Cornyn to Vote Against Sotomayor

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Last week, Matt predicted that Senators Hutchison and Cornyn would need to concoct lines of reasoning against the Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, and that they would need to vote against her for political reasons.  Well, this morning, John Cornyn officially put himself in that “I'm going to vote against this person purely for political reasons” column.

Just look at his rationalization, too:

In the end, Cornyn said he believes “the stakes are too high” for him to support a nominee who might approach important constitutional issues like gun and property rights “from a liberal, activist perspective.”

That's been one of the dumbest explanations against the qualifications of a judge for years, and it still is.

Update by KT: Statement from Houston Mayor Bill White, candidate for U.S. Senate:

Senator John Cornyn acknowledged that Sonia Sotomayor has an excellent background, the right temperament, and a record of mainstream decisions. Her life has been an inspiration. Texas' Senator should do what is right for our state and our mainstream values. Senator Cornyn's “no” vote on Sotomayor represents political posturing for one wing of one party, politics as usual. As our next Senator, I will do what's right for Texas.


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  1. Cornyn is a hypocrite
    He made such a big deal about his concerns that Sotomayor would not represent “all of us” and then he in turn is not going to represent “all of us” with his vote.

    And we Latinos are certainly going to remember how he voted his party above a very wall qualified Latina.

    Cornyn is not a good match for the growing population and mainstream values in Texas.

  2. All politics
    I think a lot of times we're losing sight of the fact that when these judges make rulings that are “opinions” based on how they interpret law. Being an opinion, it may not be the opinion you like. But that is why we have checks and balances. If the court rules on something, the legislative body still has the chance to remedy the situation by updating the law. And the GOP is fully aware of this, which is why we have ended up with amendments against gay marriage etc. But if the court's justices view your law as being wrong, they're going to say so. That is their job.

    So when right wingers play stupid in cases like this, it just makes them lose credibility. Let them do it. They look dumber in the process.

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