Cornyn, Hutchison Wrong on Sotomayor

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Judge Sonia Sotomayor represents a political problem for our two Republican U.S. Senators.  She is a highly qualified, highly respected, historic pick to the U.S. Supreme Court. It's hard to find something to vote against, but Junior Senator John Cornyn and Senior Senator (soon to be leaving?) Kay Bailey Hutchison, both have to find a reason to vote against her.

Both have to vote against her for two very different reasons. Hutchison because she is likely running for Governor needs to appeal to the extreme right wing of the Texas Republican Party. Cornyn because he is the Senate leader of his failing party and has to appeal to diminishing Republican donor base.

One thing both of them can't do, is agree with sound judgment of a popular Democratic President.

Glenn Trush at Politico wrote how GOP consultant's think Cornyn has a political problem.

“Cornyn's going to have to repair fences with Hispanics; they are going to be scrutinizing him a lot harder after the way he questioned Sotomayor,” said Lionel Sosa, a Texas-based marketing consulting who has created Latino outreach programs for GOP candidates, including George W. Bush.

“I would advise him to be more careful,” Sosa added. “He has a fine line to walk between satisfying the conservative base and not alienating Hispanic voters.”

Thanks to his opposition to Bush-era immigration reforms, Cornyn already has sub-40 percent approval ratings among Texas Hispanics, who make up about one-third of the voting-age population.

The Texas Democratic Party noticed Kay Bailey Hutchison's hypocrisy and her political problem today.

In an e-mail that went out, they note:

Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said Monday that she still has questions about the qualifications of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. She said she wouldn't decide on whether to vote to confirm Sotomayor until her hearings are over. “I'm looking to the hearings to clarify some of the questions I have,” Hutchison said (Dallas Morning News, July 14,2009).

However, in 1993 Sen. Hutchison told the Dallas Morning News she would support any judge – even someone who was pro-choice – if the nominee was qualified:

Ms. Hutchison said she will not apply any “litmus test” to a nominee, and she indicated in an April debate that she would vote to confirm an abortion-rights supporter if the person is qualified overall. “I would only vote against a Supreme Court nominee if there was a question of character, if the person was unfit for office or unqualified for office,” Ms. Hutchison said (Dallas Morning News, May 20, 1993).

Democratic Party Chair Boyd Richie had this to say about KBH's cowardly political posturing.

“I'd like Sen. Kay Hutchison to clarify some questions I have,” said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie.  “Why is Sen. Hutchison abandoning her commitment to feign concern over Judge Sotomayor, a nominee of unquestionable character with more federal judicial experience than any Supreme Court nominee in 100 years?”

“Unfortunately, the only reason Sen. Hutchison is not 100% behind the most supremely qualified nominee in recent history is that she is just another pandering Republican politician who will abandon any commitment to compete with Rick Perry for the extreme elements that control the Republican Party,” concluded Richie.

The Republican Party is showing how hard it is to be the party of no.  


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  1. I am appalled and highly offended
    by the manner in which John Cornyn and the other Republican Senators are relentlessly grilling Ms. Sotomayor on statements that have absolutely nothing to do with her 17 year record as a federal judge.  


    away about a comment she made about “wise Latina women” while speaking to law students a long time ago. Apparently  her 17 years tenure as a federal judge, who by the way,  was appointed by three different Presidents, including George Bush, is meaningless.

    Ms. Sotomayor's academic credentials are not only impeccable they are extraordinary. Her work record stands for itself.  She is  brilliantly qualified for the Supreme Court position.  So what is Senator's Cornyn's and Hutchison's problem?

    John Cornyn, by the way, takes first place for hypocrisy because during John Roberts' hearing he cautioned Roberts about litmus test questions.

    KWAME HOLMAN: In fact, it was clear from the opening statements that Democrats and Republicans differ widely over the types of questions that should be asked and whether Roberts should answer them. Texas Republican John Cornyn warned Roberts responding to so-called litmus test questions.

    SEN. JOHN CORNYN: Don't take the bait. Do exactly what every nominee of every Republican president and every Democrat president has done. Decline to answer any question that you feel would compromise your ability to do your job. The vast majority of the Senate, I am convinced, will not punish you for doing so.

    I guess the rules are different for Ms. Sotomayor where John Cornyn and the GOP are concerned.  

    • Me too
      It's obvisoul they are just trying to make points with their base.  The problem is Hispanics and Latinos are watching and we will not forget how the Rs in the Senate are treating well qualified nominees.  

      • It is painful to watch the Republicans
        grill such a distinguished candidate in such a blatantly biased fashion.

        And these are the very same Republicans who embraced Sarah Palin as the nation's V.P.  I mean, St. Sarah of Wasilla the Martyr quit her job as governor b/f completing a first term.  Her work record is at best mediocre and her academic achievements are merely average.  But she is fit and qualified to be VP if not President of the U.S.?  And yet a woman with exemplary credentials has to be raked over the coals for a comment she made a long time ago?

        Go figure.


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