The Saga that is Kay “Will she or Won't She” Hutchison Continues

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The never ending, weekly Broadway saga we've come to know as Kay “Will she or Won't She” Hutchison, continues to take more wild turns then a Talladega race during a thunderstorm.  Let's take a look back at the week of drama we've come to expect from Kay.

First, Hutchison announced she would vote “no” against President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor.   No surprise there really.  Kay finally realized she has to win the Republican Primary before she can run in a general election.  Her decision is calculated to appeal to the “teabaggers” and nutty “birthers” of the Grand Old Anglo Party.  Her decision had nothing to do with “gun rights.”  Sure she could have voted “yes” in a move to pander to Hispanics and Democrats, all of whom she would need to win both a primary and general election, but because she has teeter-tottered back and forth as to what the heck she wishes to do—be a senator or be a governor— she backed herself into a corner of needing to pander to a base she has yet to not only lock up, but even appeal to.  

Second, In a very “As the World Turns” moment, Hutchison announced on Right Wing radio this past Wednesday that she will in fact resign to run for governor sometime in October or November, only to come back on Thursday and say essentially “well, maybe not if Rick leaves the race.”  Yeah, right.  Kay again played into to the very strong stereotype that she licks her finger and points it in the air just to gauge which way the political winds are blowing.  Although I still won't be surprised if she doesn't resign her senate seat and continues to run for governor, much of which I indicated before, I feel the following quote from her radio conversation this past week was pretty revealing:

“I had hoped that he wouldn't run.  You know, no one expected him to run again.  And, I thought, you know I stepped back last time, Mark.  I tried to give him a really free ride with no primary because I thought it was right for Texas.  But for him to stay on for 15 years is too long.”

Well, Kay, Perry is running and frankly you have forgotten how.  You “hoped he wouldn't run?”  On what laurels do you rest that hope on?  You thought, Kay, that by threatening Perry once before in 2006 about resigning and running for governor, to which Perry ran anyway and you backed off, that by threatening to resign again you would scare Perry's ego away from the history books this time? As a favor to you, Kay, you thought Rick Perry would just back away and let you have the governor's mansion?  Geez,what an ego.  Not to mention a politically ridiculous strategy that you carved out for yourself back in 2006 and hurt yourself for a potential gubernatorial run in 2010.  That strategy shows just how politically naïve Kay Bailey really is. Perry doesn't owe you anything for giving him a “free ride” in 2006 all you did was tick him off. He has you in a political headlock right now and you're trying to wiggle out of it.

Goodness knows what drama, or political naivety, will play out this week with Kay “Will she or Won't she” Hutchison.  


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  1. You talk about her so much
    You must be really terrified her.  Me, I wouldn't give her the time of day.  There is only one article about her I would bother to read:  “Kay Bailey Quits Politics”.  And even then, I would be satisfied with the headline.

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