HD-105: Loretta Haldenwang Reports Over $61,000 Raised

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In 2010, voters in Irving  will have the opportunity to bring needed change to their community and the state of Texas by electing Loretta Haldenwang to the Texas House of Representatives from District 105. Loretta will be a progressive representative from Irving who will focus on issues that really matter to Texas families, including economic development and improving access to quality education. She will also be the critical 75th vote for new leadership in the Texas House.

Today, Loretta reported receiving more than $61,000 in contributions and in-kind donations since beginning her campaign in late April — a strong start to what will be a hard fought campaign.

Since starting her campaign, Loretta has been meeting with local activists and leaders in Irving, and has been endorsed by Annie's List, one of the most successful candidate-supporting organizations in the state. She'll be holding a series of meet and greet events this summer and early Fall, which will offer opportunities for volunteers to help with early voter contact and canvassing efforts.

I'm particularly excited about this race, as I'll be leaving Austin for Irving at the end of the month to run the campaign.

If you live in the Irving or west Dallas County area and would like to get involved in what promises to be an extremely exciting campaign, or if you would like to learn more about Loretta Haldenwang, visit her website at www.VoteLoretta.com.

Full press release after jump.

IRVING, TEXAS – Loretta Haldenwang announced today that she has raised more than $61,000 towards her campaign for the Texas House of Representatives seat from District 105, including both cash and in-kind donations. Haldenwang enters the second half of the year with over $52,000 in the bank.

This total evidences the enthusiastic reception Haldenwang has received from local activists, contributors and statewide organizations since beginning her campaign. This same enthusiasm has greeted campaign events as Haldenwang has met with Irving residents and leaders to hear their concerns about the direction of state government.

“I am so humbled by the support I've received from across Irving, and Texas, since entering this race. Those who have attended our meet and greet events, or chosen to make an early donation, are helping me build a campaign that will focus on what really matters to Irving families – building a competitive economy that produces high-paying jobs, ensuring that rising tuition costs don't deny talented young people access to a college education, and addressing the needs of a community that has long been ignored by those in elected office,” Haldenwang said.

Since announcing her candidacy for House District 105, Haldenwang has been endorsed by Annie's List, an organization dedicated to electing Democratic women to the Texas Legislature, and has begun assembling a campaign organization. The campaign has already met with local grassroots leaders, and is preparing for a series of meet and greet events with Irving voters this summer, followed by door-to-door walking in the fall.

As a business consultant and the former external affairs director for the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Haldenwang is uniquely prepared to represent Irving during this period of changing demographics and economic fortunes.

“In this last legislative session, we saw the Texas House debate bills on many small and meaningless issues, without taking the time to address skyrocketing college tuition costs, or the out of control rate increases that make it hard for Irving families to insure their homes. Irving residents need a representative who will be their advocate to ensure that their needs aren't neglected, and I am running to be that advocate,” Haldenwang said.

In 2008, the Democratic candidate in House District 105 was narrowly defeated by Rep. Harper-Brown, who won a third term in the Texas House by 20 votes.


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  1. Very impressive
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: it is very unlikely that we will be able to take the state house if we don't win HD 105. Loretta is doing her part by fundraising so well this far out, and hopefully a great campaign team will be able to guide her to success in November 2010.

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