Photo from the Don McLeroy dinner

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According to the Houston Chronicle's “Texas Politics” blog, a majority of the State Board of Education, including two of its Democratic members, gathered in Spicewood two weeks ago to honor rejected SBOE Chair Don McLeroy.

Among the highlights:

Cynthia Dunbar, R-Richmond, asked Rene Nunez, D-El Paso, to take a photograph of McLeroy and “Don's Darlings,” which included herself, [Terri] Leo [R-Spring] and Barbara Cargill, R-The Woodlands.

What I wouldn't give for a copy of that picture! Oh wait … here it is …

Don McLeroy,Cynthia Dunbar,Terri Leo,Barbara Cargill,Don's Darlings
It was quite the lovefest:

His women colleagues also brought gifts – many with a “roach” theme. It's sort of an inside joke that takes one of them to explain in some detail.

Zzzzz … Uh? … Hmm … Maybe they need a good exterminator. Paging Tom DeLay! (Assuming it's that kind of roach.)

Can't you just feel the love? And no wonder!

Terri Leo, R-Spring, noted that “he doesn't shush me any more!”

What a night, perhaps summed up best by the other Democrat present, Rick Agosto of San Antonio.

“I feel like we are at the Alamo,” Agosto said.


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