HD-105 Could be the Seat that Delivers a Democratic Majority in 2010

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Their just isn't a whole lot of room for offense left in North Texas.  A “defense wins championships” mentality is one that Democrats in Dallas and Tarrant counties are adopting in the hopes we can retain what we've picked up the last two election cycles, which would be our best contribution that we can make toward our ultimate goal of winning back the Texas House in 2010.  However, when you look at the remaining House District seats left that are currently held by Republicans in this region, House District 105, based mostly in Irving, offers the most obvious potential for Democrats to go on offense heading into 2010.  

In 2008 Democrat Bob Romano fell 19 votes shy of defeating Republican Linda Harper-Brown, in a race that, because of the razor thin margin of votes, went through a recount and lawsuit.  The eight term Republican went on to be declared the winner of this majority-minority seat.  Democrats smell blood in the water on this one and have at least one strong, credible candidate in Loretta Haldenwang fielded.  Republicans apparently smell the same blood too, because rumors have floated that Harper-Brown may have to fend off a primary challenge from a far-right extremist Irving City Council member in order to make it to the 2010 general election.

Although Haldenwang is not the lone Democrat in this race, she clearly offers our Party the best shot at winning this seat.  She has served as a district director and legislative aide to Representative Joaquin Castro of San Antonio and is currently the External Affairs Director for the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  On her June 30th financial report Haldenwang reported having raised a little over $61,000 with $52,000 cash on hand.  Her largest contributor, and biggest source of support thus far, comes from Annie's List.  The presumptive Republican, Harper-Brown, raised barely $2,000 with cash on hand of almost $90,000—the bulk of which is made up of loans.

In a gubernatorial election year, any legislative campaign is going to have to rely heavily on voter identification, communication, and turnout.  You'll win it in the field talking about the issues of the day.  Local or statewide issues register more with voters in off election cycles, but you have to have the money to communicate and to execute a solid field strategy.  Loretta Haldenwang appears to be on the right path toward meeting those expectations.

Although Democrats will be playing a lot of defense in 2010 here in North Texas , House District 105 clearly allows us to play just enough offense that could very well tilt the balance of power in the state house to favor Democrats.  



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  1. Dallas County
    Dallas County has been the superstar county for the Democrats retaking the State House.

    In 2004, Republicans held a 10-6 advantage. After the 2008 election, Democrats now hold a 10-6 advantage. We flipped 4 seats in two cycles.

    Hopefully we can can get HD105 this time, and I think Loretta is the candidate who can win. However, we can't do it alone. We need the rest of the state to financially help Loretta and work hard it their own areas to keep their current Democratic state representatives.

  2. HD-105
    Was there for the taking last go-round. The quasi-democratic party's candidate lost in the primary to Bob Romano. Upset, they took their toys home and didn't want to

    play with the politically incorrect candidate.

    Now the quasi-democratic party  has fielded another candidate. A wet behind the ears 24 year old from San Antonio. Her opponent is actually from Dallas County, a civil engineer, a mother of three and very active in her community and the Democratic Party. Kim Limberg is head and shoulders above her lightweight opponent in life experience.

    • Hmmm…
      If being a parent was a necessary qualification for anybody to run for office than some of our up and coming Democratic stars in the Legislature would not have been allowed to serve.

      Let's see Alonzo and Anchia were never originally from Dallas County so I guess that makes them bad.

      I don't see how being a civil engineer necessarily equates to being a better legislator.  Not that there is anything wrong with being a civil engineer.  But one could argue TxDOT, not the Legislature, could make better use of engineers.

      Life experience?  Really?  This was more or less the same argument McCain was using against Obama…spare us.  

      • Qualifications?
        So being a carpetbagger and Joaquin Castro's lackey qualifies Loretta? Point I was trying to make is there's

        another good candidate in District 105.

        • That was not your point.
          If your point was to point out another good candidate, then point out the other good candidate.

          But by calling Loretta a lackey and carpetbagger you are doing more than just pointing out the other “good

          candidate, you are trying to bring Loretta down.  

  3. 105:

    Democrats across Dallas County will be watching HD 105 very closely.  

    There is no reason to have a Republican Speaker of the House during the next redistricting.  The current Speaker started the Session sponsoring a bill to end straight party voting in Texas.

    There are a couple of JP seats that involve District 105 – – and we should prevail there, too.

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