcast and cable television.

“Houstonians are looking for a mayor with the passion, practical experience, and ideas to tackle the city's toughest problems. Unlike those who offer only sound bites and more politics as usual, Peter Brown has a detailed plan – a blueprint for an even better Houston. Peter Brown continues to build momentum as the first to offer a substantive vision for Houston's future and take it directly to Houstonians – neighbor by neighbor, block by block, and now on the airwaves,” said Brown's campaign manager, Lucinda Guinn.

Click Here to View the Ad:

or you can view on YouTube: Click Here

Text of NEXT STEP is as follows:

“We are Houston. Working harder. Reaching higher. And beating the odds with strength and resolve. In Houston's best tradition… Peter Brown. He built a successful business, getting results and creating jobs. On the city council, Brown rooted out wasteful spending in city contracts, while investing in crime prevention. He's got a detailed plan… a blueprint to make Houston even better to live, work and raise a family. Peter Brown for Mayor. An even better Houston.”

As a successful businessman, Peter Brown has the experience Houston needs in our next mayor. A U.S. Army Veteran born and raised in Houston, Peter built his own small business into a successful national firm. He knows how to make a business thrive, and he knows how to get results. As Mayor, he'll use those skills to improve our city – protecting our tax dollars with a more effective, efficient and accountable approach to government. He'll make smart investments to reduce crime, improve the quality of life, and attract more businesses and more jobs to Houston. As a City Councilmember, Brown saved taxpayers millions by reworking city building plans, cutting government waste, and championing conservation efforts. Brown has the experience and vision to build an even better Houston. We need a Mayor who will get results, and Peter Brown is that leader.


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